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January 31, 2007


(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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Oh Harry, why?

why oh why?

because some one is giving him even more money THATS why

he is trying ot not become type cast

I guess he is not afraid to show his "wand"

That's nothing. Did you see him throw a (unused) condom on Diana Rigg's head on Extras?

My, how our Little Harry Potter has grown....

more like a 2 or 3 pack really

Well, it ain't a keg, that's for sure!

Never mind Harry. Who's the chick?!

In Equus it's not the chick he has the hots for. It's horse....

Harry always had a thing for those horse-like creatures...

OK, am I the only one seeing something oddly suggestive around his naval area?

What is it suggesting?

His naval area? *looks for the boats, doesn't see any, is very confused*

if you haven't had to read the books ahead of the movies you may be unaware of a creature that was introduced in (i forget) one of the later books called the "blast-ended screwt" which, as i recall, is kind of a big lobster with bad (explosive) gas. i for one, look forward to that movie.

You know, I always thought "Blast-ended Skrewts" WBAGNFARB.

In Equus it's not the chick he has the hots for. It's horse....

Dr. Acula, I know equus means horse in latin, but you are kidding right?

Blast Ended Screwts were in the Goblet of Fire, they already left them out.

Of course, after beer, bratwurst, and saurkraut.....

EG - no- in the play he's a messed-up kid, stabbing out the eyes of the stable horses because they saw him do something naughty. Freaky play. I was asked to be in it in college, but when I found out it was nude theater in the round, I demurred.

EG, yep...Equus is a freaky tale about a boy and his horsey.

*Points wand*


annie - i thought it was more like he attempts to do something naughty but the horsies, whom he worships, are watching, so he can't 'seal the deal', in a fit of rage he blinds the horsies.

That is outrageous. We all know how abnormal it is for seventeen year old boys to do that sort of stuff.

totally outrageous, when i was 17 i could "seal the deal" in my sleep

He couldn't 'seal the deal' while the horses were watching him. One of them kept giggling.

Super; as these child actors go through puberty, their cute kid-looks turn into brooding young adults with aged voices -- fracturing their child characters. Only the female actress of the Potter series of movies has kept her character as the two boys have grown out of theirs.

typecasting is never pretty.

I'm surprised that in the UK there isn't an age minimum on theatrical nudism(?). Is 17 a legal adult there?

That being said, Daniel is pretty hot.

Ok...am I a horrible mother if I sent this link to my 16 year old daughter who adores Harry/Daniel???

Siouxie - no, you are not. She'll probably find out anyway. Plus, it's reality.

But if you ever find out George Clooney prefers blondes, don't even think of telling me. ;)

siouxie - 'hairy daniel' is right...

Insom, I see you're really living up to your name

Sorry I'm late, guys. My Mom made me take out the trash before I left the house. USA Today had this article yesterday in which they said the pictures included a "hint of pubic hair". That's just not right. I mean it's little Harry Potter for cripes sake.

he's not that little harry potter any more, that was six, seven years ago. Though he is still way too pale.

Layzeeboy - as insom started to suggest, let's just call him "Hairy Potter."

I will be in London in late April and actually have tickets. This play has been around since the 70's and won many awards, and is considered to be quite artistic and tasteful.

Having said that...I cannot say I won't enjoy the HELL out of seeing Dan Radcliffe in the nude.

Guin, to answer your question, 16 is the legal age of consent in England.

That`s outrageous. We all know how abnormal it is for seventeen year old boys to do that sort of stuff.

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