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January 31, 2007


Cheer up! We've got dead squirrels!

(Thanks to Joe Wells and Russell Mc)


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I'm happy!!

Dead squirrels will cheer anyone up.

What the hell kind of crack are these people smoking? I think I need some!

"This is to show kids when they come for a funeral and they cry"

The poor kids won't be able to cry. They'll spend the remainder of their lives in a corner, crouched in a fetal position, rocking back and forth.

Hey you used my quote. I feel honored.

OK, that link has changed wording three times so far!

Oh, and that guy is very disturbing...

Look kids if you keen on annoying me with yer endless cryin', it won't be squirrels in them exhibits ya hear.

Sam Sanfillippo: sounds like he done fillippoed right outta his head.

Yeah, it'll be Darren, right? *snicker*

Darren? Who's Darren?

hehe...stuffed Darren....

I don't think I ever needed to see topless squirrels doing a girlie review, this after Siouxie's 8 x 10. This is weird shit man.

I hope Darren is finally off his period(s).

The following is courtesy of Placebo:

Dead squirrel/monkey in the place to be
Riding in a rocket to a planet of sound
in a funeral home, playing poker in drag
An increase in population of a hundred percent

Dead squirrel/monkey in the place to be
with a chemical peel and a picture of poor Aunt Mary
out on a limb in the carnival of me
raising the temperature one hundred degrees

we're sown together
she’s born to mesmer
beside, astride her
I die inside her

awww Mot...you like???


I think I just made myself sick.

I think I just made myself sick.

I think I just made myself sick.

casey's really sick, you guys.

*slaps casey*


&$%#!#$ BOT!!!

Sooz, this town aint big enough for the both of us, it's either me or yor hair that's gotta go.

Ahh... just one more time before I go to sleep. Ready, Siouxie, mm (if you're stil blurking)?

*preparing to whack the bot*

*flashes bot*

casey - isn't a triple-self-simul just a bit much? You're not a gymnast, are you?

*WHACKWHACKWHACKWHACK!!! BLAMM* Oops, I think I shot the evil spambot. *Wish I thought of that before!*

*evil grin*

The bot is beginning to show signs of sentience again, sic Wonder Woman on to it.

Where was this yesterday when I went to the funeral of my

Mot, I was wearing a wig sheesh...

the rest of me is real though. *wink*

take two

buddy Noah?

Did anyone else catch the fact that we're talking about a zombie funeral director?