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January 29, 2007


Brought to you by a perky news team and many alert Perky readers


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YAY!! Now what was this about, let me check

I'm getting better.

Will this team operate on the iguana too?

Chest compressions on a duck??!!?
Well, I suppose you may need to tenderize it, no?

ok...who's having Perky for dinner???

You can't keep a good duck dead!

They said "plucky" again. That's what keeps putting the duck under. You just can't say "plucky" around a duck. It's rude and it makes them woozy.

HA! I'm PERKY!!!!

Why, I haven't been told that for at least a week!

If she starts running in the Belmont I'm gonna wonder...

Just add a little orange...

Perky a l'orange?

I'm plucking duck feathers, I'm ducking pluck feathers, I'm ..... y'all can see where this is heading.

What kind of hunter wouldn't just shoot it again instead of taking it to the vet?

I think Heather is smiling because Reggie, Dick Justin... .

What kind of hunter doesn't take the time to field dress his meal?

Duck needs a hockey mask. And a cleaver. And a set of sequels.

Dick, the idea was to shoot it in the fridge where you could be sure of hitting it, garn, admit it.

DPC: i was wondering the same thing when this story first came up - i'm no expert, but aren't you supposed to at least remove the guts before you throw your kill in the fridge? this story smells funny.

I think the vet was some kind of quack

The hunter's probably been offered more for Perky that she's worth as food value... Just sayin'

Oh, Gawd, my fingers hs been darrenized,n i cnt tipe....aaaargh!

I see, too, that there was a Lethal injection meeting.
I hope you guys were thoughtful enough to invite Sen. Tancredo, & his buddy, Darren.

since when do ducks get nine lives?

btw: i have been straining to resist the temptation to anagram "ducksicle" - & i think i just sprained something.

Mud, what's wrong with sick ducle?

sorry to keep dragging other animals in but you've got to see OMGWTFPOLARBEAR and the pandas below at cuteoverload...

Sorry I promise not to do this again...
& *snork* @ mud

'duck slice' is pretty appropriate.

mm-Polar bear babies are the only things cuter than pandas.

Filming for Perky's Revenge starts ASAP. Where's Just Ducky when I need her?

I don't have a problem with ducks lice either, unless you put a live duck in my fridge and they get on Kevins bacon

Licks duce is also perfectly acceptable.

What happened to Frank? Am I seeing things?

I had a first post on a story about a guy named Lovely that involved man-holes. then it all just disappeared.

nevermind, I must have made it up afterall

I was busy posting this and it all went bloooey.

Major problem here, we now have glass fibre manhole covers. We also regularly get power cuts and interruption of telephone services due to cable theft. The best is when they try to sell fibre optic cables to a metal scrap dealer.

Gadfly - you're cheating on us, aren't you?
*hopes Gadfly conveniently forgets CO post mm herself posted not 10 minutes ago*

Casey saw it too, it was Frank Lovely and he was involved with manholes

*hopes he never has to say/type/think that word again*

I blame Al Gore, space aliens (redundant) and global warming.

With the damaged wing, Perky now flies upside down. I hope that doesn't lead to a bad quack-up!

Slither hither, Heather!

Chest compressions always "perk" me right up, IYKWIM.

I did see it Gadfly. I gotcha yer back. Or something. hee hee

I blame Darren.

A lucky young waterfowl named Perky
whose life or death status was murky
ruffled the hunters wifes feather
as reported by heather
and avoided becoming duck jerkey

Zombie Fowl are (is? am?) no laughing matter, people.

It only seems fitting: Daffy's Duck's Rhapsody.


Re: my 3:28 post

It reads like it was written by someone named Darren.

*pulls the extra 's down*

I'm dyslexic. I read all though the article trying to find the Dick. I thought it would be someone's name or something.. Gettign it wrong is hillarious sometimes.

Awe, go little ducky, go!

Wish I had been here earlier, Fed. Had to see my agent.

mm, that site is sooo cute!

For more baby panda photos, check out this:
Baby Panda pics

"Zombie Fowl" WBAGNFARB, y'know?

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