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January 25, 2007


(Via Gizmodo, which also links to this)


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ahhh...there's nothing like a clean and fresh p*ssy.

I think my hubby just peed himself he laughed so hard. Poor kitty. *looks to see if cat is safe from husband*

oh and FIRST!!

aww.. poor kitty


aww.. poor kitty



my cat would have been out of there after the first 5 seconds, max. Pet Spa my @ss..

Off to shower and...well...ya know.

*waves to Mr. Tammy*

that simul was most enjoyable ;-)

poor lil pussy.


Correction Sooz, there's nothin' like a wet p*ssy.

As soon as the door was opened, my cat would come out of there and remove my liver.

My cat is declawed, and I still think I'd be bleeding.

Attention all units, turn to underground channels immediately for more information. The time is at hand, plans are accelerated. Repeat: Plans are accelerated.

Prepare for The Revolution!

Mot, that too.

I bet they got that idea from the "how to give a cat a bath" email that went around. But instead of a toilet, they call it a spa.


My husband actually flushed my cat once. It was not a proud day in my household. But my husband looks back on it fondly.

I think it's absolutely awful.

Poor thing trying to get out -- at least with a regular bath, the human is there trying to say soothing things in between yelling ouch.

-- Cat-owned AmerInParis (my cat is 17 -- I would NEVER do anything so awful to her).

Remember all: Dogs have masters, cats have staff.

Torturing animals isn't funny. Sorry Dave, this one was not blog-worthy.

I couldn't watch the whole thing, I felt sorry for the poor cat. (just an old softie, I guess)

The dog walker thing is funny though. As if people weren't couch potatoes enough, now you can even walk your dog while sitting down!

Look on the bright side: this cat has people who care enough to keep it fed and clean. It could be starving on the streets.

I admit, I laughed at first. But I couldn't watch the whole thing.

Why the he77 would you bathe a cat? Cats are disgustingly fastidious.

Well, as to why, my cat thinks he's invisible when hiding in his litterbox. *stinky kitty*

I actually know a woman who breeds Basset Hounds who has a doggie treadmil. I've never seen it in use, but the thought of a Basset Hund on a treadmill cracks me up!

I wondered how the poor cat was going to breathe in there!

Cats are vengeful. The owner will pay. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but the owner will pay.

Hey, ScooterRocky;

She breeds Basset Hounds? I bet her kids are real dogs.....

(Try the veal! Tip your wait staff! We're here all week!)

Oh my. I'll admit, I laughed too. But, like Leets, I couldn't watch the whole thing. Poor little kitty. And I don't like cats much.

I hate to ever be on their side, but in this case PETA finally has something legitimate to complain about.

Hammond: hopefully that cat will pee on the owners bed while they're away.

Who said cats are clean? They're full of cat spit. But I'll admit to being fond of the them. *ignores looks of disgust from the other men on the blog*

Who said cats are clean? They're full of cat spit. But I'll admit to being fond of the them. *ignores looks of disgust from the other men on the blog*

Off topic: my cat is purring right now. And, despite the rules of the cat union, he comes over when I call. *smile*

I kid you not, the bot just made me type 7FURef
*creepy* PETA is watching us...

I can only imagine what the emergency stop button on the control panel is for!

Right Pogo...If I could lick myself like a cat, I would....well, you know.

If my cat needs tidying, I use a very damp cloth and quickly run it all over her. If it's her bottom (and as she's 17, it often is) I use diaper wipes to clean that area and then follow with the cloth, if needed. A couple of times over the years I've had to reluctantly hose her down -- quickly! And then, if possible, only the really dirty section.

I once had a cat who made certain he got some of my acrylic paint on him no matter how I set up my painting area -- this is why I don't paint with oils. Anyway, for him I did have to stick him in the tub to wash off the water-soluble acrylic -- but again, just the part that needed it, and only because I needed to make sure I got all the paint out.

One of our cats LOVES water. He would probably have tried to pounce on each jet as it came up out of the floor.But then, he's a doofus.
*sigh* Soundtrack was hilarious.

Difference between dogs and cats:
You feed a dog, groom it, give it shelter, love and attention and the dog looks at you and thinks "you must be God!"
You feed a cat, groom it, give it shelter, love and attention and the cat looks at you and thinks "I must be God!"

I have to go home now and change my pants.

That was too freakin' funny.

I feel so wrong for laughing....


Can we throw a squirrel in there?

"I wondered how the poor cat was going to breathe in there!"

