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January 12, 2007


(Thanks to Doug Ensign)


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Jack Bauer is our Batman. At some point, fans will tell us if they want Robin and Joker, or just more Batman (Jack) in different poses."

Can I order the "Pants down your knees" Jack Bauer action figure?

Is that the Jack Sak in the bottom left corner?

Todd McFarlane, CEO of McFarlane Toys, spent two hours scanning every facial expression of the actor...

Two whole hours? What a plethora of expressions!

I have a low-end adult action figure....it won't stay inflated.

(I may be a bit too rough on it)

What does Senator Frist have to do with this? Has Jack shot him in the thigh?

And, am I alone in being very afraid of the concept of Kiefer Sutherland as an "adult action figure?" Isn't that like a blow-up-doll?

Jack has more than one expression? (I mean, his angry, quizzical, concerned faces all look like he's constipated)

^5 punkin... robbed of a psychic simul by the bot.

Yay, punkin! I was thinking the same thing.

Constipated Adult Action Figure WBAGNFARG...

If they ever make a Toys 3, they should have the Jack doll on there and let Keifer do the voice....

Of course, it would probably be rated R for violence and gore.

I want an Edgar!!

With computer workstation and slump rail playsets!!

Wow! The RBR action figure playset! Collect them all!

"Kiefer understands the process of being poked and prodded,"

Really. That was more than I needed to know. Thanks, Mr McFarland!

*snork* @ Shaay

I vote for an action figure of Chloe with a working Taser... and then maybe Edgar eating a donut.

adult action figure? how many batteries will it use?

the "jackhammer"????

cg, we're gonna need more batteries!

Great. Now we can see what happens when Jack meets GI Joe. Or Barbie. Or American Girl

They should combine this with Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop technology so that you can make his Miami Vice beard grow as the day goes on.

or crossgirl!

This house has umpteen versions of the real Batman -and quite a few of other super- or not - heroes and villains. I don't think there's room for Jack, although knowing the way toys accumulate around here, I'm sure I'll see him somewhere as soon as he hits toystores....

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