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January 23, 2007


A squirrel can be lured from a nest or den tree cavity by rubbing together two silver dollars.


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Don't let my nephew know this, He would move there in a heartbeat.

sounds much like our downtown sidewalk stewards/stewardesses. actually that might be more than required to lure them out of whatever trees they roost in.

Both of animals are found ... , which help keeps the interest of a young hunter.

The editor's skill was hunted to extinction.

OK, where you get silver dollars now?

Squirrel and dumplings!

Jeez! rubbing 2 silver dollars may lure a hell of lot more than just squirrels.

Please permit me a brief off the topic excursion. You gotta love living in Africa. Yesterday, a man claiming to be an Al Qaeda member, boarded a Johannesburg bound plane in Gabarone, Botswana. During the flight he threatened to blow up the plane if the pilot didn't fly it to Johannesburg. Duh! go figure.

"Possession limit"??

Rub 2 $50's together, and you can lure out my breasts for 3 minutes.

Mornin' all!

How do I follow that!!

With extreme difficulty Sooz, top o' the mornin' to you too

You can also lure them with beer, squirrels do enjoy their beer (perhaps PP's breasts respond to beer also?)

*madly rubbing two $50 bills together...*

Punkin, you shoulda thought of this sooner. You'd have made a FORTUNE!!!

Snakes, squirrels, cricket and boobs. I know which topic I'd rather be following. Bazoombage rules!!!!!

Hunters that are 15 and younger with a hunter's education card need not purchase this permit!


I don't need a permit. I just get them with my car whether they are in season or not.

You gotta love a newspaper that has a "how to kill stuff" article in the sports pages.

Slyeyes, the first person to kill a bear in our black bear season last year here in Maryland was an eight-year-old girl. Fifteen is OLD for hunting education.

LOL at Mot's terrorist. I can see a whole barrage of stupid ethnic terrorist jokes occurring

See The Gods Must Be Crazy, with special attention to the rebels.

what will they do if you rub two quarters together?

Sounds like my first husband.

To lure a squirrel, I thought you only have to make a sound like a nut. Oh Dave...

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