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January 22, 2007


Be on the lookout for pretty much anybody from Fago.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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I don't blame them. Whoever herd of that?

I hate it when they won't let you herd livestock through the village.

I suppose it behooves us to have a respectful moment of silence or something... nah!

or is that baa?

The last villager quoted in the article sounded suspiciously Klingon.

Sounds like the work of the Fago Mafia. Those guys are ruthless, but do fabulous things with color, a couple throw pillows, maybe some new window treatments and viola.

Fago is not New Youk.....I'm confused

"Revenge is a dish best served cold"

Personally, I prefer Chef Boyardi's beefaroni (TM thingy) served cold, eaten straight out of the can. MmmmMmmm good!

And this village has 37 residents and it needs a mayor?

How many people in that village??

Whatever happened to impeachment? Or voting him out.
They take their basketball hoops seriously in Fago.

Oh dear, I need an oxygen mask, Siouxie, Jazz and Lisa, it don't get any better than a quad.....

TWELVE YEARS??? How often do they have elections?

nevermind, thanks casey.

36 now

*wink* @ casey

Dang... if I hadn't been trying to be witty on the other thread, I could have been in on the action. *passes fraternal twin in another life casey the o2 mask*

It takes a village... to off the mayor.


Well, hello there, NT!

greetings, CH

Hey casey, Siouxie, and LBFF ( you know ..;-))...I am one lucky guy

*places Siouxie in trendelengerg position*, which for all you dirty-minded bloogers out there, ok, all of you, is NOT as dirty as it sounds!

up past my bedtime, but having too much fun

I say it was Colonel Mostaza en la biblioteca with the chihuahua.

I bet the official police report (Signed by one B. Fife) will rule his death a suicide.

Meanwhile, the local chicken ranchers are reported to be in a fowl mood, and the local cattlemen are also said to be in a foul moo'd.

The local newspaper claims his last words were: "If you don't like it, shoot, you can be mayor!"

Who were those sheep drinking expensive beer and toting shotguns near the ditch a few miles out of town?

Spanish sheep, Spanish sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
Three bangs full!

trendelenberg - *sigh*
two bad typos in one post
that may have to be my sign to step away from the addiction that is this blog, and sleep, so that I may blog later

Tammy, that sounds painful!!!

You see, I've got this allergy...

oh and...

*el snorko* @ Meanie el azul!!!

The trendelenberg position (yes, SFW!!).

Learn something new every day on this blog.

Jazzzz- ;-)

Trendelenberg's not painful, Siouxie. You might even like it!

The Trendelenberg position increases regurgitation and airway problems, causes the brain to swell, increases breathing difficulty, and has not been proven to be of any value.

uh...can I move now????

Yay CH! First tesseract, now this! *sniff* I love this blog. *warm fuzzy thoughts before sleep*

The hunters got annoyed when he refused to issue them with shooting licences ...

He had been shot at least four times in the head and chest at point-blank range

So we can obviously conclude that it was not Mayor season. The game warden should get involved.

Well, I'm told that I've been submitted for addition to the evil bot's helpful spamblocker's whitelist, so hopefully soon I can quit having to enter my info every time I want to post.

Seriously, it cramps my style. Makes me grumpy.

Unfortunately, I had to use that a lot yesterday, NT. Another bad day in Blackrock.

The hunters got annoyed when he refused to issue them with shooting licences ...

He had been shot at least four times in the head and chest at point-blank range

Actually, I think that we can rule the hunters out since they didn't have a shooting license. Isn't that obvious?

Siouxie, it's useful when a person's blood pressure is low. (and usually with a tube in their trachea that protects the airway) in my business anyway

Ok Siouxie, you can get up now. You're obviously conscious again. And feeling well enough to complain.

Jazzzz, sorry for you bad day. If it comforts you, I was doing colonoscopy prep on one of my patients. It was NOT PRETTY.

CH - been there, done that, you should be back to normal (hah) in a day or so. I still wanna kneecap the bot's keepers with Walter.

Thanks for the reassuring words, NT, but no thanks for the very disturbing mental picture you painted of your workday. I really do NOT want to know what that entailed (ha!!), but I can imagine.

I'm SO thankful that I work in a normal office, where the worst I have to deal with is an irritated customer. SO thankful.

sounds like the plot of an Agatha Christie novel. Can't wait to hear whodunnit!

Anytime, CH. And heck, I don't wanna know what's involved, but can't seem to forget. (tempted to make friends/enemas joke, but resists) Sometimes I miss office work. Then I remember how much I hated phone scripts. *makes mental note to firebomb former office*

apologies if this was noted above...this guy was from the Popular party????

who was the Unpopular party candidate? Darth Vader?

