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January 12, 2007


Call your veterinarian now.

(Thanks again to Jon Harris)


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Frog fungus amongus? Yuck!

I'm not kissing that.

So THAT's why I can't understand my frog! He's speaking japanese!

Deadly Frog Fungus WBAGNFA French grunge band.

Mushrooms are not usually part of a frogleg dish. This is a problem.

Key quote: "Two of the five dead frogs were kept as pets by a couple in Tokyo..."

You know, once they're dead, they're a LOT easier to manage.

Put them in bikinis and let them throw pies

Miss Piggy is being sought for questioning.....

okay my pills are wearing off but i still can't make sense of those last two comments

Dead Frogs Throw No Pies

Frogs are actually considered to be good luck in Japanese culture. I guess it wasn't too lucky for the frog.

Second key quote:

"The frogs die of dehydration in the water."

Sounds like a good reason to drink!

BlogBar's Open!

Can I just say how exciting it is to get the coveted Trifecta?!
I'd like to thank my family, & my boss, who has no idea how little work I actually do on a daily basis.
And Dave, for encouraging the intellectual endeavors of this fine upstanding interesting community.

Good night, everyone. I will see y'all in 51 hours, with appropriate beverages and snackables.

Chytrid fungus......I bet they got it from Twitney. She'll put anything up there.

Jon, we bow orientally, before you! While we are down there, we grab the cuffs of your sweat pants and 'pants' you, as we know that's what you're wearing in your Momma's basement!

Woo-hoo! 51 Hours!! We should make a television show, 51. Only nobody gets shot in the thigh; instead, Percocet is randomly administered to bloglits, and the ensuing hillarity is followed, hour-by-hour.

And, just in case anyone feels the need for more numbers, here is an ample supply, courtesy of the random article I just read in the Wikipedia.

Hour 1: People giggle and stumble.

Hours 2 thru 51: Everyone sleeps.

Er, a revision, then. Each hour, a random bloglit is dosed with Percocet, and the rest of the bloglits point and laugh.

And I still keep thinking that the top of the page says,"Call your vegetarian now."

Pass the Percocet, & a bottle of fine red wine.

OT Alert?

I just received, in the mail, my new Driver's License.

Never had to go to DMV, or anything else. What does this all mean? Well, for one thing addle-pated drivers from round the world can get there Florida Driver's License through intranet tubes!

/End OT

their not there

Jeez! Gumball please?

Hooray for jon! And hooray for only 51 hours! CH, I think you have a great idea for a show. You should pitch it to Fox.

Chytrid fungus kills
Frogs die of thirst in water
Highly ironic.

YAY for jon, again!

and YAY for me!! I'm home and ready for the weekend.

*hides percocet* *tosses gumballs for all!*

CH? can I be the taser-wielding-chick on "51"???


someone say percocet?!?!

wonders where she can purchase frog fungus for use on local hideous frog population.

cj, my d.l. has a picture from 1987. big hair and all. i'm not even sure where the local dmv office is anymore. very, very scary.

did you see your hamster-bot posted way down below?

OT Alert:

Thanks to everyone for the hugs and well wishes. My brother-in-law is doing fine, for the shape he's in. Although people coming out of anesthesia are very funny. He was talking about some guy who was coming to see my husband about a painting that Mr. Ducky supposedly has for sale.

Ducky, quick while he's woozy- steal his cake!

cg, yepper. However, it wasn't a trifecta so I don't have to pants myself!

I just checked and I have about a dozen Percocet left. By the time I finish them the pain will have subsided and it's unlikely I can convince my doc to prescribe some more. He keeps telling me to go to the "pain management center" instead of taking all those pills. I sincerely think I deserve at least another 20 or so -- isn't everyone entitled to a little "recreational oversupply" as a reward for dealing with the boo-boo that got you those little blue yummies in the first place?

Sorry Nebbs, you only get those until you're capable of your first recreational thought.

We'd better alert Keroro Gunso. If here anyone knows what I mean by that, I'll eat my hat.

Frog Fungal Abnormalities WBAGNFA Punk Band

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