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January 22, 2007


(Thanks to several concerned men, but david stotts first)


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Oh. Gawd. NO.

RULE #1: Never wear pants that reveal what religion you are.

Anyone else having a Mel Brooks moment?

"Men in tights...tight tights!"

Amen, Steve 24!

Going home to put on a pair of stirrup pants, set up a perimeter and watch 24. Everyone have a good evening!

However, if you must wear these, I recommend the underwear from the previous thread....

You know it's the peak of fashion when even the model looks embarrassed!

I see he is carrying a "brief" case. I'm not judging, but if you come to a meeting in Arkanses dressed like that, they will NEVER find the body. Jus sayin'

If one of my employees came in in these, I'm afraid I'd have to send him back home to put his pants on...

What Steve(the 24 Guy)said - it's that EEO thing

Stylish husband to wife: "Honey, do these man-leggings make my butt look big?"

O - EOO (Equal Opportunity Employer) We don't want to know...

Takes you from the boardroom to the yoga mat with only a change of shoes.

We have missiles that could easily reach Milan. And yet we do nothing.

OK try 3: EOE -I was never good at acronyms

And *snork* @ Jazzzz

"These leggy knits were paired with mercerized cotton jerkins, snug little Rude Boy with manners jackets and Two Tone era skinny ties – a big Milan trend."

"That said, I know a lot of guys who wear leggings around the home to watch DVDs, lounge around before Premiership games or surf the Internet."

jerkins??....Rude Bo....wha?? Premiership games???


>heads for the fridge for a beer in jeans and boxers and settles down to watch anything to get the vision of leggings out of my head <

and *snork* at Dave

I wonder how these would go over in Iraq....or Morocco

"all of them with stirrup straps, except of course for a couple of them cut above the knee

Ah, wouldn't those be called bicycle shorts?

I vote Blurk model for us blog gals, who is with me?

casey-blurk has a shotgun. just sayin'

Hey! Don't yall be makin' fun o' my eatin' britches! They so stretchy I can eats all I wont 'n' never has to unbutton.

LBFF and casey - I am pretty sure anyone dressed like that is shot on sight in Montana.

But Lisa, he loves us! Before we are too judgmental of men leggings with snug little Rude Boy jackets, we should see it on a manly type man. I think he would be the perfect model. If not blurk, I'm sure Clean or Jazzzz will model, right?

If Blurk put those on, he would shoot himself!

I especially like the no socks with back patent shoes look.. Why bother with stirrups? Unlesss, they're to prevent the severe wedgie situation....although if a guy were wearing these, he might want to hide his face...

Besides, with man leggings, we might be able to get a glimpse of that shotgun he is always bragging about! har!

Anybody showing up wearing those had better have a gun or a knife stuck in 'em.

casey-I think you're right. We should definitely see some of the blogguys modeling these.

I was getting disappointed in you Lisa. Glad to see you are with me!

Oh, and another quad. I'm on a roll today.

To be up-to-date I donned leggings
'cause of wifely pleadings and beggings
but when worn on the job
i was chased by a mob
and forced to take wedgies and eggings!

"try 3: EOE -I was never good at acronyms"

mm - I have a bit of trouble with TLA's too.

Gosh, I luv you guys. Thank you for making me laugh so hard!

*snork* @ insom, again

casey-Nope. I'm with ya!

I have this vision of Yogi Berra in stretch pants.


*sits with the other blogals waiting for blogdudes in "show us your shotguns" leggings fashion show*

They can go with the sneakers. See my blog. Also see article linked there.

pogo- "Deja Vu all over me?"

Common cut down at Harley biker bar:

"Easy there Thad, you sound like your leggings got caught in your Honda."

Also from the world of fashion:

I sent this
one in to the blog. It's for women who want to minimize the look of a large nose.

If Godfrey Deeny says it's must-have, then it's a must have.

*snork* @ Lisa and her link!

WTFBBQ???? looks like a horse.

For that gal with a horse-hankerin'. NTTIAWWT. Us guys of the male gender seem attracted to horse.

Sioxie-I know, it's wild.

I believe you have to trade in your balls when you purchase these. Because, clearly, you won't be needing them anymore.

I dunno Dave, I think they'd look mighty fine with a nice blue shirt.

I was thinking maybe a cape

And a feather boa.

and a cowboy hat.

...and Walter.

so where's 24?

My take on it...the first word out of the mouth of the guy who dons these "leggings" would be "Fabulous"...and then he'd get busy re-arranging the throw cushions...

Casey, LBFF...If I were dead and someone put those on me I would still find a way to shoot myself.

And whoever put them on me.

And two or three people in Milan.

Cowboys wear leggings. Two cowboys in particular.

but blurkie...I've got a cowboy hat for you to wear with the tights...


how medieval. what they really need is a codpiece. and pointy curled toed shoes with bells.

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