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January 24, 2007


The effect on rats³ of jello shots.

(Thanks to Grant Green)

¹Go Gators!²

²Don't tell the blog

³The kind with four legs


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Why are they doing these experiments on animals, when you have many perfectly willing volunteers here on this blog?

Why are they doing these experiments on animals, when you have many perfectly willing volunteers here on this blog?

Bot gave me a first and an identical second

shhhhhhhhhh we won't judi!!

Bot gave me a first and an identical second

I think that means that jello shots don't get you buzzed as fast as drinking.

I have never noticed this potential fact myself.

OK... now the bot is getting really annoying.

Keywords: Ethanol self-administration

I think that sums it up perfectly!

wowsa! a quad with a triplet Baron???


wowsa! a quad with a triplet Baron???


ACCKKK! stop!

And the point is............?

"novel procedure for initiation of voluntary ethanol consumption"

'Cause rats aren't like dogs, who will just drink beer voluntarily.

*SNORK!@ Judi for "The kind with four legs"

Sioux, can you give us some insider info?

Does Judi have a blogometer on her desk that measures when the thread becomes too disgusting cumbersome?

Inquiring minds want to know.

So now we have a source of alcohol that rats will reliably self-administer. And we won't even have to starve them first!

But what if we don't want to share?

"Even so, lack of a need for initial food or water deprivation and the rapidity with which stable self-administration can be achieved both suggest utility of the “jello shot” as a completely voluntary ethanol procedure."

Why do I suspect that this research was done more for Friday / Saturday night use than lab use?

Weeeee! Jello shots all 'round! Purely for research, of course!

KCSteve -you party with rats often? tell us more....
and *snork*

Med, I wish I knew, but I've seen worse threads go on much longer and more disguting...just sayin'

I certainly hope the rats did some belly shots; that's the best way to consume jello shooters.

casey- i'm thinkin' jello shots would work as well as gumballs in a pinch

"Take that you dirty rat" *said in a James Cagney accent, slinks off to the geezer bus, kicking all the usurping geeks off before settling down on the chesterfield, sighs "To each his own sofa rings"*

Body shots off a rat??!!? That is definitely NOT the best way. Body shots off a fox, on the other hand...

Having gone to Coyote Ugly last week and witnessing many body shots, I'd say you were right, Chris. My one complaint is that they didn't allow the women to have shots off the bouncers.

Careful, Mot. There were flatulent geeks on the Chesterfield before you kicked them out.


*Tosses this in for bad measure*

so it went from the geezer to the geek to the (so) fuc%ing sofa

after voluntary ethanol consumption...
I reallly want to know how it's voluntary? Did they add some nice garbage flavors to the "gelatin"?

Don't you just hate it when you've had a few jello shots & wake up to find the "surgical implantation of a guide cannula"!

*Definitely inviting casey to the next blogparty!*

Jon ethanol is alcohol. What rat wouldn't want a beer, even if it has to be put in jello and given as a shot?

As a Gator, I have to say, "way to go guys!" Also, we did this experiment many times, but as we were unable to afford rats we had to be noble scientists and experiment on ourselves.

Actually, I grew up in Gainesville, and you'd think a university town would have a better system of education, but the high school I went to was so poor they couldn't afford anything except worms to disect in Biology. They couldn't afford new worms every year, of course, so the worms would get re-used. I got one that was just an empty skin, it had been disected so many times, so the teacher told me to "just pretend".

I've had guinea pigs, cats, dogs, & birds... none of them ever wanted alcohol.
Except one cat who would sip out of my chardonnay (he hated reds, though).

I had a 'tiel who sampled my merlot once, She was just sitting there on my shoulder, and I guess since I was drinking it, she thought a nice glug would be good. There was much head shaking afterward...

jon- sorry I impersonated you there...

if cows do jello shots is it cannibalism?

Clean, I accept. When & where?

When I was at UF, I'm pretty sure they were doing these experiments on human subjects in the KA house behind my apartment building on Saturday nights. My alma mater *sigh* I'm so proud...

In the immortal words of my fave Art Buchwald column title: "White rats have all the fun!"

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