I'm surprised s/he didn't have a heart attack. Imagine having a phobia about squirrels and being shut up in a box like that with a couple of the Mountain View squirrels -- and not being able to get out and not knowing if someone was even going to let you out....

Oh my goodness, those eyes! That cat was plotting revenge. If I were that owner, I don't think I would ever sleep again.

No, Tropichunt guy!!!! Not even an agressive Mountain View squirrel!!!!

Besides being cruel, the squirrel would go tell all the other squirrels and then they would REALLY go on a rampage! They might even extend their agression beyong MV.

I love cats and have owned them all my life...except now. But, I will admit that I found this disturbingly amusing and watched it all. I mean people, it's just water. Although, Hammie's right. Cats are vengeful and one day when they least expect it...they'll get theirs.

Dead mice in the slippers, perhaps? Or pieces thereof?

The cat will more than likely exact revenge upon the leather sofa.

You could tell by the look in that kitty's eyes at the end.


OK, this is the first time I've ever cried reading the blog :(

Poor kitty.

That thing looks an awful lot like a microwave oven...I wonder how the 'dry' setting works?

Lance writes:
"Difference between dogs and cats:
You feed a dog, groom it, give it shelter, love and attention and the dog looks at you and thinks "you must be God!"
You feed a cat, groom it, give it shelter, love and attention and the cat looks at you and thinks "I must be God!""

The cat next door thinks I'm his emergency back-up human/open sesame. I live in an apartment building with a large, enclosed garden. My neighbors (who have also become my very good friends and who are extremely kind to me) will let Niki out (he never goes far).

So I come home, pass through the first "batiment" (there are actually two buildings put together to form an L shape -- fascintating info for you all, I'm sure ;-)))

Anyway, he jumps out from the bushes in front of the second door, follows me into the building, into the elevator or up the stairwell to our floor. I buzz my neighbors and they let him in.

I also sometimes let him out, and he sometimes comes over onto my balcony, into my apartment, and gobbles up my cat's food.

And he is not like most cats I know -- he doesn't like for me to pet or cuddle him.

I'm actually his back-up slave.

and to continue my rant from above, they could probably design a "cat" cycle that would mist lightly down from above and hardly bother the cat at all. But, no. Those cat owners will have a very well-deserved hard time ever getting that cat into a carrier kennel again.

and *snork* at fivver and MtB's cat

However hateful, this Spa may be the only safe way to give your pu$$y a bath. I have been severely wounded by my little hunter during flea baths, and the powder stuff doesn't work so well.

Imagine the hot wax and buff cycle. Poor baby.

in one of the Pink Panther cartoons he rollerskates through a car wash. Comes out looking like that bunny from yesterday *snork*

Meditrina - flea baths and powder are out. Check with your vet. There are lots of new products that completely eliminate fleas with one pill or application per month. As a person who's had pets for over four decades and fought losing battles against fleas for most of that time, these products are WONDERFUL! I haven't seen a flea in years!

It may have been only water and fully well-intentioned, but the panic is still obvious as the cat in that video reacts to being shoved into a chamber and subjected to strange processes.

Physically harmless or not, that cat came out clean but traumatized. I couldn't do that to our two cats, despite the odd fact that they like water.

Thanks, fivver. Will do, as my Retriever is allergic to the fleas and will chew himself bald if there is one on him. At 85 lbs, when he scratches, he causes the whole house to shake like a small earthquake.

Med, fivver is right. I use a product called Advantage on my dogs. You apply it after bathing, behind the neck area once a month or so. It works like a charm. I'm assuming it works just as well for cats.

There's also one called Frontline that I used before...that worked as well but was a little pricier.

Unbelievable timing of this discussion.

I just spent all of yesterday evening at the laundromat cleaning all of our bedding, rugs, our kids' stuffed animals, etc. because our cats had fleas (even though they're indoor cats). We also had our house cleaned from top to bottom.

Our vet advised us to avoid the store-bought flea treaments and the baths, and gave us more powerful stuff to use (on the cats, that is).

Siouxie, fivver, Med - my vet's advice about flea treatments was to not bother with Frontline either, as it was less effective than what they recommend.

Meditrina - I had the same problem with a Sheltie. The poor dog was highly allergic and I'd have to bathe him constantly and two days later he would be totally infested again. Dusting the yard, fogging the house and wahsing and spraying him had little effect. I put him on Sentinal and never saw another flea. I swear it added years to his life. My current dog (a fluffy Corgi) gets one pill a month and that's it. I hope the folks who invented these products die rich!

