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January 24, 2007


We've been on airplanes with children like this.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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I always knew children had evil powers!

Screaming hat trick?

one plane ride with a screaming brat (about 7 years old and old enough to know better)was what lead to my decision to never, ever, procreate. parents were too busy getting drinks to bother shutting the kid up. i understand the chickens dying in a last act of self defense.

wonders why this won't work with rats, roaches, snakes or squirrels.

"Can you hear me, crow?"

but wicked, clearly the dog started it

In Amerika, instead of China:

The boy's father was ordered to pay $230 in compensation to the owner of the chickens. The owner of the dog was ordered to pay $340000000000000 in punitive damages to the boy's father for causing emotional trauma.

I need this kid to come help me with my rodent problem.

reminds me of a recent story where a screeching kid and the parents that couldn't control her were asked to leave a plane.

*envisions a chicken stampede*

*dies laughing*

*someone make the father pay my estate for that, please*


Visions of "Chicken Run."

(I didn't think chickens could --technically--"trample" anything.)

something like this happened once to me when i let loose a "force ten pants buster" in a crowded restaurant only it was debutantes, not chickens. SO embarrassing.

and yes, i do mean that a barking dog made me fart.

Were the chickens waiting in line to get into a rock concert?

Slyeyes: Chicken stampede is probably like the 800 baby goats I watched stampede last summer. ROTFLH.

We were at a friends farm, and the kids had some fireworks. Apparently, they wer all female goats, because they were not interested, amused or impressed by the show.

Absolutely one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Siouxie, wish I could post links, but I don't know how. Was that the story from this morning where the screaming kid refused to wear a seatbelt and stay in her seat, so the plane couldn't take off? They decided to boot the family off the plane so that it wouldn't incovenience the other 200 passengers. The family was refunded their ticket prices, got to fly out free the next day, AND were given a set of free tix for their next trip. The dad is furious. Personally, I think the airline was too nice to them, and the dad should be taken behind the terminal and smacked around a little.

I can act all holier-than-thou becuase my kids have never technically killed any critters from screaming. They just make the surrounding life forms *wish* they were dead.

Wow, I posted twice in a row without the evil bot making type in the secret satanic code! *feels special*

I mean making "me" type the secret code. And now its four times. (lights figurative cigarette)

artchick, yes. That was it. They gave the family 15 mins to get the brat seated and strapped. They were on the our local news this morning all pissed off about it. I believe they've even refused the free tickets. I'd volunteer to smack 'em too. If you can't control your kid, don't fly.


Hey, this could be the new "Is it Live, or is it Memorex" commercial.

I'd volunteer to smack 'em too. If you can't control your kid, don't fly leave home. Ever.

Artchick, here's a link to one variation on the plane story.

Whenever I'm on a plane with kids (including my own, although mine have always been good travellers in that they sleep the whole time) I can't help but think about Dave's "prairie dogs from hell".

*ignore the extra 'the' up there*

i think that everyone on the plane should get to smack each of the parents once. maybe mommy and daddy would learn to control their screaming brats. of course, i'm prejudiced. i can't tolerate screaming, whining children. under the age of 2, i can sympathize. but once they are old enough to understand basic English commands like, "Shut the f&ck up"!, it's time for discipline, and i don't mean time outs. as my dear mother used to ask me; "do you want me to give you something to cry about". trust me, i learned after the first session.

Thanks, Neil!


"The Flying Kuleszas" wbagnfa trapeze troupe.

Thanks, Neil, that's it!

i'm holding the father to his statement that he would never fly AirTran again. that is how i get down to Ft. Myers every winter, and i never want to meet up with that family unless the child has been euthanized, sorry, tranquilized.

"and yes, i do mean that a barking dog made me fart."
Mud, I think you hit the nail on the head. The story says they were delivering bottles of gas.

let me get this right....if my kids are screaming and unruly on a plane i'll get my plane fare reimbursed plus additional round trip tickets?! hot damn!

wonders why the airline didn't give them round trip tickets on another airline...

Snorkin hard at Wicked!

Speaking of stupid kids and flying,....


reminds me of a recent story where a screeching kid and the parents that couldn't control her were asked to leave a plane.

Posted by: Siouxie | 02:30 PM on January 24, 2007

Sounds entirely appropriate to me.

Oh wait...the plane was still on the ground?

Never mind.

Ford, asking them to deplane while 30,000 ft off the ground would have been my preference. Good thing I'm not a flight attendant. ;-)

Deplane, kid, deplane!!

here's a brief glimpse from the other side: when my kids were little they were very well behaved (because i whupped them, yes, different story) i often traveled with them, and never worried about them crying, screaming, running around the plane, etc. (their mother is also a different story)and when i did, i invariably received numerous withering stares from singles and dinks on the plane like i had just pooped on the floor or something, because i had kids in tow. no fair - give a dude a chance. some of us raise our kids right.

Bravo, mud. Big fan of the whupping when necessary.

Time out may work for some, but my kids know when I open the can of whoopa$$! And they know I am not afraid to do it.

lol tatoo!

mud, I never worried about mine either and I had no need to whup 'em...much. they knew when to behave and I also know how to control them and keep them entertained. I could take them anywhere.

know = knew

NOW they sorta control me...teenagers!

*takes a gumball*

Space 'em*

*Void where prohibited by law.

Sioux - That's the great thing, once or twice is enough to establish the threat a mutual understanding.

Just the fact that the child felt free to refuse the seatbelt says something about the parents.

To be fair to little children, they sometimes cry on planes because thir ears hurt. We alway gave them a bottle (when tiny) or gum to chew (when bigger) on take-off and landing to prevent that. We never had any fuss with our kids on planes. We also always purchased the extra seat, even before it was mandatory, just so we and they had a little extra room to wiggle. That and a bag of small toys was enough...

