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January 28, 2007


(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr)


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You don't have your's in the freezer?

I still have my daughter's little belly button thingy. Somewhere. Unless the dog got to it.

I never cease to be amazed what one can purchase on Ebay.

Ewwwwwwwwww, why didn't she just burn or bury it. In the freezer, uggggg!

DId I mention how unsanitary it is to store an inflamed, bacteria-filled organ next to your ground beef?

It's okay Edgar. She stores the ground beef in her underwear drawer.

And inflamed, bacteria-filled organ WBAGNF Paris Hilton.

*snork* @ fivver..............you're
on today

Impossible. The one I bought on Eb@y about eight months ago came with a certificate of authenticity signed by Lindsay herself.

fivver, how can you be so funny this early on a sunday? Also, I couldn't see the article-what was she keeping in there? Her brain?

artchick - she's keeping her appendix in her freezer out of paranoia that it would end up being sold on Eb@y. Her brain is still yet to be found.

I have my kids' baby teeth hidden in a drawer. Right next to the ground beef and thongs. I will start the bidding at $5.


OT alert
sorry to repost from another thread, but everyone seems to have moved here..

QQ: I was playing with Yahoo 360 and came up with 3 Dave Barry groups: barry_dave, dave-barry, and DaveBarryAppreciationGroup. Is one of these groups us?


Attention Bloglits! - see the link to Dave's column "Hi, Super visitors: Don't think were weird" in the left (<=== this way) column. Dave is taking comments on that column, and there's a link on the column page indicating his intent to live blog the Super Bowl!

Be Ready!

When half-eaten sandwiches of celebrities are sold on e-Bay, I can understand her paranoia. But not to the extent of keeping it in the freezer.

and OnT
I kept my tonsils when I was a little kid. The surgeon thoughtfully put them into a jar with formaldehyde. They were impressively huge, and after that my Mom apologized for yelling at me before when I choked. I guess she thought I was faking or something... After a while we buried them.

mm - Do you mean to tell me that Dave is cheating on us? I feel so cheap and used. ;)

Its okay Med, we're still his favorites.

Hopefully, during the live Super Bowl blogging, we can talk about the up-coming baseball season

OK, I found it on a link under the picture, I think, I couldn't find what you were describing, MtB.

Baseball! Go, Yankees! All the way this year, please.

I just thought that if one of those groups was us, it would be a nice group to join..I was hopin' anyway...

mm - under the heading at the left "Dave Barry's Columns" is a link to the column "Hi, Super visitors....". On the page that this link takes you to is the column that Dave had posted about Miami and the Super Bowl and Tom Tancredo. At the bottom of the column is a box for posting comments on the column.

Med-If you click the "live-blogging" link, it comes back to here.

Yeah, I guess the Superbowl parties I was invited to are out. Gotta blog.

Even more OT

The Computer Geezers were discussing punch cards, old systems, yada yada yada.

I got War Games for my kids and I. Amazing blast from the past. My middle schooler was appalled at the size of the computers and graphics, what graphics?

Even with a case of malaria I can see this girl is just one step away from taking a long walk off a short pier. What happened to that girl from the parent trap?

Sick, sick, this is sick I tell you. If a body-part has been removed from your body, there was a f$£&*1g good reason for it (unless it was the kidney thieves). To still be emotionally attached to something that is no longer fulfilling its designed for function is just plain pathetic. Would she notice if the removed her brain?

FAW - you are suffering from malaria?

*Passes out the gumballs and stone crab claws*

Ya, took last dose of med's this evening. As Mot can verify it's not too bad if you catch it early enough.

You should drink more Gin 'n Tonics FAW. The Quinine in the tonic is a great treatment for malaria.

The malaria belt starts about 150 miles to the North East of Johannesburg so we tend to be pretty aware of the danger.

so I guess chloroquine is in everyone's medicine chest?

