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January 29, 2007


(Thanks to bookbabie)


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But can you make squirrel-melts with them?

*stands in awe of the author using 'handsome' and 'spiny rats' in the same sentence*

This confirms that a squirrel is just a rat with good PR

Isothrix barbarabrownae - that's so we don't realize they're squirrels

At least they are only found in Peru. We would really be in trouble if these came to the States. We are already besieged by the nasty diurnal squirrel varieties. It would be hard to cope with nocturnal ones too.

wondering if the one in the picture is just sleeping........ be vewy, vewy quiet.

Arrghh! I sent this in last week.


Yay, Bookbabie!

Look out, Miss Suki Tawdry,
and Isothrix Barbarabrownae...

Isothrix barbarabrownae

So, Barbara Brown(ae) apparently wanted her name associated with this foul, pestilence-ridden squirrel thingy.

Betsy, is that a subtle way to get Darren (Bobby) back in the mix?

Awwwww, it's just so dang cute!!!!

Here's a pic: anyone care to do the linky thingy for me?


Or it could be the namer's ex-wife...

forget the squirrel
let ol' mudstuffin be your
handsome novelty

call me spiny rat
or call me barbara brown
i don't care just call

just what you need eh?
climb your tree each night with a
a broad blocky head

casey's linky

Thank you mm.

One of these days, I'll learn, I promise.

ZING! for Hammond. Good one.

Casey's link.

"arboreal rodents" WBAGNFARB!!!!

I think Ham is right. The name means "Same Hair of Barbara Brown." Hardly likely to inspire a bit of gumball tongue.

crossgirl-I don't think he's just sleeping. I think someone knocked him over his broad blocky head.

CJ! yer alive! and the turtles??

YAY bookbabie!

CJ! Yay! What's the latest??

Isothrix barbarabrownae ==>
Be a wrote barbarian, Sir Ox
Aha, I bit narrow boxers bra

...like squirrels were not already considered "spiny rats"


Tortoises begin Wednesday; right now, I am foot-tapping and blurking, waiting for barristers to sign a piece of paper that is holding up another issue. They are, without significant purpose, causing me to inconvenience other people. And I can't even offer the other people reasonable explanations, so I look like a dumb@ss, which, fortunately, I'm used to. And it's so dang cold today (going down to a hard freeze tonight and the wind is blowing like a Hilton daughter) they'll never let us have a Superbowl, here in Florida!!!

Arrrgghhh! Gumball, please?

CJ, blame it on the lawyers. No explanation will be necessary.

lots of gumballs====>((((CJ))))

I used to live next to a golf course and there were these squirrels that I swear must have weighed 60 pounds each. I don't know if they were some new breed or mutations of some kind.

My cat was bound and determined to catch one despite the fact they were twice her size. She never was able to corral one because they were still as fast as normal squirrels which is probably just as well.....

Stupid cat.

Clark, if that was anywhere in the south, those were probably Nutria. Escaped from breeders, they are all over, now. Like barristers. Except for Cookie.

Thanks, CJ. I would tell my friends about the mutant squirrels and they would just shake their heads and tell me not to drink the bong water.....

I feel vindicated now.

Don't be a crybabie Hammond;-)

It's Ok, bookbabie. I'm going to go home, set up a perimeter, and shoot something in the thigh.

*would 'smack' Hammie again, but he likes it*

I'm with the sammich; somebody better get a thigh shootin' tonight. A knee stabbin' would also be good. Or maybe they could just shoot all the squirrels in the LA forests....

Meanwhile, for a fun literary question, is Ram a noun or a verb?

CJ, if you are in West VA, it can be both. As in "Hey y'all, watch me ram this ram".

CJ- yes.
How many rams would a rammed ram ram, if a rammed ram could ram ewe?

And if you squeeze it a little bit, it can be an adjective, e.g. a Ram helmet.

wow pogo, was that mental image necessary?, wouldn't Ram rod have worked ok?

or Ramparts?

Watch out for the Squirrels!

wow. I'm going to have to confess my naivete, and ask my kids to translate those last two. I'm assuming they involve male anatomy.

Either way, it's my favorite oxymoron.

Spiney Rats would also BAGNFARB.

or in DE we have the Hens, and the Lady Hens. Guess which are the women.

I have a pet squirrel, you guys want to see it?

hmmmmm, anybody else smell a trap?

steps around bookbabie trap *snorks* @ mm!

*I guess Ford79 knew this and kept us in the dark*

would somebody please say yes to bookbabie?

I think I'll have order sportswear Meanie's link; perfect! It's a pronoun! It's a verb! It's an adjective! It's an oxymoron, which makes it, somehow, double livestock!

[maybe I should cut back on the oxycontin]

Should get a discount CJ, their record is 17 and 2 after a 13 game losing streak

Our squirrels are all brown, but I saw black squirrels in New York City. What does that mean?

It means terrible air quality...

I blame New Jersey.

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