Link thing for gadfly

Thanx Davethered, someday i'll get a handle on that

in defense of moms and kids everywhere....who knows what kind of trip these people have been having. kids are notorious for getting sick when vacationing, are off schedule and out of routine, that one was in the midst of the terrible twos, probably overtired, over stimulated, quite possibly afraid of flying and harnassed with parents who are afraid to be "harsh" in public. that said, twas me, i would have gratefully slunk off the plane, apologizing all the while, and regrouped. but maybe that wasn't possible. we just don't know what was going on except kids and planes are a sucky combination. even happy kids on a flight into orlando can leave travelers eager to maim them.

And this is why I don't take my kids anywhere unless I'm driving. Who the heck wants to drag a brat around when on vacation?

Just jivin' y'all, I've got two very well behaved munchkins.

Kid must have had a heck of a set of lungs!

Some years ago I was flying from San Francisco to Vancouver. My assigned seat was on the isle next to a woman traveling with her infant and a (probably) two year old. I took one look, rang for the stweardess and asked to be moved. The woman said she didn't blame me.

I think I got more annoyed that the father was outraged, after all, he got treated very well by the airline to make up for being kicked off the plane. No matter what the reason was for the kid's behavior, the fact remains that they were inconveniencing 112 other people by delaying the flight.

Personally, AirTran is now my all-time favorite airline. I've never flown on it, but it will certainly be my first choice next time I do fly. Right on, AirTran. And "booger" to the parents - AND to the kid. 4 years old, should be old enough to get a grip.

When I was travelling on planes A LOT with my 2 little kids (3 and 1), I was always petrified that I would be "The Woman with the Screaming Baby." I took GREAT lengths to avoid that scenario - a cooler full of juice and snacks, crayons, paper, games, favorite blankie - I looked like a Nomad with a stroller. In return, I always had grateful flight attendants and appreciative fellow passengers. Now that mine are teenagers and zombiefied by Ipods, I make it a point to locate the screaming baby (you know there has to be one) and help out the harried mother by walking it around the plane a couple of times while she uses the restroom. I have great compassion for those with infants up to age five - but not obnoxious 7-year-olds, who are certainly old enough to amuse themselves with Nintendo.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To file a harassment complaint against the screaming kid.

big fan of preflight benadryl myself.

Guin & mud & cg -looks like we all have similar approaches to air travel with kids - the key to having a smooth trip seems to be preparation. Doesn't guarantee, but helps a lot.

My kids are 13 and 8 now, but I still pack plenty of goodies for in-flight entertainment-now its Game Boys and books rather than crayons and coloring books, but it still works, and my kids have always been good travellers. My kids have also always known that when you are in a vehicle, you have your seat belt on, period, so I can't imagine this situation coming up no matter if they were ill or tired or anything.

& artchick - among the "in the know." And I agree about seatbelts, as I commented above. That was the only "spanking offense" in our household (climbing out of you carseat.) By the time they were out of carseats it was a given. I can remember starting the car rolling in the driveway, and hearing a panicky "wait mommy, I'm not buckled yet!"

and OT -
A villager was quoted as saying the little boy bent over the henhouse window, screaming for a long time, after being scared by the dog.
why was this child left screaming/crying for long enough for all of the birds to die??? That had to be a looonng time. His parents should have to pay.
Back OffT

maybe the dog was trying to make him use a seatbelt....

crossgirl - Gotta be careful with the benadryl. My first flight wwith my ADHD son was when he was 18 mos. Consulting my Mom friends and they agreed with you.

Unfortunately, I had never given him benadryl, but I loaded his bottle and gave it to him during take off. The benadryl had quite the opposite effect on him, and he was climbing the walls for the entire trip.

I agree with the blogettes. Being a good parent is like being a good boy scout; Be prepared.

I agree that it seems like the airlines was more than fair to the people. Seems wierd that the parents are complaining. I'd be too embarrassed.

I wholeheartedly agree with you ladies. I've always made sure I had plenty of snacks (almost typed snakes), games, books, etc. for my girls to be occupied during our trips. IF mine had behaved like that, I'd be the one volunteering to get OFF the plane.

you should all know that a classic adverse reaction to benadryl is "paradoxical excitation" i.e. although in most it causes drowsiness, somtimes it causes irritabiity and agitation. This is more common and pronounced in children. I knew this academically but found out up front and personal with my ADD child. My advice: with benadryl, test first.

mm is right. Use scotch instead.

The parents are raising he!! with the airline to distract from their own lack of parenting skills. Rule #1 with parents like that - it's always someone else's fault. And their kids learn that rule quickly.

KFC will be out of business...

My son began traveling by air before his first birthday and continued to do so several times a year. Thus, he was a well seasoned and well behaved traveller.

Until he was about four years old. Near the end of a cross country flight, as the plane descended throught the cloud layer revealing the ground several thousand feet below, he began crying hysterically and banging on the window.

Alarmed by his strange and sudden behavior, I asked him what was wrong.

He explained, "We're up in the sky! WE'RE UP IN THE SKY!!!!!!!"

*snork* @ JuniorBoss. An airplane, until you have that realization, is just a noisy, crowded bus to a kid.

I travelled cross country with my then-13-month old to surprise my Mom for her birthday last year. A little drop of Benadryl in the bottle did work wonders, and she mostly slept on my lap the whole trip.

Major *SNORK* at AlanBoss! That would have definitely been an "America's Funniest Home Videos" moment!

And in regard to the kid on the plane - the child wasn't just "crying" - the article said she was crawling under the seats and hitting her parents. The couple obviously have a future Paris Hilton on their hands if they don't do something now!

That's just but normal to kids to play around... :)

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