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January 27, 2007


Key Quote: The married couple however denied smuggling the pet snake which was spotted by a horrified passenger on the floor of the aircraft but admitted to illegally importing forty-six baby rats whom they stored in a box, hidden inside a backpack they carried into the plane.


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Flakes and snakes on a plane.With rats!

It's no fun being first when you are not competing with anyone. *hears crickets*

*stops singing cricket song for fear of attracting flying baby rats*

Were the baby rats in a clear, one quart plastic bag?

*did not know baby rats could fly*
*develops new phobia*

"The baby rats were smuggled to feed the pet snake,..."

They were carrion.

They smuggled the rats to feed the snake,
That wiggled and squiggled and wriggled in Coach.


*snork* @ Stevie! (although I did that bit last year, I'd forgotten about it).

@ Steve and Annie.

Well you've stolen a couple of mine too. Ha ha ha !

Maybe they were their seeing-eye rats.

Yes. I smuggled them aboard my private jet! And it was fun. And I'd do it again. Ha-ha!
*goes to other room to look for her inhibition*

I like you better without them.

Bye all.

I've never been able to get more than 40 rats in a box, and I had to use a mortar and pestle for that. These guy's are good!

hmmm, rats-in-a-box. That sounds a lot like another fast food outlet...

*quietly contemplating ways to smuggle a snake*

Beppie-First still counts, even if you're not competing.

LOL Stevie & Annie

i guess the snake didn't like peanuts...

*imagines this was like the "assume crash position" scene in Airport*

Did anyone check the passengers for lip balm?

Do ya'll realise that in about 6 to 7 hours I'm going to be sipping my morning coffee and tripping on doughnuts and you guys will still be blogging.

Yep. Sweet dreams, Grandpa Mot.

"The baby rats are in quarantine, waiting for further instructions from the department headquarters...,"

Obedient little critters, aren't they?

I think that they were emotional support rats and should be allowed on the plane.

What do they do to pass the time....play Mouse Trap™ ?

Don't it make your Brunei's ground?

how DO you do it, Steve W ?

*OT alert* folks, I have literally hundreds of photos from today of our successful capture of the City of Tampa. There are, of course, lots of naked ladies. The question is, do I sit here and drink beer or do I diligently compress images and post them to the internet? Thank you, in advance, for saying, 'take a break CJ, we're all good.'

I love you guys!

Howdy, missed you guys.

When I read this I thought of that old children's book about the King, the Mouse, and the Cheese.

"how DO you do it?"

Great Gerry and the Pacemakers tune, written by Lennon and McCartney. Remember?

(tx, jz.)

Wyo!!! been wonderin' about you..Thought you've been working too hard, as usual. Welcome back. How about a tall glass of iced tea?

beer, thanks.

I'm too old to be learning new tricks and workin' outside. but it'll all be worth it soon. I woke up with about 30 deer and 50 turkeys in the yard this morning. (no rats, alas) so life ain't so bad.

Thanks for askin', Jazzzz

*flaps in*

Wyo! Good to see ya! You have to work outside in the cold?????

Jazzzz, got any extra beer?

Forty-six rats and a snake on the plane
Forty-six rats and a snake
Snake gulps one down
And slithers around
Forty-five rats and a snake on the plane...

Thank goodness blurk isn't here, just now, or it would be all about the bare naked ladies. Today was fabulous, with formations of every kind of plane circling us, including groups of bi-planes. Gasparilla is also about the MacDill peninsula. It will be a very busy week, but at some point I will post a gallery link to planes coming across us at mast height and, naked gals, and up over 50 mph across Tampa Bay! We started the day with my friends pulling the lower unit of a 454, got it fixed in the driveway, and actually had to relax and slow down to 30 mph, which is flying in a 2-foot chop! What a great group of people and a boat with enough power that we could place ourselves anywhere, or scoot aside and get more beads. *Wishes everybody a happy Gasparilla, an official Holiday around here*

*snork* @ Ducky's rat eatin' post!!!

thanks for nothin', Ducky.

*thirty eight rats and a snake on the plane...*

*twenty-six rats and a snake on the plane*


"twenty two..."

* is this thing on? *
I SAID Happy Gasparilla! Everybody take a deep breath. and realize this is about rescuing the kidnapped Princess from Gaspar Island and taking Tampa by force. It's all good. It was touch and go there, for a bit, but the City of Tampa is in the safe hands of the pirates, now.

You're welcome!

Thank you! ?

Okay, drinks all around, Cj--Mojitos recipe stat!

yeah, cj! thank you. i feel safer already. sigh. i waited all day but wasn't pillaged or plundered even once. hrmph.

you can keep the touch and go pictures if they are in conjunction with nekkid ladies but i'll take a peek at the rest.

He did drink the solvents, didn't he?

edgar, i don't think beer counts as a solvent.

Crossgirl beer dissolves many things. Troubles, sorrow, sanity...

"Uninvited Reptiles" is my vote for GNFARB Of The Year.

And, CJ, I am absolutely mystified about what it is you're talking about, but you nevertheless have my undying (I hope....) gratitude. Happy Gasparilla!

Welcome back, Wyo C.

*belated wave to Wyo*

Who's having Sasparilla?


CJ, We'd love to see you pictures of whatever he heck it is you're (not your) talking about. If you would like to save some effort, just concentrate on compressing and posting the ones of the naked ladies. (And naked men, if you have any, just to be fair to the blog-chicks.)

I have just one question. Could this cause a plane to crash?

*One more thing to worry about as I strap on my seat belt*

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