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January 29, 2007


We only hope The Blog will not be too embarrassed.

Dave you are so illinformed.
Let me enlighten you and your readers.
The reason we(Denver)can`t have a superbowl here is we don`t have a closed in stadium. You see here in Colorado it snows.
You can`t hold a Super bowl where there could be a chance it would snow or just be cold cause you see, it is all about money and money would be lost if the ganstas i mean players couldn`t show boat around town for a couple weeks before the game.
That is equivlant of me asking you where your ski runs are and why Miami will never host a winter olympic.

Tancredo never said Miami looks like a third world country. He said parts of it resemble a third world country but translated to looney leftys that means the whole state. Nice twist. We have a writer up here that writes the same way,(Mike Littwin,Rocky Mountain News), he never tells the truth .He just twist`s it till it fit`s his smear campaign, just like you. I hope your readers don`t get their info. from you because it is a flat out lie.


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Darren, I'm going to have to confiscate your apostrophes, Dear. (Seems someone has already beat me to confiscating your sense of humor.)

This is what happens when there is very little oxygen in the atmosphere. Like in Denver.

where is the guy with the taser when you need him?

WHOA!!! Dave, I tremble on your behalf at the tremors of indignation comin' from the Rockies.
However, considering that da Bears took the NFC title in a snowstorm, I'm pretty sure that they, at least, wouldn't be unduly upset by Denver weather.

I must have missed the Denver Olympics. When was that again?

English for the Gnu American.

Poor widdle 3rd world Denver can't afford an enclosed stadium? Aaaaaww.

(btw - most people in Denver are not this stupid.)

We certainly could hold a winter Olympics.

"I must have missed the Denver Olympics. When was that again?"

2002, but Denver still had that Tancredo guy, so they moved it to Salt Lake City.

MOTW, gmta...I was about to do that as well.

Water Skiing is still skiing.
There are just better obstacles, with teeth.

Maybe this is how Darren stays warm - getting hot under the collar. Anger - the new green energy source.

*Removes skis from Miami-bound luggage*

closed in stadium....is that an official term?

Somebody wanted to know in an earlier thread who would vote for Tancredo. Here's your answer right here.

Annie, I know, my daughter lives there and I can count the intelligent people I've met there if I take my shoes off.

At first I thought he was joking, esp when I got the "gansta" part, because seriously could you be serious about bashing Dave?

15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct!

Please inform Darren that he will need to register as a 'species of concern.'

So Denver has jumped the shark?

maybe all of us here could take up a collection and buy this guy a sense of humor.

Last I checked last year's Super Bowl was in Detroit, where it does snow on occasion.

Hi, I'm Darren, this is my brother Darren and my other brother Darren. Apologies to Bob Newhart.

This is a lesson for us all - it is very hard to type properly when your head is up your @ss.

And at what point did Miami become a state?

*quietly resolves to stop "getting my info." from Dave Barry blog*

I will take what this guy says seriously when he learns to spell, type, punctuate and capitalize properly.

Which Winter Olympic should be held? Was there one in particular?

I think that Miami could easily host the Hockey Winter Olympic. They could even host the Curling Winter Olympic, and all you have to do to get a crowd is to tell the population of Miami retirees that it is just shuffleboard or bocce ball on ice.

witchlesa - thanks for the muse tickle

Superbowl is coming, the fans are getting fat
Care to put a penny in old Darren's hat?
If you haven't got a penny, a ha'penny will do,
If you haven't got a ha'penny, then a laugh will do!

Be afwaid.. be vewy afwaid.. Denver is out to get Dave!

Kevin - you have to twist the facts just right to turn Miami into a state. Not that Darren would ever do that. tsk, tsk....

" I hope your readers don`t get weitheir info. from you because it is a flat out lie."

Damm, this blog is bogus. I resolve to quit right now, just as soon as I loose 200 lbs and stop chain smoking.

And Miami has it's own oosik. Where's Denver's? Huh?

Oh no, I see another waste disposal dedication in the future after Dave and Denver make up.

you mean twists's's Annie, right?

Kaffy - Denver is snowed in. They can't get Dave until the spring thaw. That's why we can make fun of them. Dave would never be stupid enough to taunt someone who could kick his butt. That's why he's still alive today. Neener!

And the games begin.

you mean twists's's Annie, right?

qsman - "And Miami has ITS own oosik.
What are you, from Denver or something? Get your punctuation straight.


Ha you looney lefties think your funny like Mike Littwin. Tancredo is taking notes, and his running for president.