Thanks for the tip. Would be great if we were not a dry provence. Payaya leaf tea is used as Preventative here. Nasty stuff. At least I didnt need to take fansadar.

that stuff's rough, hard on the liver, kidney, nervous and hematopoietic systems


I have to share my joy with my pals. About a year ago, my then fiance decided to gut my living room and remove a load bearing wall. Luckily, he did a really good job with reinforcing said wall. Unfortunately, he then decided to move out of my house and into the house of his new girlfriend. Since then, I have lived in a terrible mess. FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY, some very good friends have now decided to pitch in and help. We worked a little last night and today I get to go pick up supplies and light fixtures. We will be working only about 8-10 hours every other week due to their work schedules, but slowly but surely, I will finally have the home of my dreams. I'm so freaking happy, I'm on cloud 9! I get to go pick out light fixtures!!!! Weeeeeee! I'm so dang happy and excited, you guys just can't imagine the hell my kids have had to live in for the past year and by the end of March, they will have a home they will be proud of!

Also, I still need a recipe for cooking a very large venison shank......anyone got recommendations? Too big for the slow cooker....

Sorry for the off topic rave, I'm just so happy! I've called everyone I know this morning and since I can't call y'all, you'll just have to share my joy via blog!

Yayyy casey! I do know how you (used to) feel. Thank your friends for the blog.

Way ta go Casey, never heard a girl of the female persuasion getting so excited about light fixtures. *Fears there might be a fetish lurking in the background there.*

Mot - in the female mind Light fixtures=Progress

I didn't realize it would fit in a Thrifty ice cream cup (see pic).

Casey - Not my recipes, but these look good:



Congrats on the remodel. How very frustrating for you and the kids. Let us know how the venison turns out. Yummy!

I have my wisdom teeth in a jar somewhere around here. I was going to have them mounted in a necklace, just like those surfer dudes who have shark-teeth necklaces.

Venison: chuck it in the oven with some carrots, taters and fungus and let it roast for a few hours. Pour on whatever liquid sounds good: beer, wine, beef broth, ...

Venison simmered all day with beer, onions, mushrooms, and italian seasoning makes for some AWESOME hoagies. I need to make friends with someone local who hunts. I haven't had venison in more than three years. :( I moved too far from my midwest and east coast suppliers.


1) set fire to ex
2) roast venison over open flame
3)pour lots of salt into open wounds onto meat

L. Lohan ditzy
There in the space that she keeps in a jar in the freeze
Next to the peas

Frozen appendix
Power went out in the night and the organ got thawed
Isn't she odd?

Oh, L. Lohan, ditzy
Where does she get it from?
Oh, L. Lohan, ditzy
Where does she get it from?

OT alert -
Because UofP's New Bolton Center is very close our local paper continues to cover Barbaro's (the Kentuchy Derby winner who broke his leg in the Preakness) struggle essentially, to live. A large portion of his left hoof had to be removed due to laminitis developed from the additional stress to that side as the horse distributed his weight unevenly after the break. Now they have just drained a large abscess and attached an external fixation device to his right foot, to treat and keep him comfortable. He's bright-eyed and eating. But.
Just an update for all you animal/sports lovers out there..
end OT

I like the way you think, Jazzzz

Jazzzz, you do have a way with words. I don't have an ex, but if I did, I bet I would have snorked at that one.
*snork honorable mention for Jazzzz*

way to drive ms. lohan crazy: suggest that there is a market for celebrity poo.

*snork* @ insom, too.

Insom - Great idea! We can make a fortune marketing a diamond studded, poo harness/catcher for Twitney, HOltin, and BLohan.

Maybe she's saving it for a nice stroganoff?

That's offal.

Med - that would only work if you made itty bitty ones that match for their dogs chihuahuas rats, too

do you poop on a beer diet?

*snork/barf* @ Stevie for the Thrifty cup comment at 11:44.

Casey's got her own Extreme Makeover! That would make a good show - people swooping in to help people whose lives/hearts/homes have been wrecked by evil exes.

Can't wait to hear Dave's comments on the Super Bowl marriage-proposal commercial.

