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January 30, 2007


Sorry for the lack of blogging today, but I am with the press hordes at Super Bowl Media Day. I can report that there are large individuals on both teams, and everybody is focused on winning the big game, which will take place this weekend, most likely Sunday. This has been your Super Bowl update.


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There's a football game this Sunday???

Your lady bloggers would like to meet some of those large individuals....Take notes..

They have a whole day where the media gets to play in the Super Bowl? I guess this isn't televised because they're all, well, playing the game.

mm - Don't you mean get their phone number?

First dibs on Peyton!

What is this game you speak of? Where will it be played? Will there be beer involved? Will Tom Tancredo suffer a "costume malfunction" during half time???

Ewww, Sioux. Man boobs. Italian politician man boobs. Wait, that's redundant.

I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Dave, can you take some crapcam photos in the locker room for us gals???

Large men in towels or lack there of....we're not picky.

So, pictures of large towels without men would be okay, Siouxie??

Let us know if you hear anything other than:

...play ball-control offense.
...establish the running game.
...stop the big play.
...dominate the line of scrimmage.
...pound it out on the ground.
...air it out more.
...open up the passing lanes.
...take care of the football.
...just go out and execute.
...make plays on both sides of the ball.
...go out there and play smash-mouth football.
...just play Colts/Bears football.
...stick to the game plan.

make sure they give 110%, Dave!

um...no, jon.

Men + towels = GOOD

Men - towels = BETTER

Towels - men = not so much

Thanks, Olo. That sums it up. So, Dave is just there for the photo opp girls and beer. Guys!

wardrobe malfunction
is dave without a blue shirt
you know i'm right - snap

game notwithstanding
we blog on without knowing
what that big word means

i will watch the game
if sleeping on the sofa
with TV on counts

Please take my 1:05 and move it to the other thread.

I am dizzy in my glee to be away from the 24 thread. I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Dave, please ask Mrs. Blog to take the locker room pictures - somehow I think hers might be better.

Also if someone can figure out what program you need to access video at this site, we might be able to see Dave live at Media Day.

maybe woe should get in touch with Mrs.Dave. She'll understand.

And Siouxie's right: towels-men=laundry

So lets get this straight from a South African perspective, the game is being played in Miami right. That means the home will be the Miami Dolphins. The other city that's bitching about the game being in Miami is Denver, so that means the other team is the Denver Broncos. The only problem is that somebody mentioned Peyton Manning, and everyone knows he's the QB for the Indianapolis Colts. I'm getting confused.

I'm not into the Super Bowl that much, except for the commercials. But I would love to be there in person. Especially if there are any wardrobe malfunctions being planned. Although I hear the main entertainment this year is Prince, who is not necessarily known for being a woman.

Med, it's in the right thread, no??

YES, Michelle should take them. She is, afterall, a reputable sports journalist. (and a woman with good taste!)

Man, Schade, I gotta disagree. You just know that if they had another wardrobe malfunction, it would be Britney or Paris. Bleerch.

Mot - Super Bowl site selection is done years in advance, independently of the teams that make it to the contest in a given year. So the host site may or may not have its own team in there.

FYI, the Chicago Bears are playing the Indianapolis Colts.

Mot - Get out of the sun. Drink fluids. :)

Must... refrain... from..... more.. bad.... sexist... puns...!

"Although I hear the main entertainment this year is Prince, who is not necessarily known for being a woman."

(contemplates going there....)

nah, too easy.

Annie, I'm watching a live feed on Real Player.

Me, too. (RealPlayer)

OK guys, I had you going there, although I'm not an expert and there're some things I don't understand, I do follow the NFL and, I hate to admit it, my team is the Broncos who couldn't even get to the post season this time around because Mike Shanahan decided to change QB's halfway through the season. Jay Cutler only really started to throw a good game towards the end of the season.

whewwww, Mot! I was worried there for a min.

Rats - I have Real Player on my other pc.

If Lovie Smith has a wardrobe malfunction, I'm outta here.

Mot, you big tease! I thought we girls had the corner on that market.

*looks around to see where I dropped my towel*

I love football, from the opening tipoff to the 9th inning. Great game.

