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January 22, 2007


They are courageous.


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Fritz the LionHearted?

Wasn't that from Ghostbusters?

Now THAT'S ambition

LOL man that's HORNY!!!

She: But I'm a lion.

He: That's ok. I'm a lyin', too.

He looked embarrassed when he got caught.

Won't zookeepers be surprised when they see a bunch of of little wiener-lions running around.

It's a weiner dog, what can you expect?

Did it have to be a Weiner dog?

Why not a mastiff or rottweiler?

Haw, Haw! She ees a beeg wan, no?

Fritz was lionized by all the other dogs when he returned home.

I guess Fritz was lookin' for love in all the wrong places.

The lion was clearly not impressed by the weiner.

or by its size ;-)

If only lions could laugh...he wouldn't feel like such as stud anymore.

*snork* @ sly

Holler if I hurt ya, baby.

*snork* Fed. "This won't hurt, did it?"

Holler if I hurt ya, baby.

Posted by: Federal Duck | 06:37 PM on January 22, 2007

LION: it in yet???

*adds 'in' up there*


I meant an IS!!!!


depends on what is is Siouxie

*presidential SNORK* at Jazzzz!

OT non rant:

It has been raining for @ 2 hours... but not in my house!

*snoopy dance*

Good job, CJ!

Guy dogs: they are IDIOTS.

Silenced by the bot at work (it even shut down my proxy server - that's a VENDETTA!!), and when I can post again, I have this to post on? Oh, well, 24 will be on soon Over There, and in a while Over Here.

Drinkin' an Oregon Trail Bourbon Stout with Mr. Bauer tonight... how abut y'all?

"Are you SURE that's what Hakuna Mutatta means?"

Next on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, we've sent Marlin Perkins to a remote portion of the African Savannah, the, uh, part with a fence and some old beater cars, to check up on lion humping weiners.

But first, we'll stick a funnel spider in Tito Jackson's pants, just for giggles, right after this message.

*snork* @ c-bol.

CH, I got in some bot trouble tonight, trying to erase a temporary name. I did a history erase [and other maintenance], and it was fine again. Are you maybe carrying a box of cookies? My selection is limited, but adequate. Unless I go to a little hole in the wall the best thing I can find in a grocery store is Redhook ESB.

CH where's 24 g? there's no blog post & I'm stuck at work

I dunno about cookies; I suppose I can try that when I'm back at work tomorrow. *Sigh* Or just accept that the bot's telling me I need to get my butt back to work during the work day.

If you're really in a fix for some good beer, one of my sidelines is running a Web site for a fellow who will ship some truly fine beers nearly anywhere in the US. Drop me a line if you want the site - I've probably flogged it enough to tick off the bot already. :-)

mm, I don't know where the 24 post is - does it air at 8 or 9? I guess I'd better get that right, else I'll be VERY unhappy. ;-)

And a downright hearty *SNORK* @ C-bol for "Hakuna mattata!"

CH - you are merely stocking the blog bar - that's your story and I'm sticking to it...

It's @ 9. Meanwhile, I travel enough and get to sample local beers, so I'm content with my little beerlieux.

CH -- nothing fancy here, just some Pacifico. It's Mrs. WriterDude's preferred brand.

Hey, how did I miss that you have a blog until now? We should swap links, since we were separated at birth and all.

I just loved it when the dog faced the camera...kind of like a canine smirk on its face...

Oh wait...maybe that's just me....

I hate weenie dogs. I hate them ALL. My mother has had several pair of promiscuous dachshunds over the years. She made all of us (me and five sibs) do the cleanup detail while she claimed all the credit and sold all the puppies. I have potty trained more weenie dogs than I care to think about. And now, she's arranged to get her dog pregnant because she has no grandbabies to play with. HATE THE WEENIE DOGS!!!

That having been said, that little guy's got balls of solid rock. I hope the lion kills him quickly instead of torturing him. Much.

WD, I don't maintain a regular blog anywhere; I've tried a couple of times, and just don't have the energy or time. :-)

*later, at the dog bar*

"Hey guys!"
"Hey Fritz"
"I fu$%^ed a lion today!"
"Yeah, good for you."
"I did!"
"Bruno, get a load of Fritz, here."
"I did! I fu$%^ed a lion! Big time!"
"Okay. So anyway guys, you know how after a long walk when you're licking your..."
"I totally fu$%^ed a lion!"
"Just shut up, Fritz."
"It's on youtube. Check it out."
"Oh, watch what the bull does to this guy's..."
"Everybody's seen that! Check out me and the lion."
"She seems really impressed, Fritz."
"That's not the point!"
*and now the girl dogs chime in*
"Oh THAT'S not the point?"
"That's not what I mean, I mean, she's a lion! I fu$%^ed a lion!"
"I hate you guys."

Oh, right. Firefox fooled me by showing a TypePad URL when I moused over your name. We can still swap MySpace adds if you want.

No worries -- just click on my name here, and send me a friend request. :-)

Okay, crazy suggestion time: I don't know if this is possible at all, but I'll throw it out there for consideration.

As a Pacific timezone bloglit, it is a matter of enduring sadness for me that I have to miss out on the live-commentary posting frenzies that are our shared 24 obsession. Is it possible to have a 24 thread for each of the three television air times for network programs, and then magically merge them together when all is said and done?

Just an idea from a frustrated Left Coast bloglit. (Posted on the non-24 thread, to avoid spoiling the surprises in store for me this episode!!)

CH - I think they're ignoring us. Oh well, I only watched the first season anyway. My tolerance for frustration is amazingly low, so I refuse to watch any more. My husband is a big fan though, so my escape is incomplete. *sigh*


and the killah eeeesssssss....

Those little dogs are nuts! We had a German Shepherd - wolf mix (1/4 wolf) who got bitten on the nose by a Dachsand (sp?) who had to jump up to do it. Fortunately, the bigger dog decided not to bite the little one - there would have been only half of a Dachsand left.

So cruel, Siouxie. Don't worry, though, I'll get my revenge while I'm in Sweden.

We have 2 weiner dogs. Oliver would do this. He is hornier than a 3 peckered billy goat.

*smoooch* CH!! lol

I didn't spoil nuttin!

Okay, this belongs on the "Can You Hear Me Now" cellphone-up-the-wazoo board, but no one's gonna be going there anymore, most likely.
There must be some way out of here
Said the cellphone to the thief
I can't get no reception
All I hear is beep beep
Telemarketers, they clog my line
Tryin' to get my dough
None of them ever takin' the time
To learn the meaning of the word "no"

No reason to get excited
The thief, she finally howled
You'll get yer goddamn cellphone back
Next time I move my bowels

Crap flung on the cell tower
Not a pretty view
When that old woman came and went
Out came my cellphone, dipped in poo

--apologies to Bobby Z.

*smooches* right back atcha, Siouxie. And here I thought I needed to be on the lookout for a killer "S." I see now that I misread what you wrote.

geez, stevie...a little desperate for attention, are we???

and I saw it there soooooooo pfffffffft!! LOL

he's a puppy. could be puppy love. or something really sick. nah.

Yes, sxi, I'm a "Desperate Mouse-type."

Worst pun ever.

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