Med add my vote to all the others, the vet-"given" stuff is the best. Just don't do like I do, more ofter than I would like to admit, and pick up the cat and smooch it right after flea-drops. Bleecch!

before you start thinking that...the drops go on the back of the neck...


After my post about The Great Blog Banning.....on the Spam thread.........

I'VE BEEN BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't access any TypePad blogs from my home computer.





After my post about The Great Blog Banning.....on the Spam thread.........

I'VE BEEN BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't access any TypePad blogs from my home computer.





Poor Sly, I will re-whack the bot in yoour honor. Ready, mm, siouxie?

okay, i guess this video is funny or not based on how you interpret the intentions of the people that made the video. (I didn't have the sound on, if there are clues in the audio, let me know) if they are sincerely trying to market this device as a "pet spa" then this is one of the funniest things i've seen, on the other hand if they have done this just to have a laugh at the cat's expense, then they deserve the "spa treatment" themselves.

in my house are four cats, one dog, five birds, four hermit crabs, one blue crawdad, and nine fish.

Mud, the soundtrack was "Under the Sea" from the Little Mermaid. Couldn't hear anything else.

ok NT-
*ducks and runs*

That contraption does not even look enjoyable for humans, much less cats! Do not sit down!

Whack!!! Take that, evil bot, fouler of our blog!

Yay us! It worked earlier this am, although not right away...

*flashes bot*

sorry....was away from my computer

*whacks bot again*
no prob, Siouxie

Mud-the song is "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid, which makes it seem like they are making fun of the cat. The poor thing looked really scared. However, if they seriously think they can market this thing, they are somewhat deluded!

Beppie - I suppose it's meant to be like a Pet Jacuzzi, but it's more like a Pet Purgatory

umm...pretend that flashin' was before the whack!!!

sorry to hear you've been banned, sly!

Blurk, would you please aim your shotgun at the Evil Bot?


*gives bot a bunch of hungry fleas*

*puts bot in the "pet spa"*

For Sly.

And, as I said on the SP@M thread, masterful job on that blog-banning story.

Good idea, NT.

and Siouxie- "flashin' before the whack," hmmmm, there's potential there..

Pssst, human who calls herself 'Siouxie' -- do it again... I did have the camera set right.

Of course, I meant "didn't" - I needed those letters for another pop quiz just then, but I got them back.

Wait, Siouxie...
*also gets camera out*


*trips over Siouxie stalkers/fan club*
*glad they were so busy chasing Siouxie that they missed my shower*

You show me yours, and I'll show you miiiiine...



( * ) ( * )

there! geez...

there's no way this could be seriously considered, is there? i've had animals my whole life and pre-flea killer stuff i always bathed the cats in the sink. even the ones with claws.

so now our bot SWAT team contains NT, Siouxie, me(mm), and Med. It doesn't stand a chance...I hope...

Ok Bot... come a little closer... that's right, you know you want to.....


Oh, yeah, Nurse Tammy?

Crossgirl, for my cats (alas, one at a time only, the first two were tragically short-lived) I have always used the tub, big fluffy towels, and a lot of apologies. My cats always forgave me within hours. But using a hair dryer is a BAD IDEA. Just in case you ever thought of it.

i would, however, definately use this for bathing small boys.

why does every thread degenerate into a discussion of our hoo-hahs? hmm? that's what i want to know.

As the wife of a vet I can say with almost zero authority that the cat in the video is a specially trained breed of acro-cats and was simply overjoyed at the soothing comfort of cleanliness.

When this highly imaginary breed is happy, they bounce and do cartwheels. The look of evil disappontment on his face at the end is due to the funness being over.

So everyone dance and rejoice, for this was a triumph for acro-cats worldwide.

(Warning: Not all cats are acrocats and may react in a different or similar manner. Void where prohibited. Pet-spa not available in Vermont. These statements have not been evaluated by the FCA.)

According to the description and the comments, it seems like the kitty needed a bath and had caused major injury trying to do it the old-fashioned way. Also the machine operator indicated that cats usually like the PetSpa.

Aww, poor kitty....*Snork!!

Ahem....I mean I feel so bad for the cat....*SNORK, SNORK, HAAAHAAAHAAAHAAA...dang, I gotta clean off my monitor.

Bismuth - that machine operator reminds me of my dentist who says 'you might feel a little sting'.

*ignores Hammond Rye despite three way simul*

Mud - it didn't degenerate at all, it started out that way. See the very first comment.

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