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January 31, 2007


Key Quote, Possibly Referring to Prince: Remove small items near the bowl that could fall in and cause a clog.

(Thanks to mm)


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"Some tips for keeping things flowing smoothly on Super Bowl Sunday"


*SNORK* @ "Half-time Flush!!

Small Items would include children, cats and small yappy dogs.

re: "flowing smoothly", I was thinking laxatives...

(nice simul, Siouxie. )

"The urinals at Dolphin Stadium, he noted, are waterless"
The floors, walls, and other fixtures are usually very wet and sticky.

Choices, choices, choices, gotta choose between a pee and a possible wardrobe malfunction.

Woooo Hooo!! Tammy! a simul FIRST!!

anyone got a smoke?? ==~

Does a Half-time flush beat a full house?

Ain't nobody told me to stagger my flush and lived to tell about it.

hey I got posted and didn't even know it. I was thinking "I sent this in, too," then looked.
*does little dance*

"To be on the safe side, people could stagger their flushing."

I've been trying, but I can't figure this one out.

oh and YAY!! mm!!!

"Staggered Flushing" is what happens in my dad's house after too many beers. Also, it would make a good name for a rock band.

It's my potty
And I'll flush when I want to
Flush when I want to
Flush when I want to
You would flush too if you went number two.

*sprays some Glade™*

Great. Stevie, how am I supposed to get belgian waffle off my monitor?

*really needs to get auto *snork* @ Stevie button as mentioned a couple days ago*

Tammy, Stevie knows I laugh at just about anything he says...I'm silly that way. ;-)

This is very important information and it pains me to see you people making fun of it

Why'd I think this was going to be an Trancredo update?

*lets it mellow*

''Our sewer system is designed to handle more than the average capacity, what with the dead bodies, bags of drugs, firearms and alligators, so we're not anticipating any problems,'' Calderon added.

In Britain, half time of the World Cup means a power surge -- from everyone turning on their electric kettles for a cup of tea.

Excuse me. Wouldn't a waterless urinal be an outhouse?

"To be on the safe side, people could stagger their flushing."

How do you organize that?

Mott said, "...gotta choose between a pee and a possible wardrobe malfunction."

I, for one, do not wish to see Prince have a wardrobe malfunction.

Dang! I am a big fan and am in Miami, down here from Virginia, working on the Super Bowl prep for a few weeks. Too bad I missed your visit to the NFL Experience area, would really like your autograph on my big plastic badge.


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