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January 29, 2007


Time to emigrate.

(Thanks to Alfredo)


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run away!

dang! Make that FIRST to run away!

Is that an award in his hand or is he just happy to see himself? (Looks like the batteries fit in the bottom - take that as you will.)

DDD, I've been right behind you on nearly every post. Don't drop the soap. ;)

*drops soap*

Uh oh.

Whew- I wondered who was nudging me!

I'm gonna have to let you take the lead now- I've gotta go to kickboxing class then to work.

Do I owe you dinner now?

vf, DPC.

"My fans in Japan helped me achieve historic milestones in the music industry."

"And your children should be safe, I don't eat sushi."

Tell someone who gives a s&!t.

MJ? Or MJ?

"We don't give out information regarding our client's whereabouts because of safety, and this is just an ongoing policy."

What, is he Dick Cheney now?

*horrified to have just moved my family to Las Vegas*

And the mystery of Japan deepens.

I should explain it is no secret here where he is moving

"We don't give out information regarding our client's whereabouts because of safety

Exactly whose safety? His or our children?

*finally happy to only have daughters of the female persuasion*

Shouldn't he have to register? If not as a s&x offender, then at least as a 'species of concern.'

Wow. Fans have to pay $3300 to be "appreciated"?!
I wonder how much it costs to be disregarded??

...and what does the damBot mean by asking that I prove that I'm a "human below"? Specieswise, isn't the general rule 'as the brain goes, so goes the torso'?

SNORK at AWBH on the 'species of concern'. and just what species is he? has that even been determined yet?

I think he can be classified as "Plasti-Freak"

How time flies. Have the statutes of limitations run out already?

I can understand why he remains popular in Japan. At least in anime there remains a strong tradition of gender-bending characters, and even those who switch back and forth. He'd fit right in...

Welcome to Vegas, Gadfly. Just don't dress your girl-children in an ambiguous fashion, I think he's easily confused.

I wonder how much it costs to be disregarded??
!SNORK! @ Betsy

Er, I do have a small adorable son, and am now concerned. Is there any way we could ship MJ to Denver?

Thanx Nurse Tammy, no chance there, they are girly-girl through and through.

We're supposed to spend $3000 to meet him for 30 seconds to one entire minute? How much will he pay me for the privilege of not meeting him and saving him all that effort?

Waiter, check please!

That story scared me so bad, I think I made a Tancredo in my pants.

C'mon, guys, be fair. He appeared before a jury of his peers and was found innoce.....Nope, can't type that with a straight face.

Ack! Not Vegas, please!

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