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January 22, 2007


Somebody has to do it.

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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popular job

*First to buy tickets to Aussieland*

Why does this not surprise me, coming from Australia?

Love that "shut down the compeTITion" ethos, too.

Well, maybe not first, but on the way anyway.

And, WTG, CH! (The other CH, of course.)

*ceding first to Baron* - I don't really need it. The day I got five firsts is when the bot blocked me.

Getting paid to have sex with someone getting paid to have sex?!?!?! Isn't that prostitution for prostitution's sake?

It's funny - when I was in Sydney a few years back, I don't recall hearing anything about legal brothels. You'd think that they'd mention them, to stimulate tourists encourage tourism.

Actually, Baron, I'd expect that to result in a tesseract, or a black hole. Or maybe cause someone to travel back through time.

YAY Cheryl!

Were you looking into a trip down under????

The "eyes" had it.

Australian undercover cops: it's not their cover that gets blown.

*looks for copy of "A Wrinkle in Time"*
*gets comfy on the nerd corner sofa*

CH, you only get a black hole if you pay for one, or don't use protection.

What a fu@ked up story.

Thanks for the mental image, Baron. I think I'm gonna have to repossess that "First!"
*looks for emergency supply of brain bleach*

I've been enjoying those books again recently, CH and Tammy - my son loves fantasy books, so we've been reading the adventures of Meg and Charles Wallace together. :)

Holy crap Nurse Tammy, read that book and the others when I was like 12 years old and to this day, the books remain my favorites. Haven't re-read in years and years so I'm gone to order, right now!

Are we twins in a different life or what?

*makes room on sofa...*
I think I lost my copy. *sigh* But it's a great excuse to go to the library... ;)

Ford - Snorked so hard, I think I blew popped a staple on my hernia repair.

Tammy-That was one of my favorites too.

LOL Ford

Well, casey... *checks wyo's page for reference*... fraternal twins, maybe.
I have a lot of favorite books. Screw that, I had to change it to favorite authors a while ago. Covers more territory that way. I have it narrowed down to about 80 bazillion or so.

LOL Ford!!

Wrinkle in Time was one of my favs as a kid and became a fav of my own daughter. Classic!

*joins the ladies in the reading corner*

Siouxie, what was the proxy server you liked? I am not liking the ads for pr0n sites I'm getting with this one.

*Sigh* Can't wait for the good folks at TypePad to unban my IP address.

CH - my notion of having Judi let us kneecap the bot's controllers with Walter might not get you reinstated faster, but it would be *very* therapeutic. My word as a medical professional on it.

CH, this is the one I was using last. no ////'s


no p0rn ads

Wow! From Australian prostitution to Madeleine L'Engle books. I love this blog.

HA! I just ordered 5, count 'em FIVE L'Engle books! WEEEEEEE!!!

See ya'll in a couple weeks when I'm done reading!

*envies casey*

Hammie, would you really expect any less from us?

(the word tesseract really must have burned into my brain good - I don't think I've read that book in 15 years or so)

Hammie, we are very well rounded group.

Sorry for derailing the thread. I have a very short attention span and am easily diverted LOOK something shiny!

*throws an 'a' up there*

Tammy, same here. I've never heard the word since...till today. (Thanks CH!)

oh and Mr. Bot with the stoopid numbers??

kiss my tesserasssct!!!

It's ok, casey - as my fraternal twin in another life, I'm sure you'll lend me the books when you're done with them, so I forgive you.

I actually didn't mean to make a L'Engle reference; I was talking about the mathematical five-dimensional-cube construct known as a tesseract. But I'll take the L'Engle reference, too - great books.


I knew that.

awwwwwwwwwww mannnnnnnnnnn. i'm not too late to join the reading corner am i?! love, love, love a wrinkle in time. not so much the other, two, was it? i wore the words right out of that book.

*makes room for crossgirl on blog sofa*

I've been trying to talk my son into reading AWIT!! I just love you guys! Dave's bloggers are definately the smartest (and best looking) group around!

The absolute clearest explanation I've ever read of what a tesseract is was in Heinlein's quirky short story "And He Built a Crooked House..."

He described it as one cube with another suspended inside of it by the eight corners; once you have that image clearly in your mind, now envision all of the angles as right angles, and you have a tesseract, which contains a total of nine three-dimensional cubes. Trippy.

When I was in high school, instead of drugs, I would spend my lunch hour getting my mind around things like this for entertainment. I once got as far as a six-dimensional hypercube before my eyes rolled back in my head.

The nice thing about the nerd bus is the comfy leather seats and fawning personal service.

I don't want to know anything about how nerds have "personal service".

i'll stick with the drugs ch.

Surprisingly, I just found the text of that Heinlein short story online at SciFi.com, which makes me think that it's there legitimately. Worth a read, if only for the opening paragraphs, describing the locus of all of the world's insanity.

(Since this was written, sadly, before the creation of this blog, he was not aware of us.)

I spent my time trying to pour my drinks from a Klein Bottle. I got very wet and very thirsty.

*looks up Klein Bottle*
I spent my time at home nose deep in various novels. I am so dull.

We have the same thing here. It's called Congress ;>)

"It's funny - when I was in Sydney a few years back, I don't recall hearing anything about legal brothels."

CH: You must have missed the King's Cross district; it's not too far from downtown Sydney.

And DRAT...I own a private investigation firm and no-one ever tried to pay me to...err, well, apparently I failed to develop the correct business model...

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