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January 31, 2007


You need this.

(Via Gizmodo; Thanks to Neil G.)


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Buahhaha! Evil! I want one.

I need several hundred of these.

I know someone I'd like to annoy with that if I could hide it in his laptop bag (otherwise, since he sits across from me, I'd be annoyed too).

*starts evil plots*

Pavlov would be so proud.

Don't hide it inside of food (the chemicals in a burrito are known to be quite destructive to electrical components)

I did not know that.

I have to have that to make the actuaries even crazier than they already are.

But they are perfectly okay to eat.

Wow, a quintuple-simul!

Wowza! What a simul! JD, Amer, DPC, Beppie, me... how kinky.

It wouldn't work in my office. Anytime there's a beeping sound ANYWHERE...I get called to 'deal with it'.

*wishes the CPA courses would include one on how to operate simple office equipment*


Not to come off as sounding like dumb-tancredo, but what's a BOFH?

You should probably avoid the area near your local BOFH

What is a BOFH?

I know several people around my office that REALLY need one of these!

10 blog bucks to the first one that figures it out!

BOFH - Bastard Operator From Hell

That's according to Wikipedia:


Gizmodo? Harumph. Sent that in yesterday.

Siouxie - Sometimes it's a curse being so smart, huh?

(Easier for me to get out of solving someone else's problems by doing the "dumb blonde" routine)

Just how does one operate a bastard?


Oh, sure, a simul with me complaining about attribution. Now I feel shame. Off in search of a wet noodle...

*Looks under blog for weird noise*

We already have an annoy-a-tron. It's the bot.

Why yes, Punkin...it is a curse! *hairflip*

Neil, wet noodle and all, it was pleasant. ;-)

*smacks Meanie's hand*
The noise certainly wasn't coming from there!

Well, there was an audible noise of some kind when I checked there, NT.

You can give a device with a beep
To your favorite company creep
It will drive him quite mad
While you try to look sad
But beware: what you sow, you shall reap.

A beep can cause quite a commotion
At first, it seems like a good notion
Driving coworkers crazy
While you’re fresh as a daisy
Don’t hold your breath for that promotion.

Suuuuure there was, Meanie.

Yay Punkin, current "Poet in Residence of the Day So Far."

Please DON'T take one of these on an airplane. I don't want my plane diverted to someplace like Denver because a group of edgy passengers thinks there's a bomb.

"Don't hide it inside of food (the chemicals in a burrito are known to be quite destructive to electrical components)

I did not know that."

All I know is from my experince the chemicals in a burrito are known to be quite destructive to my internal components and rather explosive coming out.

Meanie, are you sure it wasn't a buzzzzin' sound??

HEY! I resemble that remark!

It was a sort of giggle, actually.

See? I told ya it wasn't me.

Time for lunch! Coincidentally, I'm meeting a friend at one of our fine local Mexican food dives restaurants. Mmmmm, burritos....

See y'all later!

Giggling? I bet it's Hammie waiting his telephoto lens and snorkel... he's waiting for a blogchick of the female persuasion to discover a need to bathe.

Siouxie do you and I werk for the same firm? My CPA's do the same thing!

I'm going to invest in that company, and then I'mma buy them out of their inventory. BWAH HAHAHAHA!


*Wipes soap out of eyes*

I knew you were somewhere around here, Hammie. ;)
*tosses "with" up to previous statement*

Hammie, you're still in that tub?? your tancredos must be like prunes by now....just sayin'

Hammie, NOT FUNNY! Give me back my towel, right now!!!

Any sacrifice for art.


*WHAPS Hammie with towel, no mercy shown*

btw, Hammie? were you ever able to open that email I sent?

No, Siouxie. Ouch.
I didn't even open my laptop (ouch!) last night.
Hey, careful, I may need that one day!

sign me up. these people have been annoying me without a beep for years!

ahhh..just checking.


ahh... Thanks, Siouxie! * WHAPS Hammie with pillow for good measure*

sorry, Hammie...tried to help!

