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January 31, 2007


...there is no doubt who it would be.

(Thanks to cheeseman)


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Someone has to make one of those signs for the tv cameras -- BOOGER on national television would be excellent.

*will root for Booger!!!*

um...is he playing???


Click here for the Booger Gallery? What????

That Booger Gallery isn't quite what I'd expected on this blog. And maybe that's a good thing.

Booger is my PICK for MVP (most viscous player).

Always ready to pick a winner!

There's another Booger Gallery! Does Wyo know?

"Booger Visits A.J. Ferrel Middle School"

*SNORK* @stevie's MVP!

*sudden urge to watch "Revenge of the Nerds"*

The announcer already had the play-by-play written: "A 5 yard flicker to Booger, but he was picked off for a loss. Perhaps it's snot his best game....."

*sniff* our namesake, our little Booger, made it to the bigtime...


*Snork! @ PB

Go Booger!

Colts defensive tackle Booger penetrates the Bears line and gets ... Grossman.

Not that I would wish for anyone to get hurt, Chicago's backup QB is Griese. Imagine the possibilities.

And no doubt, when they intoduce all the players, Mr. McFarland comes running out of the tunnel to Stevie Wonder's "Booger on, reggae woman?" :-D

At least Griese isn't a tight end.....

For the record, Bugger was traded by Tampa, to the Colts, as a 'run-stuffer.' Tony Dunge knew him. The run-stopping defense the Colts are showing in the playoffs was planned. I hate the Colts, but am rooting for Tony to get his second ring, this time as a coach.

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