"as the Unpopular party representative, i promise to burn down your houses and sell your children into slavery."

"what about basketball hoops?"

"they will be made compulsory."

"works for me!"

Why did they keep electing the guy if the whole village hated him?

And bravo to CH for It takes a village... to off the mayor.

*snork* @ insom.

And NT, I write phone scripts for myself sometimes... which, to my tastes, is a darned sight more pleasant than prepping for a colonoscopy. It takes all kinds.

*having terrible flashbacks of a video of a colostomy installation that was played on an adjoining booth's BIG screens at my last trade show*

"Thank you for calling ******* Inn where we love guests, this is Tammy, how may I help you? Hmm? What was that, I must have misheard you. You want adjoining king suites on the ground floor with a private access swimming pool, minibar, swedish bikini team and private chef on a major event weekend with two hours notice? Let me see what we have available..."

I rest my case. I know which variety of sh!t I prefer.

Be vewy, vewy quiet... it's a meticuwouswy pwanned ambush!

*wonders if reducing a man's murder to Elmer Fudd status is in poor taste*


Colonoscopy prep? Easy! All I remember was a needle in the back of my hand and this little monitor with a very dull video playing.

*snork* KDF ! And just what percentage of the population there herd livestock through town? I mean, narrow the search down to the goat groppers. I doubt Marian the librarian is gonna off the mayor.....well, not in that sense!

pogo, there's a reason they're called "mind altering drugs", you know. And that's the fun part of the prep. Refer to previous enema innuendo...

KDF, Elmer Fudd is never out of line. EVER.

Speaking as a Marian type myself, Marian could well have done it Jazzzz. In pure Agatha Christie style, as mentioned before.

Bedtime, now. Later everybody.

Earwig Alert: Love Shack by The B-52's:

The town of Fago is a little old hamlet where we can get together
Fago town baby, Love Fago bay-bee.
Love Fago, baby, love Fago
Love Fago, baby, love Fago
Ooo Fago baby, that's where we're at
Bang bang bang on the mayor baby!
Shoot a little lower sugar!
Bang bang bang on the mayor baby!
He can't see you!
Bang bang bang on the mayor baby!
Shoot a little more sugar!
Bang bang bang on the mayor baby!
He can't catch you!
Bang bang on the mayor baby
Bang bang on the mayor
Knock knock, on the door baby, knock knock.
You're what?...
Tin badge?

Bravo, PirateBoy -- EXCELLENT!!

When I was a kid, we had to herd our livestock through the village.
Both wayw.
In our bare feet.
And we liked it!

you know that scene in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" where Roger is hiding in the backroom of a bar and Judge Dread is trying to smoke him out by doing the "shave and a haircut, two bits" knock, leaving off the "two bits" part, and Roger Rabbit is like going through herion withdrawl trying to resist shouting out "two bits!" that's what i've been doing since you all have been discussing colonoscopy prep since i have a lovely poem about a colonoscopy all ready to go but i am saving it for the next "snake" post. so, for what it's worth, "TWO BITS!" dammit.

Sleep well NT.....later

Quick, Daveorjudi, a snake post - I'm sure you can find SOMETHING!

*takes a break from working*

*snorks repeatedly*

*dances to the B-52s*

*snorks some more*

*goes back to crunchin' numbers*

"He had repeatedly received anonymous threatening letters and reportedly told friends recently that he feared for his life..."

Friends? WHAT friends???

I've got Quiche Lorraine, Siouxie...
Whatchu got?

There's a beach
Oh i hope it's not out of reach
It's very beautiful
Come my little peach

Together we'll go down to nude beach
Together we'll stroll on the sand
We'll stroll on the sand together
Where the air and the land meet forever
The sea, the land
A land of tan

We know a place where we are free
We throw our suits into the sea

- the B52's

Time to bring in the pros dont cha know.

Sorry, A-to-24, but it says we're not authorized to see your .jpg thingy.

Santiago De Compostela =
Our Lady of Compost?

lets see if I can solve this one.
It's obviouse that the wife did it.
I mean, let's just consider it this way,
the wife is more than likely dissatisfied with him.
knowing that everyone in town is after him for blood
she decides to kill him and make it look like
the hunters did it.

That is all.

Santiago De Compostela =
Our Lady of Compost?

Santiago de Compostela is a place, as you could have found out almost instantly by looking up Compostela.

Most of you seem think this is pretty amusing. I actually live in Huesca and am in the Pyrenees often. Do you imagine that feuds and secret murders are considered entertainment by the people who live there?

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