*hands Tammy a whip*

Hey!! don't faint, Hammie!

it's for the whipped cream, silly man ;-)

Nurse Tammy. Ouch.
Have I ever mentioned how (ow) unfair I think it is (ouch) that Nurses are (yeow!) underpaid, undervalued, and (Yipe!)underappreciated in our (ow) society?
Hey, you dropped your towel!
*click* *click* *click*

Thud. Too late, Siouxie, I think he fainted.

I uh I was uh gonna uh uh do something, but I think I'll back away reaaal sowly instead.

Must've happened when I picked up the scissors.

Ohhhh, look! A split end! That's unfair. *sniff*

Hey. cut it. out. hey how. many. of you. guys sent. me one of. these darn. things. arg. ouch. ouch.

Hey Darren, what the tancredo is that? *points*


Mr. Rye, you're on your own.


Mr. Rye was my dad. Rueben to his friends. Rube to my mom.

*looks around for beeping sound*

*Takes Hammie's camara, destroys film*

You can go now, Hammie. I hear Punkin's in the shower. ;)

Ouch. i mean. that was a wimpy miami. whip. ouch. our Denver whips. are way. more painful.

Darren, I'm in Las Vegas. We know whips. Now quit bleeding on my floor, already! *thinks Darren is a tancredo-for-brains*

For the record: I was a military photographer back in the 80's (ISIANMTU) and one of the first things you learn to do in situations when your film might be appropriated is to palm the film and replace it with another sacrificial roll.

Hammie, I searched you when you were unconscious. You left with a roll of film showing my mother at the beach, in all her yogurt-colored glory. *grins*

Curses, foiled again!

OT - For all you SK fans...and you know how you are!

Just got an email from my good friend Stephen King informing me of the upcoming Dark Tower comic book launch on Feb 7th! "The Gunslinger Born".


back to whipping and clicking and hot tubbing!

you also know WHO you are!!

I'm fine, btw.

It's ok, Hammie. You won the last round, now we're even.
Drat. Dratdratdrat. Darren is still bleeding on my floor.

I think we're supposed to burn him (or is that just in the desert?).

Wowsa!! a simul with myself AND Tammy. Those Pilates classes are really starting to pay off.

Well, Hammie, I'm in the desert, got a match?

and another one...

*feels woozy now*

um...Hammie? wrong thread, dear.

Oh. *pouts* We don't get to burn Darren?
Siouxie, sit down a minute. Take a couple deep breaths, drink some water, smoke 'em if you got 'em. You'll feel better in a minute.

Helppppp. I'm. dying............

can we just put him out of his misery???

where's blurk's shotgun???

At. least. i still. have my. dignittttty. groan.

Blurkie? Where are yooooooooooooouuuuuuuuu? We got a present for you. And a case of beer.

cant go on. much longer. unhh

I happen to have this plastic grocery store bag...

Nevermind, Hammie.

*Thanks, Daddy, for the loan of the Boyes Rifle!*

Okay... PULL! *BLAMM...*

Well, there went one of the Darrens. Now we just have to be on the lookout for his identical brothers...

dang...I missed the killin'

shoot him again! I think I saw him move!

Siouxie, you want a turn? *hands over really big gun*


(And yes, blogguys, my dad really owns that gun. Drool at will, etc. )

Umm, I think you may need to re-tile the bathroom...


my...that's a big one!

Well, it's a rental, anyway. They'll just have to take it out of my deposit...

At least he made rev tancredo proud.

Darn it, Tammy! You killed off one of my characters. Those guys don't come cheap!

uh...despite our simul...I meant the gun, Hammie ;-)

I'm sure your gun is quite adequately proportioned.

you know you made a narrow escape (way) back there. Siouxie and Nurse Tammy are a crack bot-swatting team that I *breathes on fingernails and shines them up* count myself part of when I'm around. You just better mind yours Ps & Qs with them...

Hey, I left you an out! I said I killed one of them, and needed to look out for the identical brothers. *hmph* Just spawn a new Darren, or reincarnate the current one as Robodarren or something.

It won't be the same.

Thank you! Paw said the Rye men were different from other men and to just be quietly proud (and to try not to drag it on the ground too much).

*snork* @ Hammond "Tripod" Rye...

Hammond *The Tripod* Rye???

oh my!


^5 Tammy!! psychic simul!!


Edgar- Darrens are like mushrooms - they continually regrow from the rotting deadwood left behind

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