Tancredo is a first class moron. Anyone notice how his voice sounds a little Foley-esque? NTTQWRT unless you're into young boys,

Oh, and Tancredo hates Mexicans. Real nice political platform. Dork.

Hi, Kaffy - would you mind letting WriterDude use your disguise for a while? He'll probably need it.

You can`t hold a Super bowl where there could be a chance it would snow or just be cold...

Detroit has hosted the Superbowl twice.

I'm so conflicted...I live 65 miles across the lake from Chicago, and a few miles north of Indiana, where our 'local' news comes from. Kinda right between them. I've been cheering both teams along all year since the Lions are a decade or two away from being competitive. Maybe I'll root for the guitarist formerly known as a glyph.

Eye em juzt indegnentacle a-bout's thiis!

Ha you looney lefties think your funny like Mike Littwin. Tancredo is taking notes, and his running for president.

Posted by: Darren | 12:35 PM on January 29, 2007
I sure hope he takes notes better than you does.

Quel idiot.

And ROFL at MOT's reference re The Darrens, although now that I think about it, weren't they Daryl, and Daryl?

Close enough!

Whoa, whoa... Dave's not being completely truthful in his evaluations about the world??
I'm shocked, shocked, I say!

I love the correction - only PARTS of the state are like a third world country. That's so much better.

jon - give Darren a break. After all, he's a product of the Denver educational system. He's only as good as his environment.





now why couldn't Tancredo be euthanized???? life is so unfair.

And 'righties" are smear-campaign free?

I'll take my info from Dave over this guy any day -- and I won't take grammar, spelling or stylistic lessons from Darren, either.

I wonder how he'd feel if someone comma referred to parts of Denver comma as a 3rd world country.

Or is that "coma"??? ;-)

This Tancredo guy is actually running for President (http://www.teamtancredo.com). I would like to suggest a debate between our canidate, Dave, and Mr. Tancredo. I think the result would be a pummeling of Team Tancredo (how lame).

Why can't Miami have a winter Olympics? There's plenty of snow. Just of a different kind IYKWIM.

A Miami Olympic.

Oh man, Denver can't host a Super Bowl because of snow? This is a clear indication of what a Wuss Bowl it really is. Every stadium should have a crack at a Super Bowl, not just the warm states or enclosed arenas. The players and corporate sponsors are just plain soft and need a kick in the butt like a Super Bowl game in Green Bay would provide.
Plus, more normal people (ie: not wealthy thugs) would have a chance to actually see one in person.

Cookie, I thought Darren was close enough to Daryl to get the point across as well.

Why would a pool need a hoist?

*is glad denver aint in MT*

let me know when ya'll stop the punctuation bashing. i thought them denver schools gave me a good education.

Not all righties are humorless, ignorant dweebs. I enjoy reading this blog all the time. I just usually lurk in the background because by the time I see what's been posted, everyone else has already said anything I would've thought to say. I guess that's what I get for living on the west coast and working graveyard shifts.

Well Darren, it did! :)

*left-handed and very proud of it*

So, if Dave wasn't telling the truth, does this mean I shouldn't be a "goodwill ambassador" by inserting a little goodwill tongue?

Dang it.

OK, so if Daryl is Eleanor and Darren is Ken, who's on first?

I think it was MOTW, morgana. ^^^see^^^

morgana - yes. And you can read about her here.

Don't ask us me....


RIP Barbaros. IMO his suffering was prolonged, but, I would assume he had the very best medical attentions, so hopefully, his last months were not miserable. What a waste.

You may now resume your Darren bashing. I wonder if Darren is reading this blog?


I'm sorry, but I'm unclear about something. Call me whacky, but since when did snow or rain or mud stop a football game from occurring? I mean, other than something like Katrina...I'm unclear as to why an open-roof stadium in the north automatically means that a Super Bowl can't be held. I'm waiting for the day that Green Bay can host a Super Bowl...there would be a game that would be discussed for years!

Andy, the tropichunt.com™ guy living in the Third World "State" of Miami!

P.S. Get a life. Really. Oh, and get all your important "24" updates from Dave. He's the real source of information on the show!

Mmmmm. Tongue lashing.

Beth, of course not all right-of-center folks are humorless! (Just as not all lefties are evil ;-))))) My sister is ultra-conservative and has a fantastic sense of hulor and is brilliantly funny -- as long as we don't talk politics! Then we both lose our sense of humor.

Alas. Such is the way of the world.

I are sure that Denvers' teacher's are so proud that they learned Darren to smartly grammerify his riting's.

If Dave is CNN/FoxNews, does that make them humorists in disguise?

