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January 21, 2007


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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I knew this in 3rd-grade science class ...

(Always wondered when the females of our species would begin to resent the arrangements we have, and start lobbying for parthenogenesis ... or whutever that's called ...)

Nope ... worng bioligical terminology ... sorry ...

I wuz thinkin' of the "egg-layin' outside the body" type of deal, where the male sits on the eggs to hatch 'em, when the female is not around ... (dancin' on the bar, mebbe? or sleepin' in the fridge?)

And BTW ... FIRST!!!

and ...


the key, ladies is to figure out a way to transfer this technology over to the human race. We've been carrying the "load" for too long...

sorry OtU, missed your allusion, and restated your comment

"We were delighted to finally be able to uncover the male seahorse's fertilization mechanism, a fascinating area of seahorse reproduction that has been neglected until now," Professor Bill Holt, of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), said on Friday. "Also, I am desperately in need of a life, possibly involving a girlfriend."

NBD, mm ... merely havin' a bit of fun here today ... GMTA and all that ...


Is that whut I meant?


But even more surprising, the sperm they produce is expelled from their bodies into the sea water... "We can't explain exactly how that actually happens."

Maybe their internet bookmarks to "Hot, Slutty Teen Seahorses" has something to do with it.

plus: snork @tDPC

To overcome the lack of sperm yellow male seahorses produce two types of sperm, according to the findings reported in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

I wanna hear more about this 2 types of sperm. Is one the "I can't get you pregnant, I'm sterile" type, and the other the action variety?

(think one of the all-time bad songs...)
well i live in the ocean, a seahorse with few sperm
there are hundreds each time that i 'squirm'
in the ocean, they'll nearly all hit their mark
if there's a girl nearby who'll ignite a spark

*snork* at insom's horse with no name

Good catch, mm. I had no idea.

"on the World Conservation Union, or IUCN"

Now... I'm no expert on acronyms or abbreviations, but shouldn't the World Conservation Union be WCU? Or are they so fancy that they're allowed to pick random letters?

(Yes, I realize it's probably abbreviated in another language. I'm conveniently ignoring that possibility.)

Their secret is safe with me. Mainly because I don't understand it.

Maybe if they only had musical condoms....

So, they put it out there and it comes back? Isn't that a little like whistling in the wind?

(good point Nameless Wonder!)

Male Seahorse = Cheeky seaMonkey

male seahorses carry their unborn in a pouch on their body and give birth to their young

How long till that gene comes in pill form??? Inquiring women want to know!

so how many sea horses would it take to make a one meter cube of ...stuff?

studly male sea horses , though small
don't make much to heed nature's call
they've such optimism
that each drop of jizm
is on target. they're right on the ball!

The first seahorse, he thought
Put it out there, she’ll see what I brought
Once emitted, it did
Turn and chase him like squid
So he, swam till his mate was distraught

Bah...I think Siouxie's trying to tell us something about her personal life that we all don't want to know about... ;)

(heh heh)

*fixes misplaced coma*

I never realized sperm had it's own world.
*tosses an "m" to Lisa*

Thanks pete, I'm always loosing that second one. sheesh

"If they have only a few hundred sperm and are producing a hundred offspring that is amazing in the world of sperm," Holt added.

"World of Sperm" WBAGNFABoyBand, dontcha think?

Snorks to Scott

*snork* @ Scott

*zips in here as well*

I got posted and I missed it???

YAY anyways!!

*zippps out*

Really sppppppitting out the peas today, huh?

double snorked - I love it!

"fixes misplaced coma"
"tosses an "m" to Lisa"
"Thanks pete, I'm always loosing that second one. sheesh."

As long as you're not missing your period, lbff.

Yux to the limericists.

Siouxie's using my zip????

Good thing we're friends. ;)


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