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January 24, 2007


(Thanks to DavCat14, who also sent this link to a photo of a rabbit that appears to be wearing a gorilla suit)


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DavCat - that's not a gorilla suit - that's a dust bunny.

Pah. That's nothin' compared to Talk Like a Pirate Day!

The one nice thing about gorilla suit day is that I don't have to shave.

If by "get ready," you mean eschew shaving my back for the next week, then okay!

What a bunch of neanderthals.

I told him and told him and told him not to let that rabbit chew on the electrical cord, but nooooo...

Hm. Does that count as a psycho-simul, Annie?

Hey, I've got a ducky sandwich. If I invite my friend Juan to share it with me, I'll have a Pate of Juan.

Looks like a girl I once brought home in college. I was wearing the beer goggles and grinder finders at the same time. Needless to say the next morning was neither pretty nor satisfying. I have never once since then uttered the word "Nair" aloud.

PeeJay - The fur balls in your mouth after the jello shots should have been a clue. Duh. ;)

Did anyone else notice the header at the top? "Men go fishing when their sex life declines." Tee-hee-hee!

Did ya'll notice a link to "Pubic Hair determines a woman's sexual character" ???

Hmm - methinks Mrs. Wheezer has experience with house rabbits. :-)

A little warning - there are only 7 pictures of rabbits. After that, you'll be bounced to other topics. The kind that might get you in trouble at work.

Siouxie - next link - "Pubic hair used as fishing lures."

*not linking on "Syphilis: Best consequence of worst sex"*

no thank you

*extricates herself from Annie's sandwich before Juan shows up*

Annie, not to mention the header next to that one: "Syphillis: Best Consequence of Worst Sex."

"COUGH" "COUGH" I guess your correct Queen Med. Thanks.

Checklist for Jan 31:
Gorilla suit: Check
Crotchless knickers: Check
Jello shots: Check
Rat: Check

Interesting indeed, Annie.


umm...Hammie?? how about the double peni?

And 20 ways to become a sex goddess:

1. Jello shots
2. Beer
3. Margaritas
4. Beer
5. JB
6. Beer
7. Single Malt Scotch
8. Beer
9. Mojitos
10. Beer
11. Rock Lobsters
12. Beer
13. Captain Morgan
14. Beer
15. Vodka Tonic
16. Beer
17. Martinis
18. Beer
19. Twitney Trash Can Punch
20. Beer


Holy hell, who would have thought the Russians were so horny?! I think the rabbit article was the only one that was not about sex, but who knows what they do with rabbits over there?

Hammond - do you want flies with that?

"times fun when you're having flies"

Beppie - What else is there to do in Siberia?

PeeJay....grinder finders? Dare I ask?


casey-I was avoiding that question.

casey, I thought about it and didn't.

maybe it's for the best.

LOL Lisa!! gmta! and simul too!

casey, i too was wondering.

Re the original post: The only thing funnier than a punch a DB bloggers sitting at their computers, is a bunch of DB bloggers sitting at their computer in IN GORILLA SUITS!

just sayin'

make that "bunch" of DB Bloggers and remove the extra "in" *sigh*

*someone spike that punch and we'll drink it*

Annie WBT, using pubic hair for fishing lures, what are ya trying to catch? Politicians?

pubic hair or Cuban cigars, Mot.

Just great, blogchicks, make me feel like the only idiot out here.

*looks around*

Oh. I forgot where I was for a minute.

Mot - I'm not sure, but I'm guessing it smells like tuna.

Queen, you have an excellent point there.

I think they must just pluck their angora bunnies in Moscow.

*SNORK* at all those rabbits, I'm guessing they were all brushed up for some kind of Fur Expo. Wonder if they wash them in a Pet Spa...

Everyone knows that 'holiday' is only made up to sell more gorilla suits.


Sorry to get back to you so late, but grinder finders is when you lose all standards and will take anything home that will go with you. It's really a synonym (YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TRYING TO SPELL) for beer goggles.(MAYBE THAT IS RIGHT?) In college we called the easy girls "grinders"

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