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January 21, 2007


(Thanks to DavCat14)


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I gnu this in 4th-grade science class ... merely sayin' ...

Violent Collisions of Water Hitting Bare Soil ... wbagnfa ... um ... ecological band?

The sky really is falling!!

here we go with the geology puns, but they're worth repeating...

Erosive Raindrops also wbagnfa ... backup group to Purple Rain? (Sorry if I mixed up my R&R metaphors here ...)

Dang bot!

Caused me to miss my SECOND HAT TRICK of a lazy Sunday ...

The last code I hadda enter to post wuz: U8EZEZ ... FWIW ... any jokes on that concept?

(nothin' personal, DPC and mm ... merely sorta takin' it EZ after sleepin' in and restin' up ...)

We went to my neice's 16th b-day party last night. The DJ actually played the Numa-Numa song. I jammed a fork into my ear. But then Midget Dread requested The Who. I'm so proud of him.

Can I get a government grant to study ways to protect crops from the damages of rain?

Just watch, this'll be the one scientific study about the environment Bush will take seriously and try to do something about.

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
But that doesn't mean the planet earth
will soon be dead...

Speaking of wreaking havok!

Scientists named Schmeekle and Furbish? This HAS to be from Mad Magazine.

Excuse me. Schmeeckle. (Even moreso).

Lol, wyo. Don't make her regret it!

Wyo! yay! we haven't seen you in awhile..

where are you going my six-eyed boy?
where are you going my darling young bug?
i'm going to go somewhere where the sky is
not fallin'
where the rain doesn't fall like a million
small hammers
where the ground doesn't shift at the first
sign of dampness
and our cities of thousands aren't flooded by downpours
it's a shame we're so small, we get concussed by
a thimble
'cause it's a hard, it's a hard, it's a hard, it's a hard rain gonna fall!

mm, lotsa work with no internet acess. Probably go on for a few more weeks anyhow. miss you guys!

Who would have ever guessed? Rain causes erosion!
Good thing we have scientists.

Uh, Wyo, here's another "c" for you, buddy.

*pictures pete lining up rows of scientists on hillsides to stop erosion*

Wyo, good to see ya! Your presence is missed!

Good idea Ducky. Around here they just use tires, but scientists probably have a shorter half life.

pete, I don't think most scientists have a life at all, not even a half-life ;-)

CJ and any other scientist bloglits excluded, of course!

I’m stingin’ in the rain
Just stingin’in the rain
What a vexatious feeling
I’m bleeding again.
I’m cursing at the clouds
So dark that I see
The pain’s in my heart
And I need an IV.

Ducky - Whew! especially if you include us medical types under scientists.

*crawls back to no-life ,newly renamed "geek" corner*

Nah, mm, the Dave Barry bloglits are WAY too much fun to be without lives. Although, in my case, even my 86-year-old mother has a better social life than I do. *Sighs*

Scoot over on that there couch in the corner, mm. And speaking of singing, does anyone here in the corner sing? If so, we could have a Geek Chorus...

you mean to tell me all those hours that my toddlers spent experimenting with pouring water into the sandbox could have been government funded?! damn missed opportunities.

Awesome, insom. One can never get enough Dylan.

That's right, crossgirl. You have to start thinking ouside the box. Or in your case, I guess inside the box.

Yes, when we get rid of the rain, the world will be a better place.

Hmmmm. Rain can cause damage? Good thing I got the #$^@& roof finished!

*collapses on Blog couch, raises empty hand for whomever is BlogBar-tending*

What'll it be, CJ? (I hired someone to tend to my roofing woes this summer, but I fully sympathise!!)

We've got a spectacular selection of Belgian beers, as well as the more pedestrian American craft brews. (No Budmilloors or Pretty Bad Rotgut, sorry!)

Of course, if it's been one of those days, we also have a terrific selection of single-malt scotches and some smuggled-in top-quality Russian vodka. (Stuff leaves a chocolate aftertaste, I kid you not!)

What are you up for?

*Wearily reaches for a Redhook ESB*

My landlord had 'professionals' re-do the roofs a few months back. Sometimes you really need to get in there and do it yourself, to figure out the problems. First time I have ever messed with a 'rolled roofing' job. I could have been rolled in feathers and run out of town, when I was done!

Hey Wyo, you are missed!

Welcome to the club Nurse Tammy.

CJ, I assume by your presence that you didnt nail any body parts to the roof?

They focused on the effect of raindrops hitting bare soil and discovered violent collisions occur when water hits bare soil.

Their next study is the effect of a cow pi$$ing on a flat rock.

well, CH, if bud drinkers aren't allowed at the blog bar, i guess i'll just go drink somewhere else! ;)

Rain drops keep falling on my head...

Ahhhhh, now its making much more sense.

Southerngirl--things much be much different in the southern states. I have never hard of buds being drank in the Pacific NW.

Bud drinking is highly encouraged in StL. In fact, there may be some sort of ordinance about it.

Looks like the Pats will be playing the Bears in the Superbowl.

I say that as a Pat fan, even tho we haven't played the Colts yet today....I am very confident in my baby's Daddy (Tommy-boy)

I'll have a Sam Adams lager, barkeep....and some nachos w/ chili for the game...

Looks like the 'aints are still the 'aints. But they looked so sad on the sidelines, I feel bad for them.

But hey, it's the farthest they've ever gone. Guess that's something to be proud of.

Obviously, I can't decide whether to like them or not....

Sorry Punkin, but I'm rooting for the Colts.

Noob - you gotta do what you gotta do....


Don't you think they should have thrown a flag for the singer's false start? *EG*

CJ - What'll you have? This is the first time I have heard you without the perk, sparkle, and zip in your voice.

