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January 24, 2007



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First to say Thank goodness!

about friggin' time too!

Although- there's gotta be something about "out of the frying pan and into the fire" about subbing Paris Hilton for Britney.

a ddd sammich ;-)

makes my day!

elegant celebrities shop at/for trashy lingerie?

She was runner up to Princess Mary of Denmark beating Hollywood stars Cate Blanchette and Kate Winslett.

Sincere apologies to Denmark for having Princess Mary mentioned in the same article as the trailer trash twat.

Can we go back to cutting off peni and farts?

Mine too, Siouxie! It has been too long!

The Superbowl committee has standards. yep.

Yep, farts make MUCH more pleasant conversation than Tw@tney.
*hoping she gets underwear than actually COVERS the aforememtioned undercarriage*

"last week Britney was surprisingly voted the second most elegant celebrity by readers of glossy magazine Hello." I take it none, and I mean none, of the bloggers are closet readers of said glossy magazine.

then a simul with crossgirl! starting to be a better day ;-)

Throws underwear air filter in her general direction. Not necessarily for farts.

"However, last week Britney was surprisingly voted the second most elegant celebrity by readers of glossy magazine Hello." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's just because whenever she gets out of a car, everyone goes: "HELLO!"

LBFF - I thought people went: "ACK!!!"

Mot, NO!!! and nice bumpin' into ya too ;-)

The newsworthy "bits" in this article is that Twitney has a friend. Who knew? Oh, wait, she was just there because Twitney promised to buy her. Buy her whatever she wants, I mean.

*hoping she gets underwear than actually COVERS the aforememtioned undercarriage*

Posted by: Nurse Tammy | 11:00 AM on January 24, 2007

Nurse Tammy I think for that she'd need a three room tent from a sporting goods store.

Perhaps, fivver. But I can hope, can't I?

What does it say about me that I can't decide which is more odious: shopping for car insurance or reading about Tw@tney? Or that I am, in fact doing both simultaneously?

Tammy-They say that too!

...voted the second most elegant celebrity by readers of glossy magazine Hello
I am wondering if the "readers" of the glossy magazine even know the definition of the word elegant. Maybe they were confused with the word elephant, and thought that only Rosie could be more elephant than the ever-pregnant Tw@tney.

I dunno. I never thought underwear could be trashy. The wearers thereof maybe, but the garments themselves? Trashy is a trashy does.

*Sends a trashy "s" up there*

Baron, As the great Albert Einstein said "It's all relative". Of course that's what they say at weddings in the deep South as well.

That store is in West Hollywood and I walked by it a few weeks ago. If what I saw in the window is any indication, her ladybits won't be all that covered up. But they will be surrounded by fur and fringe!

Mot, isn't Johannesburg fairly deep South?

Fur and fringe? like a chinchilla with a hatchet wound?

BRAIN BLEACH! Bleh!Bleh!Bleh!

Ham - master of the understatement...

Suzy Q - Just the type of store I want to take my kids to.

How do Mommy's boobies look in this?

Does this make Mommy's butt look big?

LOL @ " ... with a hatchet wound ..."

Way, way South. I'm not excluding SA, and we don't get twisters here to help keep the trailer park numbers down either.

Fur and fringe?

We're gonna need more wax!

*massive coffee snork @ gadfly!*

Ham - that was said only with the deepest of awe...(thought it might have sounded b!tchy)

Just visited that store's website. Wowza! Those ladybits are not going to be covered, they'll be offered up for display. *shudder*

What's wrong with fur 'n fringe? Don't tell me we're losing our kinkyness.

Ya know, I've been training my replacement here at work today, and haven't been able to post....but after reading about the iguana erection, fart panties and Brits twat coverings, the only thing I have to say is - "Back to work!"

No, Mot, we're not losing our kink. Some of us prefer to keep it to ourselves, not parade it around like a trailer trash Ho.

You said it best, trashy is as trashy does.

BTW - What is Mot the Hoople? Pardon me if my ignorance is hanging out. But my "bits" are covered for your protection.

C'mon Punkin who you trying to kid, you're an incurable addict to the blog, just like the rest of us.

fur and fringe

To quote James Bond, "as long as the cuffs and collar match."

No problem, mm.

fivver - The trailer park version is similar; curtains and rug.

Mott the Hoople were a '70's rock band who played a kind of hard driving R & B. They had a small but discerning following. I dropped the extra "t".

Med - google "Mott the Hoople" (with the second t), and you'll know.

If you're truly a geezer, your memory should be triggered a bit.

As if Miss Brit needed any help in the "Trashy" department!

Apparently, "elegant" has a new definition. I wonder just what that Princess from Denmark has done that could possibly be more elegant than Britney Spears?

Mot, did they "never get off" or "never get enough" of that revolution stuff?

always wondered

Curtains? In a trailer? You must be talking about them there high-falootin' double-wide rich folk. Bedsheets are just fine for us workin' folk.

Gad - I always thought it was "never got off".

Oh, and have an "L".

Mot, I agree with Meditrina. My kink is fully intact. It is not for public (pubic? ) display. ;)

Meanie and Mot - Nope. Don't know them.

Although I remember the 70's, mostly highlights, I am only an honorary geezer. My geezer mentality is there, and the bod is catching up!

