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January 22, 2007


Human Tetris

(Via Gizmodo, which also links to this weird innovative dog-poop-catching device)


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First you catch the dog p00p, then you...

I'd like to see a human version of Frogger.

Human Tetris: Cute.

Re Gizmodo link: That's just unnatural. Something very wrong there. *hoping it wasn't developed by NASA*

I once found a tetris game on my mom's computer. Little naked cartoon charecters that had to line up in pornographic positions. Let me repeat, my MOM's computer. Eeeeewwwwwww.

As for the poop catcher, does anyone have a five gallon bucket for my Dane?

I will NOT click on the dog poop catching demo video.
I will NOT click on the dog poop catching demo video.
I will NOT click on the dog poop catching demo video.
I will NOT click on the dog poop catching demo video....

(Twenty pies?)

"You can't ignore a Chinese lantern hanging from your ass for very long."
Obviously the writer has never been to Mardi Gras.

Oh gosh if only Jacques Chirac would make this obligatory for dog owners (not that 99% of the dog owners would pay any attention -- and not to stereotype or anything, but most of the ones who did use it would NOT be French!).


One who has had too many close calls (and a few missed calls) on the streets of France.

I thought they were gonna be dropping from the top of the building from the way that it started.

not the dog poop

OK that was stoopid.

no way would my dog wear that thing. she is much too stylish.

There was a human version of Frogger on a very clever Seinfeld episode once.

But I think this clpi was the Italian army showing off its stuff.


ok "pies"? I'ver heard of cowpies, but the best these would qualify as are "poopyseed pastries"

What I loved most was how the other pedestrians just kept on going, as if having a slew of people in matching screaming yellow shirts lining up in a block on the sidewalk was just the most common thing in the world.

I did not view the poop page; I have my standards, after all.

that was hilarious. (the tetris) particularly when one is watching it with ted on the line.

Okay, I lied; I have no standards, and in fact, watched the video, too. Creepy chirpy birds and chinese stoner music. Oh, and a dog pooping into a hat strapped to his @ss.

Well, this would certainly make leaving a flaming bag of dog poo on someone's step a lot simpler.
(not that I'd know)(ahem)

I think my dog just glared at me.

Shouldn't the dog owner at least be wearing gloves before sticking his fingers into the pouch??

human space invaders!


I also loved the way the Tetris people suddenly went into warp speed once they got close to the line. That's exactly what happens to me every time I play real Tetris.

This is Doggie Bondage Fetish Porn! A whole new category!

Those are people with too much time on their hands. Not like us!

And my dog would hold her bowels until she exploded before she would poop in that contraption.

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