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January 22, 2007


Some women have all the luck.

(Thanks to marva mauthe)


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Fond-le Akkk, Wi. how appropriate

Somebody's been bleeding in my bed!

come to me Papa Bear...

How strange was he?

Hopefully, she took some funny pictures of him in her nightgown before she woke him up. (Lipstick, earrings...why does Jack Lemmon come to mind?)

SNORK at Judi and pogo!

Didn't Robert Downey Jr. do something like this once?

Was he wearing "leggy knits paired with mercerized cotton jerkin, and a snug little Rude Boy with manners jacket"

Well, if he was good looking all would be forgiven!

who said he had to be good-looking? don't be putting words in my mouth, there, beppie.


that almost never happens to me...


um..I meant never. yep.

"He came in through the bathroom window..."

Okay, I agree, Judi, he doesn't have to be good looking. Just rich or in a rock band.

Why, oh WHY can't that happen to me? I'd even clean up the damn blood! As long as everything, ahem, worked, that is.

Woman finds strange man in her

oh, wait, there's another line in the title


That was an unfortunate page break.

er, line break.

So? When I was married ---

Oh, nevermind. Pogo already beat me to what I was getting at.

Another Fond du Lac story, eh? Really dredging the bottom of the lake for material, aren't we?

(Yeah, I made a French joke.)
(It's OK, because I'm in Fond du Lac right now.)

And was he too soft, too hard, or just right?

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