Lindsey may be just a little bit mad
Her appendix in the freezer—Egad!
She hid it away
Didn’t sell on Ebay
If it quacks, she just might wish she had.

JD - I have some serious envy for you getting to go see Dave. We are talking some major jealousy, here. And you have a talent with rhymes, too. I think I have to go to sleep before I start turning green. (That would have to wait for March, anyway.)

Ty, aw

...that name, that name...

All around the Dave Barry blog
A squirrel chased its neighbor
The snakes they led to so many puns
Ted Habte-Gabr

Have you noticed that ever since Just Ducky saw Dave, she's been kickin' out hilarious jingles? What is he, the Comic Prophet or something?-"You shall awaken now- go forth and spread funny throughout the land."

NT, maybe Dave will come visit Las Vegas! And thanks for the kind words, but don't turn green--it will clash with your pretty hair.

Gee, thanks, Annie! Maybe I'm CHANNELING Dave! Or maybe I inhaled humor residue while in the theater.

No, it can't be that--I DIDN'T inhale.

" *snork/barf* @ Stevie "

---a frequent reaction I get from women. The story of my life.

It's a day fore evil pomes!

casey!!! As a woman of the female persuasion I can totally relate to your excitement. If I left the remodeling to Mr Poo (who is an awesomely wonderful man in every other respect), we would have our TV on cinderblocks and no toilet in a half-finished bathroom. And curtains???? Pah-leeeeze! And as far as light fixtures - men think lightbulbs ARE light fixtures!


I don't know. I think there's probably someone wacked out enough to try to sell Lindsey's appendix on e-bay and probably a few people weird enough to buy it.

On the other hand, keeping it in the freezer is just plain gross. She really should bury it.

Did you notice the disclaimer on that web site? They were saying something about that they print rumors, so this might not even be true.

It's kind of sad about Lindsey. She was such a cute kid on the Parent Trap, not she's an alcoholic, etc. Where are her parents?

Thank you so much! Done buying fixtures & other supplies. I'm so happy!

Gonna put the venison in the oven, will text y'all some when done!

Luv ya, mean it!

Kristina - didn't LL just enter rehab? I'm pretty sure most of her organs are pickled.

Mot the Hoople, she didn't get exited about installing light fixtures, she got excited about shopping for light fixture, which is perfectly normal for a woman, which is to say it is completely weird.

That must be it Edgar, women just go plumb crazy at the thought of shopping. Doesn't matter what they're shopping for it's the shopping that counts.


Kristina - You answered your own question. LL's parents are trapped.

C'mon Sly, just try to deny it.

Well, hate to admit it, but I have an internet shopping addiction. I have crap stuff still in the box. Sad, but true. I DID NOT but LL's appendix, just a dirty thong.

Mot and Edgar - I will look you in the eye and deny it all day. I HATE shopping. Too many people, cars, choices, and money. Ick!

I make my list. Go to store. Gather items. Pay and leave as quickly as possible. Get me outta here.

BTW people, what is it with the American public, aided by the media, that they elevate mediocrity to celebrity status. Some of these kids couldn't act their way out of a wet paper bag yet their every move is documented and discussed ad nauseam. But I guess where there's a msrket there'll be a supplier.

Ooh! Med, marry me!!! You've just described my shopping trips precisely.

I love shopping, but I'd love not staring at an unfinished house even more. Especially one ripped apart by an ex - get the symbolism, oinky guys?

I resemble that remark, Annie!! *roots for truffles*

I don't like shopping for the sake of shopping. I will admit enjoying hunting and gathering forays for (1) shoes (2) purses and I like grocery shopping at Trader Joes.

Anything other than that, especially around Christmas time, UGH!

Oh. I do like browsing in Scuba shops.

Good job, Annie. I say we form a posse and hunt him down like a dog. Let's put Blurk on that.

And shopping has always been excruciatingly painful. My Mother is the kind that can't make a decision to save her life and has to look at EVERY SINGLE ITEM IN THE STORE just to be sure she didn't miss a "deal" or is making a mistake. Accckkkk! My kids have already figured out that shopping with Nanny is to be avoided.

