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January 22, 2007


Woof! (Burp) Woof! (Burp)

(Thanks to Brian Heffernan)

UPDATE: In other beer news, we have (thanks to Tom Downer) this exciting educational advance from Moscow, Idaho.

Key Quote: The first discussion, set for Jan. 9, will have a faint sports connection when Idaho professor Dirk Vanderwall gives a presentation about how the university produced the world's first cloned mule in 2003.


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My wife had a dog that loved Beer. It was kind of cute to see her walking home after the softball game and bump in to things.

The dog, not my wife.

Brandname: Barks Beer?

"four times more expensive than a Heineken."

OK, that's going a little too far.

In college, we had a big blowout party. Our Cocker and Golden both loved beer, so I gave them a little bowl, and partied onward.

Unbeknownst (is that a word?) to me, my, er, guests kept refilling the bowl. Staggering, drunk dogs make great centerpieces.

Right until they heave on the fairway, not being able to make it onto the green and into the hole.

From Update: "important research the schools are conducting"

Yeah baby, let's get this party started!!! Everybody gets and "A."

Wait--sports connection??? Huh?

shudders at the thought of accidentally mixing up the beers. ack!

"I always look forward to opportunities to discuss animal cloning with the general public," Vanderwall...said

Isn't there medication for that?

Four times more expensive?? My dog will just have to drink bud (tm) with me. lol

I am shocked that WSU (better known as the 9th level of hell) is working on this.


Beer brewed especially for dogs is nothing new. Both of ours love this stuff: http://beerfordogs.com/


Great taste, less falling.

"The beer is fit for human consumption," Does it make boobs bigger?

Mot - Makes you Think the boobs are bigger. And for some, just makes them bigger boobs.

I had a boxer who loved Guinness. She'd get a little too much to drink and then go to the fence and stare at people. No barking or tail wagging, just an intimidating stare.

I had a client whose dog regularly drank 60 year old Scotch. Dog lived to be almost 18, too.

My dog got drunk at a party one time. Same thing as what happened with Med's. People kept filling his bowl with beer. I figured out he was drunk when he walked from one end of the house to the other, leaving a long, squiggly trail of urine. The squiggles were from where he staggered. Poor little guy.

Seeing as this blog is going to the dogs, I want to take this opportunity to lodge an official complaint to management. Due to the rotation of the Earth all the best threads happen whilst I'm asleep. This is blatant discrimination and must be stopped at once.

Mot, I'm not sure that stopping the rotation of the Earth will solve your problem, but we can try. Judi, would you please...

My Dad recently took his 13 year-old black lab (Sniffles) to the vet. The vet remarked on what good condition Sniff is in for her age, especially her teeth and asked what Dad feeds her. "Bones and beer," was my Dad's reply.

The vet stuck her fingers in her ears and started humming.

8:00 "An adult donkey's DNA was introduced into the nucleusless ovum...several attempts were necessary."

9:00 "No, I don't have a thing for asses, Profeshor Know-It-All! And where are my nachos!!!

10:00 "Yeah, you think you're so smart! I saw your clone in the men's room! And then I flushed!"

11:00 "Hey, waitress ,wouldya like to come back to my lab? I got...damn! didn' see that pitcher... don' go away, I got a Ph. D. and everthing!

midnight: nex' weeks semimimiminar...will be at the Chili's ...something about greenhouse gases...so bring your lighters! *klunk*

Good one, insom. Major snorkage.

"I would like to thank the Academy of Sciences for this award. I would also like to thank the pledges to the Kappa Alpha fraternity who were kind enough to provide me with the donkey sperm that made this triumph possible. Without you pulling together as a team, none of this would be possible. Thank you!"

I spent 4 years at the university of Idaho, but sadly, never cloned a donkey. (I met a lot of nice looking donkeys, and dated a few, but never cloned any of them). I know Dr. Bohach, who is speaking about E. coli (yum!) later in the beer sessions. To my knowledge, she never cloned a donkey, either.
I also had one of the best beers in the world while there: Deschutes Black Butte Porter.
Would "cloned donkey" be a good name for a ...

I once had a cat who enjoyed beer, but only darker varieties... He wouldn't touch a pilsner.

Belated *snork* @ MtB!

Four times more expensive than a Heineken? Fughetabboudit -- I'll just give the pooch PBR and watch his intake.

As for the scientists' meeting, I think it's been going on for longer than they indicate. I spent two evenings over one weekend at the Coeur d'Alene Brewing Company (try their excellent I.P.A.) a couple of years ago, and overheard the exact conversation insom described above. Both evenings.

I went to the UofI in Moscow, ID, and I never saw that side of it! Probably just as well.

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