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January 29, 2007


Clearly, this man is a fan of Chloe.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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New verb- tased

Come on, who hasn't tasered a grandma? Most of them are just asking for it anyway.

That'll be the last time she butts in. On the bright side, he gave her a free perm.

I'm embarressed, De Bruyn is a common South African last name. This guy could be a fellow countryman.

What a dummy. He should've said he was administering CPR. That's what I always say.

"Getting Tased hurts"
And Dave says we don't get information on this blog.
*Adds information to list right below "Stop peeing in beard"*

The guy lives in Skamania County. Maybe he is taking the Mania part a little too seriously.

I am taking a taser off the suggested gift list for Punkin's Birthday.

oh come on now, haven't you ever really wanted to taser the crap out of an nosy relative?

This reminds me of Pavlov. If picking up an electric wire gets Grandma tasered, I'm guessing that the grandson will keep trying for the wire.

MOTW - good point! I'm going to apply that to work...somehow...

I'm just wondering why Grandma considers spanking a kid to get him away from something that could really hurt him is abuse...
Maybe she deserves to be tased.

Oh, and I hear "tased" often enough. I work in police records.

Maybe he thought her pacemaker was failing and she needed a lit "jolt". Also, did she leave after gettin tased or just flop around drooling

On the one hand, we have a grandma that won't leave.
On the other hand, we have a guy that is a little to Zapper friendly.

Sounds like a sitcom plot.

MOTW, I wondered about that too. After all, if he wanted to teach the baby a lesson why didn't he "tase" him.

He's angry that she accuses him of abuse, so he tasers her? That's a good defense, I don't think he's an angry, abusive person at all, now!


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