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January 22, 2007


Now here is a woman with priorities.

(Thanks to Addicted to 24)


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Was that Tamara and KDF's love child?

Siouxie, how do I say First in espanol?


I'm surprised she didn't arrange to have a cub.

She did, however, name him John Elway. "Sure, honey. You make sure you get to that game."

That'd be the World Series, MtB, not the Superbowl.

My husband is a Bears fan. I think I'm getting my tubes tied now, because I know his priorities.

I just wanted to know if she has a sister in Seattle.

Now, that woman knows the TRUE meaning of being a Football Fan's Wife. I wanna find a catch like her.

I'm sorry, but this woman has no moral values whatsoever. I mean, c'mon...going into labor early so that your husband can go to a freakin' Bears football game?

Now, if it were the Dolphins, Packers or Gators...I'd understand...but da Bears?!?

(And, on a related note, GO COLTS! I won't be able to watch the game while I'm in Europe...I'll be working at the time. :( )

I admire the woman's bravery. If her husband had missed the game he would have resented his son throughout his life and the kid would be so soul-scarred and traumatized he would grow up to be a mass murderer or a crack head pimp or even worse, a politician or television evangelist....

She's truly done the entire world a service.

*smacks the woman upside the head*

Now, now, while I don't particularly agree with her reasoning in this case, I know I was plenty ready to be un-pregnant when that time rolled around, and would have taken just about any halfway decent excuse to get the ball rolling.

*semi off-topic but true alert*

Last night, while basking in the afterglow of Da Bearss victory, Mrs. Thunking scared me to death. First off, you should be aware that Mrs. Thunking is pregnant, about 33 weeks along and doing great. We were lounging on the couch after dinner when she said, "I think in labor."
"It hurts really bad."
"Around here," pointing to her general uterus area, "I think we should go to the hospital."
Panic striken, I asked her if she was sure, how long the pains lasted and if they come and go in a regular schedule, etc...
About then, she let loose with the longest and loudest fart in human history.

"Ummm, honey, I think it might be gas." And it was.

*snork* @ random thunking

random, does your wife read the Blog??

if so, you may wanna skip going home today...just sayin'

oh and lmao!!!

this is a very smart woman. there is nothing her husband can ever do for her to compare to this act of selflessness and she will make sure that he spends the rest of his life trying.

tropic - well she did say that that might be his only opportunity to see an NFC chamopnship game...

mm: Heh heh...excellent point!

Oh, I'm sure this guy delayed the conception an hour so she could watch Desparate Houswives. Same thing, isn't it??

He must be reeeaaaly reeeally good at something for her to go to such lengths.

"About then, she let loose with the longest and loudest fart in human history."

true story - a friend of mine woke up in the middle of the night with severe abdominal pain - i mean severe enough that his wife thought he was having a heart attack, and took him the the emergency room. as you have already guessed, after waiting around for a couple of hours the doctors told him that what he had was "gas pain". his comment, "wow, i'm sure glad i didn't let that one go at the office."

this was the same guy that committed the the legendary "four-window" fart - that's the one where he caused all four windows in a moving vehicle to be rolled down simultaneously. (Hi, Pat)

Someone coulda been killed!

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