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January 26, 2007


(Thanks to jon harris)


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that's b-a-a-a-a-d.

FIRST! to make that bad joke!

.....New Zealanders had no reason to be embarrassed about their sheep population...

One shouldn't be embarrassed about their kids.

Tourists will be flocking in from as far away as West Virginia, & the Ozarks!

Hmmm....should I go for the hat trick, or leave well enough alone?

New Zealanders' love affair with sheep...



Cue pissed-off fundamentalists in 5.. 4.. 3...

The 15 to 1 ratio is to blame. It's just too easy

That's 15 sheep per person!

If you can't laid in New Zealand...

if ewe can't get laid in New Zealand?

"...enjoy dinner with a lamb..."

So now I have to wine-and-dine the livestock before I paint its butt orange and put a dress on it?

*menu at New Zealand McDonalds*

Big Mutton
Quarter Pounder Mutton with Mutton
Mutton McNuts

"I'll have a number 3 with a coke."
"Would you like to McMutton size that?"
"Sweet mercy, no!"

Chris, like you always say...whatever bloats your goat...um..or lamb in this case.

I have to tease my ex about this. Not at 8 AM on a Saturday, but I have to tease my ex.

And C-Bol, McDonald's may not have had a mutton burger but they did have a Kiwi Burger. It had a fried egg on it.

Half of me is tempted to wonder why mutton should even have McNuts, and the other half is thinking ewww.

*is not surprised to see c'bol on a sheep thread*

*is surprised that he was relatively well behaved* ;)

It wasn't me, I swear!!

Well, there was this one ram....

Um, never mind! Moving on, nothing to see here...

Congrats, jon - you're faster than me - I sent judi a mess 'o links, including this one!

just trying to keep you off balance, southerngirl.

And how many are wearing wellingtons facing cliffs?

Have they re-written the nursery rhyme:

Marty had a little lamb,
it's fleece was white as snow.
And everywhere that Marty came uh, arrived,
the lamb was there, you know.

Are there greeting cards for Lamb day?
"I just called to say, 'I love ewe'...."

Ewe are the sunshine of my life...

new k.y. jelly ...mint flavored!

insom - hysterical!
I just forwarded this article to our resident Kiwi, asking him if he is buying the lamb chops for the house on 15/2 (that's 2/15 for us Yanks.)

Always remember to practice safe sex -- put a mark on the sheep that kick.

Snorks at BillyJoeJimBob...Is it true what they say about what Aussies have taken to calling New Zealander sheep ships:? "Kiwi love boats!"

The Aussies have got nothin' to be smug about when it comes to sheep.

Ahhhh, New Zealand...where mem are men...and the sheep are nervous...

Ahhhh, New Zealand...where men are men...and the sheep are nervous...

My ex's response, from Wellington:

"I guess now it will be easier to buy velcro gloves."

G'day. I think you people in the EweSA are being very harsh on us kiwis. Haven't any of you ever thought, on a cold day, how nice it would be to get into something nice and warm and wooly? Anyway, You can get a better grip on a sheep's ear, You can sell a sheep when you're tired of it, Sheep don't shy away from boots and leather, A sheep won't care if you keep your fish bait in the refrigerator, Sheep grow their own fur coats and Sheep don't mind doing it in a pickup truck.

Did you hear that New Zealanders have recently found two new uses for sheep? Yep.... wool and meat!

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