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January 24, 2007


These are hard times for Mozart.


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*clinches legs tightly together*

So they'll only have to lop off the FIRST pen¡s?

Ouch. Now, that is not the way to start off the blogging morning.

Is this the sort of thing that vets warn about with IguanaViagra?

I am not sure if male bloggers are more envious of the two penises or more scared of the possible amputation.

Must of been one heck of a lady iguana! Anyone got her phone number?

A spear and a spare.

One penis is enough for me, as long as it doesn't get lopped off by some Romanian Surgeon scalpel happy doctor.

Not cool, Dave!

I don't know if two would be a good thing. It used to be tough enough just to get layed once.

Yay, Walter!

Anyway, my hubby read the article and walked away hunched over with his hands protecting his groin.


I am sooooo glad not to be a guy.

Why don't they show him a picture of Paris Hilton? That should relax him.

Cheesewiz, that might make them both fall off. He would be a very angry lizard.

"The Priapic Mozarts" wbagnfarb

Must be an Irish iguana, to be sure, to be sure

I'm keeping my eye on you, Dave.

Man, I really should get my coffee *before* i start reading the blog.

Time to get back to school, I read, "Iguana election of the week so far"! SHEESH!

Snork at Snif.

a lounge lizard for sure.

Iguana Wanna WBAGNFARB

So, if I have an erection that lasts for more than four hours and I seek medical attention like the good folks on TV tell me to do, will I get Bobbitted like Mozart, the two-headed one-headed wonder lizard?

I guess he'll be making a little less night music.

I am wondering what type of evolutionary pressures would select for having TWO 'throbbing pythons of love'?

I can see it now.
Little Billy, "Gee, Mom, what's that Mozart's dragging around on the ground?"
Mom, "...."

fivver, my guess has to do with female iguanas saying,"is that it? You're done?!" And then they go on strike.

And from the same newspaper, there is this. This is why you always take a friend to the tattoo parlor!
I love the photo caption, though!

Why don't they show him a picture of Paris Hilton? That should relax him.

Posted by: Cheesewiz | 09:08 AM on January 24, 2007

snork for that...

iguana to doc: idonguana!

fivver, it's nature's own double dong.

Mother Nature is a woman after all ;-P

r.e. "P3nis Tattoo"

Only thot possible ...

Joe's Bar and Grill, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Where the Elite Meet to Eat.

(And a general snork @ the rest of y'all's posts ...)

Wow! Two. Iguanas give a whole new definition to menage a trois.

So do the girl iquanas have two euphemisms too, or do the boys have a harem?

Whatever happened to just thinking about baseball?

I thought only accountants did it with double entry.

*snork* and "eeeew" @ Mot for "double entry"

And I thought the only double posters were here.

In other lizard news, the kimodo dragon that got pregnant without mating has become the proud mamma of 5 baby kimodos. Awwwwwww.

casey, I sent that in this morning as an "update"....they're soooooooooooo cute. sorta.

I guess he'll be making a little less night music.

*snork* Meanie

Can't believe no one said Penis Trauma WBAGNFARB.

My wife can't keep one happy let alone two

Thanks, Jeff. I was getting a bit worried for the culture level here. Now I don't have to post this, or this.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled fart/Twitney/depenification postings.

Maybe he just hadn't finished? Have they thought about letting him have a go again?

Did anyone see on that same page the story about a four year old killing hundreds of chickens? Weirdness.

Komodo dragon link

Here's a photo of one of the Komodo babies. It looks kinda icky.

Compared to male iguanas, human males control their appetites quite well!

Colorado Reptile Humane Society shows just how desperate male iguanas can be (scroll down) at http://www.corhs.org/reptilesexuality.html

--AE Nash

controls response albedo possibly

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