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January 23, 2007


The real action starts around the 2:40 mark.


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typical American lunch break

Dave has the ground-breaking research in this area with his toaster/Pop-tard technology

Wow. Nothing else, Just Wow.

idjit!!! he shoulda been smacked by the scooter on the way down.

that'll learn 'im!

I agree Siouxie. I havent liked those scooters since I used to sell them at The Sharper Image™.

Of course once you have seen that episode of CSI, you might not want your child to ever ride one.

That would depend on how well you like your child, wouldn't it?


What's next? Rocket powered inline skates? Please? Now that would really take the cake, and perhaps earn them a coveted Darwin Award.

Too bad he couldn't hang on. The idea was better than the actual happenings...

given the title dave gave to this (guys, stupid, rocket propulsion) the video could have been a lot worse.

I saw 3 errors:
1. Insufficient alcohol in the test pilot.
2. Test pilot was not secured to the vehicle.
3. No ramp.

Houston, we have a jackass. Over [kkkhhhhh).

gfunk said it all. With these kind of things it's always the case, just imagine if what we all anticipated actually happened.

dont drink and ignite rockets...plain and simple.

if they werent drinking, it would have worked


Is there a way I can get around my IT police and download whatever I need to see YouTube again?

The anticipation of reaching the 2:40 mark was better than what happened once I was there. I'm so disappointed! I expected something right out of a Wile E. Cyote cartoon, complete with smacking face first into a mountainside.

See, his mistake was in mounting the rockets at the rear of the device. Put 'em under the running boards of the scooter, up front, and he'd've had something.

Probably melted shoes, but that's something, right?

This was actually a confidential video of the Segway(tm) in its early planning phase.

Yeah, my grandma could make a better rocket powered scooter.

hey, at least this moron didn't stick the rocket up his butt.

although I woulda paid to see that!

*snork* @ LBFF

OMG - and they did this in Carrollton, TX - right next to the town I live in. Hangs head in shame.

mm-Segway(tm) has come a long way since this video. They can afford to serve better beer now.

Can you blog studs enlighten me?

What causes someone to want to put rockets/fire/dynamite anywhere near their person?

What is the thought process that leads to stuff like Jack a$$? Just wondering aloud.

Meditrina - As a complete mor...I mean guy, I feel qualified to answer this:

Because fire and noise is cool.

(alcohol + cerebral tissue shortage - common sense) x peer influence = rocket burn scars on butt

And things that shouldn't go fast, going Really fast is even cooler!!! And coolest of all are things flying that should never leave the ground. Ulti-cool

Wile E. Coyote is a guy.

enough said.

Hmmm, it seems like MtB knows a little too much about the mathmatics of rocket burn scars. Any first hand experience there, MtB?

Vicarious thrills only, RT. (Except maybe for the alcohol variable).

If you were trying for "plausible deniability", Meanie, you shouldn't have used so much detail. *snicker*

My @ss has been burned many times, just not by rockets.

*looking in garage for scooters and rocket boosters*

The answer to guys and fire can best be summarized by a quote from the "Flaming Moe" episode of The Simpsons:

I don't know what it was, but fire made it good.

Unbelievable that there were so many adults there. I was expecting high school kids, but some of them looked positively old. Of course, the guy riding was one of the younger ones. No helmet, pads, or anything but alcohol to prevent pain.

Anyone know where you can get a rocket like that? Would love to experiment with one.

A redneck's last words....

"Hey, watch this!"

I never thought I'd hear myself say this:

"The smoldering wreckage of a Razr scooter."

Texas is proud to be home to such rocket scientists

They really should have cut most of the film except the part at the end where the rocket went off. It was so "real life boring" until then.

I gnu that wuz gonna happen, beginnin' with the moment I saw where they attached the rockets ... 'cuz I ... um ... when we did this in ... um ... I paid attention in Physics class ... yeah, that's whut I meant ... that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it ...

(mebbe if he'd've put some Sissy bars on the back ... ???)

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