Darren i's so right when he say's all that stuff! Bravo Darren for giving Dave a peace of your mind! You are so smart!

and here we are, right where we wanted to be all along - back to sex, c/o fivver.
*thanks* (no sarcasm intended)
Although idiot bashing is fun, too.

Amer, my sister and I are just as opposites, in reverse, of course. Only she's not funny. :-P

fivver: yeah ;)

darren is on Team Dwight¹

¹5 points for the ref

(btw - most people in Denver are not this stupid.) Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 12:17 PM on January 29, 2007

Thanks, Annie. I hope I have contributed to that knowledge somehow.

Hi, Kaffy - would you mind letting WriterDude use your disguise for a while? He'll probably need it. Posted by: Meanie the Blue | 12:35 PM on January 29, 2007

MtB, you are a true friend. The check is in the mail.

And, um, Darren? I wouldn't recommend applying for work at the chamber of commerce. However, you appear to be qualified to teach English at my kids' school. Thanks four yore comments.

Hmmm. Methinks Darren has issues. (and coming from me, that says something)

That having been said, I have other points to bring up:
1. Mot, you promiscous person, you! How many blogchicks have you proposed to besides me? Oh well, at least I was one of the first.
2. Dave rules. End of story.
3. There is no three.
4. Would somebody please text me a flexeril or something? I'd even consider a massage from a snake if it meant getting a massage.
5. Getting the patient detoxing from everything is NOT something I ever want to do again. No ifs, ands, or buts.

"opposites, in reverse"

Oh, never mind...

This is a French letter for Ameri, but anyone can read it.

Durant mon dernier visit á Paris jai deponsair du tant du Louvre je nest lais pa impressionnais jai compris que la place que faux visitais c’est le Musée d’Orsay quesque vous pensé.

*smack* @ Hammie!

ju nose whut I meants's!

Thank you, Ma'am. May I have another?


I just love these internet translation programs. They tend to be so accurate.

During my last visit á Paris jai to deponsair as well of Louvre I nest alluvium Pa impressed jai included/understood as the place than false visited it is the quesque Museum of Orsay you thought.

Looks like Darren was not just the writer of the missive, but also the programmer of the translation program.

It looks like I'm going to have a tender Tancredo for quite a while.

I think that it would help if you are going to try to write in a foreign language, you should know how to spell, conjugate, and puntuate. That goes for French, too, Darren.

C'mon Tancredo! Admit it! That's you, isn't it??!


I am apoplectic after reading the content of your link! Honestly, I cringe at the lack of English skills manifest on a daily basis because I do love the language. It is not that I would hold myself up as an authority but I think anyone who does not use an adverb occassionaly should be flogged.

Is that extreme?

OK, I do walk around work/home adding the -ly as needed.

OT---is anyone else paranoid enough to think the autobot is randomly calling them nasty names?

Oh, and if anyone can arrange any tongue lashings administered by Zooey Deschanel or Danica Patrick, sign me up.

but that obviously wasn't Darren's missive, because it was missing all the superfluous punctuation. Dang close, though...

Darren - Kiss my Tancredo!

Nooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition....

*sends some ointment for Hammie's ailin' Trancredo*

*grabs that extra 'r' before Hammie starts rubbing it in*

Miami actually does have one of the largest Ski Clubs.

so... Go Bears!!!

Morgana, I hereby offer you a membership in The Self-Appointed Guardians of the English Language Club, based solely on your excellent use of the word "apoplectic". The rest is not extreme; it is icing on the cake. Bravo!

Whats punctuation


On behalf of my family, who are all French citizens, we're so relieved that you found your way home.

Don't go back any time soon, 'k?

Thanks bunches and bunches!

(Geez! Imagining the accent that goes with it is causing my ears to bleed!)

Don't mess with Tancredo's butt boy.

Dear Lunatic Darren,

We Defenders of Dave misinformed Bloglits would just like to kick your weenie ass thank you for proving what a troglidite you are setting us straight.

I, for one, have much bazoombage that you will NEVER see am shocked that Dave has been entertaining deceiving us all this time!

Perhaps you should take a shower with a toaster let The Daily Show have an opportunity to skewer you know about this farce situation. Afterall, that's where all of us amazing people that you could never even hope to associate with get our news.

F@$k Thank you for reminding us how smart we are bringing this to our attention. Dave will be drenched in honey and licked by Miami Heat cheerleaders punished as soon as possible. Perhaps many times.

Beppie - you're not alone. It asked me fkyrwz (Ham or meanie had to tell me what my wz was)


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