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January 22, 2007



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Ransacking Strollers WBAGNFARB

and first.......?

The squirrels are just after your the nuts. I mean, you've gotta be nuts not to ice the HTTRs, right?

"chewed a hold..." That's a new one.

The squirrels at my mom's house will pelt you with acorns if they don't like you. They didn't like my ex brother-in-law at all.

I throw the acorns back at them. Now they leave me alone, whether they like me or not.

Squirrels (18) vs. Mountain View Officials (0)

Clearly, the Squirrels have a much better front office.

"The animal is captured alive and then is humanely euthanized"
Sure, its OK for squirrels, but try it once on your ex-wife and you wouldn't believe the paperwork you have to fill out.

What if they put up squirrel feeders in the park? And where did they used to get their food and how come they're not getting it there anymore. Is it a loss of habitat thing?

These are questions I would ask if I lived in Mountain View before telling my child he couldn't bring his cookie to the park.


Round them up. Transport them somewhere that's remote, full of nuts, and devoid of people. Let nature take its course.

I'm talking about the Mountain View citizens, not the squirrels.

"The squirrels chewed a hold through my stoller." And apparently also chewed a "hold" through a certain copy editor, who has been sacked.

It's time to stop mollycoddling these criminals and to treat them like the hoodlums they are.

Capture them... train the ones that can be trained (imagine the energy savings of a couple million squirrels in a couple million treadmills, generating power for AMERICA! We could bring the troops home TOMORROW!), execute those which can't and make stew.

With the right seasonings, it ain't bad.

LBFF - It might be a loss of forage due to the unusually warm temps we've been having. Squirrels usually go into a semi-hibernation during the winter, only waking up now and again to look for food. They would have been hibernating by now if it were colder. There was and article a while back about the bears in Siberia having "insomnia" because of warms temps. It was potentially dangerous because the bears were looking for food, but all the forage had already been eaten....

billy - great idea! (except the stew. I have standards.)

did anyone notice the smaller creepy picture of the "perching squirrel"? he looks like he's about to attack something.....

shotgun is my answer to this thread as well as the Paris and Twatney threads.

yes, it's monday and it's tax season.

*takes another gumball*

something killed a bird in my side yard. left nothing but feathers. i suspect ransacking squirrels. or a hungry toddler.

Blurk, are you posting under Siouxie's moniker again?

mm-That makes sense. And I'm still in favor of trying feeders first. But, then again, I'm a little wimpy when it comes to killing animals--Even vicious squirrels.

G'head...call me a tree-hugger. It's OK.

btw, crossgirl....Spamalot was GREAT!

*runs away*

Captured alive then humanely euthanized.

"It's like wipin' before you poop. It don't make no sense." - Larry the Cable Guy

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