Kinda put a bad taste in my mouth for shopping from the git go.

I try to avoid shopping as much as possible. When I walk into a dept. store I go into a trance--the colors, the textures, the SHOES! By the time I get back to the car, I'm loaded down with stuff I don't remember buying.

It's a no-win situation.

I rest my case

Mot-The first step is admitting the problem

Med - I was thinking that, too - Maybe hire Dawg to find the ex,then have cameras rolling as they show him what he missed out on.

I used to really like to shop and get a bargain. Then I visited my parents' house, after being away for a while. Every closet, every dresser, every nook in that house was filled with 'sale' items - clothes, many with the tags still on them. tons of bottles of moisturizer, endless knickknacks. That cured me right there.*shudder*

Jazzz - no you don't resemble that remark. Although you're not chauvinist, I've heard that you do put women to sleep. ;)

I will admit that I do like to garage sale. I find old furniture to rehabilitate. I furnished my house after my divorce for $300, some elbow grease, imagination and paint.

I like the "rescue" then Creating something that my friends think I paid through the nose for. And my "stuff" has character and a past, not the same old Pottery Barn look (NTTAWTT).

*pulls down a T, throws up a W*

Annie-I'm not there quite yet, but I've seen that happen. I'm planning a garage sale this year.


I'm the same way in a store, except I don't buy anything and leave wondering why I went.

I've discovered an exciting alternative...catalog shopping. It works great for everything but shoes. It's hard to tell if shoes are comfortable just by looking at them.

I ordered a pair of really hot boots (knee high, red) that I adore, but they are too hot for Miami and fill up my suitcase when I travel. I haven't gotten to wear them yet (sob), but I'm hopeful it may be cold enough tomorrow (temp is supposed to be low 52/high 68). We'll see.

Last year, when we had to move my mother from her house to a retirement center, Mr. Ducky and I were solely responsible for getting her house ready to sell, selling it, and having the estate sale for all the stuff that wouldn't begin to fit in her new little apartment. My mother has never been a packrat, but even so, the sheer number of THINGS to sort through and sell was overwhelming. At that point I decided to be MUCH more discriminating about the stuff I brought into my own home, and to go through all my crap possessions and get rid of as much as possible.

Annie, I even listen to golf on the radio. That puts most mammals and some plants to sleep. We also have a "no knick-Knack" law. So, what does EVERYONE give you for Christmas / birthday etc? yup

daisy-I hope you get to wear your boots, I mean that's part of the payoff for cold weather in Florida!

I've gotten a lot better about telling myself I don't need something--but I have to consciously resist. I also buy gifts for people and put it aside for their birthdays and stuff.

Ducky-Shopping's evil cousin is sentimental clothing kept in closets. One of my New Year's resolutions is closet cleaning.

Jazzz - I was referring to your job as an anesthesiologist. And I hate knick-knacks, too.

And on that note, LBFF, I have to go do some cleaning. I put the oven on Auto-clean awhile ago to make myself feel productive, but I gotta do something about the dog hair.

Save a blogarita for me. L8r.

Oooh, Lisa, you are so right! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on one's perspective), the lightning that hit our house in 1989 and caught it on fire pretty much took care of any/all keepsake clothing, at least up to that point. Baby clothes, special dresses...all gone.

I do confess to having a box of sentimental clothing items for each of my kids.

I know Annie, I was stabbing at humor. *re-reads Dave's first 20 books AGAIN*

Bye, Med! Happy vacuuming!

Bye Med, we'll keep one cold for ya.

Ducky-Hmmm, fire, I may have to resort to that option. (Just kidding, don't mean to make light of what I'm sure was a traumatic experience.) But sometimes I have to get tough with myself.

Lisa, I can't tell you how many of my friends(?) have said they almost wish for the same thing!

Jazzzz, put that sharp knife down before you hurt yourself! ;-)

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