I'm making some Parmesan Chicken, and I'll text you some over. :)

*wakes up on Blog couch*

Wha' happened? Ooooo Paemesan chicken!

I've got a duck in a fridge riding on the Pat's winning.

Sorry, southerngirl; I shouldn't let my predjudices show. I'll slip you a Bud in a glass; just don't let anyone else see.

(It's not quite that bad here, but there are a lot of beer snobs, including myself...)

Love ya anyway, in spite of your taste in beer. :-)

I'm having a Cuvee Angelique right now that I found in the bargain bins... had a conversation about politics, which made me think about Teddy, which made me realize that it was time for a drink.

That wasn't the prettiest touchdown, but it works.

Hi Wyo! We do miss you!

*waves to Nurse Tammy on the blog page*

Skip the mojitos request from the forward thread. I'll have a glass of CH's wine. *admits to being wine and beer snob* I've worked for a few wine houses based in Portland.

I'll raise a Michelob Ultra to the Colts

First acid rain, now hammer rain. What's next?!

(Really...what's next...I can't think of a good line.)


"Water travels like a hammer, yes it does..."

CH: It's actually a fancypants Belgian beer. But you're welcome to one anyway! :)

Duck a l'orange, to be exact.

Ooooh, Cheryl! You've been a waitress? No wonder you're a snob.

Having rain hitting me in the face has never prompted me to compare it to a hammer hitting me in the face. Just saying.

pete, they must have hard water.

pete, you're gonna need a bigger glass!

21-3, Pats....just sayin'

Does anyone else think that suits and ties at a football game looks silly?

Or maybe getting hit in the face with a hammer isn't that bad.

Not me, sly. I miss the coaches being in coats and ties. Jack Del Rio [Jaguars] apparently agrees. Everyone on the sideline has to wear clothing provided by Reebok, so he got Reebok to make a fake coat and tie thing that has fake buttons and actually has hidden snaps. I think it looks as if he means business.

I was talking more about the fans in the stands in the suits and ties. Although as soon as I posted that, the "fans" were ID'd as the owners. They are probably geared up for a midfield ceremony after the game.

Personally, I think coaches are better "suited" in sports attire at a sporting event.

But that's just me.

Yup that rain, it's been coming down in just like that for the last eon or so...

Dear Arizona Erosion Studiers:

Not to put to fine a point on it, but please cast your gaze over here. There you go, see me, I'm waving.

You're welcome.

mm, being professors, you'd think they would have known that. I guess it took a research grant to help them open their eyes.

*thinks Punkin' may be getting nervous*

Meanwhile, some of these are worth a chuckle.

Crap. I'm going to need a new set of nails. My picks for the weekend were the Saints and the Pats. I'd hate to be 0 for 2.

CJ - Thanks, I needed that.

I actually know someone who did attempt to iron his shirt while wearing it. His wife was about 9 1/2 months pregnant and they were late going to a party so he thought he'd help her out by ironing his shirt himself.

He didn't tell her what happened, but at the party, he kept rubbing a can of beer (Bud, btw) on his chest and when she asked what was going on, he finally fessed up.

That was 15 years ago and he STILL hasn't lived it down. Doubt that he ever will.

pete: I was a waitress once for about 15 minutes. Then I was summarily fired. The owner of the pub confused my bum with something he was actually allowed to touch. I reciprocated by pouring a pitcher of beer on his head.

I meant that I represented houses that sell wine e.g. I was a wine purveyor. I sold wine to the places that sell the wine to the snobs retails customers. Trust me; it’s an agricultural product like any other. The folks that grow the grapes are far more friendly and approachable than the end product often ends up being.

Also, they drink beer. Albeit good beer.


This drunken turkey survives, and yet here we have a good Samaritan, who had stopped to assist an injured motorist, forced to jump a guardrail to dodge an oncoming vehicle, and falls 52 feet to his death? Left behind a teenage son and a little girl the same age as one of mine. There is no justice in this world.

Gimme gumball.

Cheryl,I'm a wine purveyor also. I just purveyed a couple of bottles last week. In fact I purveyed a 12 pack of michelob while I was there.

*zips in for a min*

PUNKIN! I'm rootin' for the PATS too.

just cuz your baby daddy's hot ;-)


*zips out* thanks Cookie!

Wouldn't an angel on his shoulder have just added more weight? Just wondering.

pete and Punkin' are squirming!

Awwww sorry Punkin!


Colts win! Colts win! Colts win!!!!!!!!!



Sorry Punkin.

I'm actually happy for Manning - he deserves it...

Plus, now I get to go and console my baby's Daddy...

He needs to snuggle into my bossom.

(Hope his stubble doesn't chaffe! Aww, WHO CARES!)


Tony Dungy finally gets his shot at the big one. Sorry Punkin', but what a great game!

They could just have the Super Bowl in Cinncinatti or something. Just a bus trip for both teams.

Terrific game, CJ! But I think I'll have to send the Pats the bill for my bleeding ulcer! They sure have aggrevated it this season!

"Just watch, this'll be the one scientific study about the environment Bush will take seriously and try to do something about."

Probably not. But this will be the next story the right-wing yakkers will latch on to in their argument that nature causes environmental damage and not humans. (See the cow fart arguments currently going on.)

As for wyo's post of Nurse Tammy's pic, all I can say is, "Helloooo Nurse!" (Well, sombody had to say it.)

I just caught up with this thread and saw Tammy's pic...

Tammy!! welcome to the booger page you HOT nurse you!!

Your new hairdo looks great!!!

Hot nurse, wet nurse, what's the difference?

head nurse??

fred mertz??

Funny, my brother and cousins have me programmed into their caller ID as Hello Nurse.

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