But someone has to drive the bus and serve the adult beverages.

Are there any occupants of the geek couch? I'd like to do a survey to determine why the bloggers attracted to this blog universally dislike Twatney & Paris and whomsoever they happen to be dating/screwing, Marry Banilow, airheads, politicians and Darwin awardees. Maybe it's something to do with standards, grey matter or merely insanity.

LOL gadfly!

Although I think it Twatney's case it's more like linoleum & tire tracks.

*bleaches own brain after that thought*

Monster Snork @ the hatchet wound.... especially when Aunt Flow comes for her visit.

*brain bleach has dulled my taste nerves*

Well said, NT. Our sisterhood is showing again. Quick, cover it!

One of my favorite lines:
What's the difference between kinky and perverse?
Kinky is when you use a feather.
Perverse is when you use the whole chicken.

I like the fun of ripping on them but, like probably every other male here, given the chance, ......well,....just saying

Baron, I would normally LOVE a psychic simul but in this case...not so much.

ewww eww ewww!!

I think we are just a sarcastic bunch that appreciates the humor associated with ripping on the absurd.

*snork* @ Ham, yet Again!

Mot, the answer from the geek couch is "42". Enjoy!

*Tries to ring Med's 70's Geezer Bell.*

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww. banish Aunt Flow this minute. My idea of kinky is springbok skin briefs. Turns the SA ladies into a sexual frenzy. :) *opens the creaky trailer door*

OMG, ISIANMTU: All the Young Dudes on the radio in my office, RIGHT NOW!

Yes, Nurse Tammy, but what is the question?

Sorry Siouxie... If I didn't go there someone else's sick mind would have... or maybe not.

ooooooooooooooh baron! bad man, bad man!!! blech,blech,blech.

Sorry, I ran out of brain bleach, and that stain just leaked out.

Aunt Flo and the clots. WBAGNF..nevermind

Ding, ding, ding, ding. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back on the geezer bus in!

I always thought that was a Ray Davies/Kinks song. They have similar sounding voices.

ya'll are sick sick bunch! which is why I love ya's!!!

still...ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and ickkkkkkkky

No, Gadfy...

...that would be Aunt Flo and the Wounded Beavers.

on the kinkiness issue: the problem is that we have all seen the actual area under discussion and so can vividly imagine the results. With our own personal blog-kinkiness the imagination has to work much harder, and we still would never really know....

And Gadfy - Aunt Flo and the clots WBAGNF a frozen oosik rugby team.

You are a sick puppy. Is that your leg you are chewin' on?

Excellent reply Nurse Tammy:) If you need to know the question Hammond and eggs, then you just don't get it

*proudly displays Towel*
*jumps into Brain Bleach pool*

My faith is restored. Ticket, please.....

*snork* Baron!!!

"It is impossible for both the Ultimate Answer and the Ultimate Question to be known about in the same universe; if such a thing should come to pass, the universe would disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarrely inexplicable. This may have already happened."

*waves from geek sofa*

can we move on with topics? - you're giving me cramps...

Peejay, I have my own towel and my own Guide with Don't Panic written on it. Thankyouverymuch.

Slightly OT... but I have a towel on my filing cabinet by my desk in my cubicle at....... NASA. Proudly sits on the geek couch.

Oh, and by the way... I wish Tw@tney would generate an SEP ® © field and disappear from the public eye.

Meanie - you have a lifetime pass, so you don't have to carry a ticket!

For some reason, my brain doesn't catalog band, album, song names like other people do. However, being auditory and a musician, as soon as I hear the song, I know the lyrics and can sing the tune with perfect pitch. Weird.

So, does this mean I can't be the DJ on the bus?

Doncha mean pubic eye Baron?

Snork MOT... yep, that fits the gaping hole bill...

Meany-I hear the bell!!! That was a nice walk down memory lane.

Baron, is that the NASA squirrel association?

It is all making sense now. ;-)

Hey this is Dave Barry's blog, you can be anything you wanna be Med.

Sorry Hammond Rye. I'm sitting on the geezer couch trying to sort thru my old 78's to play on my turntable and I get kinda cranky when I can't find my Mott the Hoople live version from 62

Meanie, you were right

And my brother's back at home with his Beatles and his Stones We never got it off on that revolution stuff What a drag too many snags.


*notices geek sofa getting crowded*
*orders extra-long sectional*

I get the chaise!

Why Mot, thank you so much.

*grabs tiara*

Today, I am Queen Med, goddess of wine and health.

*Pours a nice SA Sauvignon Blanc for everyone*

Nope, Med... that's the Space Association, although I have eaten few squirrels in my day.

Come to think of it, I have eaten a few wounded beavers in my time too, but that's beside the point.

so now we need a geezerk bus?
*buys tickets*

Don't need a ticket, MM... I am the driver!

I'm definetly "on the bus"

I'm confused - are the geek sofas on the geek bus?

Me too!

I believe the geek sofa is in fact a Chesterfield, and is liable to materialize on the geek bus at any moment, thanks to eddys in the space-time continuum.

baron's a member of the red wing club?

just for the official blog record, i have not seen the parts that mm is referring to. i am pure. the rest of you however, are hopeless voyuers.

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