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January 26, 2007


Nobody is safe.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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"Decapitated Gnomes" wbagnfarb

So THAT'S where the roaming gnome went to. And he shall never roam again, poor thing.

oh and FIRST!!!

I sent this in, too. the headline was "Gnome, Gnome on Derange" I thought one of you had written the headline..

As long as they get that annoying Travelocity Gnome, I don't care how many civilian casualties result. Sure he was amusing once. But now? Ehh.

I like your headline, mm!

Rather, Gnomebody is safe.

What an atrocity? I hope the police stop at gnomething to catch this evil doer.

*yanks errant ?*

Gnomatter what, gnomes just aren't safe anymore. Gnomeland security needs to step it up a notch.

Is this "tourist attraction" the Downunder version of the World's Largest Ball of Twine?

What??? No pictures???

That's what I was thinking, b in b!

Shoddy reporting strikes again.


There's no safe site gnome.
There's no safe site gnome...

check out the crime photos on my myspace page of Carl Williams Mums Murder at www.myspace.com/trevordunen. Taken the day of the murder as police converged on the murder scen, more than 80 photos of the scene unfolding as it happens

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