Imagine if it was Lovie Dungy and a very ordinary sounding Tony Smith.

Looks like it's over anyway, Annie.

No Dave sightings. :(

What's not to love?? Large men with tight butts running around trying to get some skin. And with names like "tight-end" and "wide-receiver" and "long snapper"...be still my heart!

My homepage tells me I should liven up my superbowl party with lassos. I think that is a grand idea. Whadda y'all think?

Now if you girls are feeling deprived I'm sure the guys on the blog would be willing to do the dance of the 7 veils towels.

We're gonna need a bigger towel.

casey - sounds good. If you decide to include spurs also, can I get an invite?

*sits back to watch the dancing*

Let the towels fall where they may, boys!!!!

Mot - after the unfortunate incident at the Motel 6(next thread), we can't encourage that kind of behavior.

awww Annie!! we can't???


Siouxie - shhh - I'm using reverse psychology.

Annie the Motel 6 towels are vertically challenged, but seeing that they've all been ripped off anyway, we'd need to visit Bed, Bath 'n Beyond where they have a special on those really big fluffy ones.

ohhhhh...gotcha, Annie

um...carry on then.

Wow, guys -this was all over the Colorado papers! WTG, Dave. I never knew I could blow an entire chocolate long john through my nose before!

Cindy NJ

And yeah, it's been too long since I checked into the blog.

Mot - I recommend we get bath towels and bath sheets. Bigger is better, baby!

Dave, did you remind Peyton that he is playing against a GATOR quarterback this year? This IS the Gators year - so the Bears have this one in the bag. Poor Peyton - the Gators were always his nightmare in college - some things never change. I bet he dreams about Orange & Blue at night :)

Med, I was gonna give the blog boys a hand towel *EG&trade'*

Med, I didn't want to boast. Some of the other guys were also a little worried about overexposure

For some reason, the term Yogurty Tancredos is now running through my brain. That WBAGNFA Tejano band.

Mot - 'fluffy' can only do so much.

DAVE - if you see my friend, Bill Plaschke (LA Times), please say 'hi'. Mrs. Blog knows who he is. He's tall, bald, and quite good-looking.

Carry on, folks - nothing to see here.

I guess they dont have a "genius day" for the super bowl.....I keep forgetting Dave is part of the media..

He gets to interview football players. He's going to have a 'field' day. Literally.

Dave - make a note to hire bodyguards that are NOT ex football players.

Sorry to all my family in Chicago but...

GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

*comes in with stack of very small towels for the blog boys, lays them by the bar*

Come and get 'em, guys! There's beer, too!

Why, Dread, your invite is in the mail ;).

*Enthusiasm returns*

hand towels...my thoughts exactly, Suzy.

*thinks the boys are shy all of the sudden*

Yeah, Siouxie. What's up with that? They were all for your blue thong.

Yo, Ato24, better start practicing this one, cuz the Colts don't have one. Neener etc.


Do they let you ask questions? That would be a blast.

"Rex! How many somersaults can you do before you throw up?"

"Peyton! Considering Urlacher's speed, do you think Chili-Cheese is the all-time best Frito flavor?"

Total double standard here, Suzy.

I am perfectly willing to wear a handtowel loin cloth.

Just not here at work.


*takes handtowel from head*

I've tried wearing it on my head, but it kept slipping down over my eyes. So now I wear it on my head.

"Yeah, Siouxie. What's up with that? "

Can someone please SNORK that? I'm in a meeting.

now THAT'S more like it!!!

*passes popcorn around to the gals*

One of the channels on our TV has just followed an episode of CSI Miami with a re-run of Nip Tuck. I don't know if they're trying to tell us something with this Miami overdose, but it does remind me of why I think the people of Miami are weird.


*glares at Mot*

Mot, has anyone explained "hot wax" to you?

Weird in a nice way Sooz.

Loud snorks for Hammie and Dread!

uh huh

Siouxie - you are the exception that proves the rule.

(Lindsay "Appendix in the freezer" Ho-han is in the middle of that group. Eww.)

Press whores? You mean Paris and Britney? Oooh press hordes.

Annie I know who Bill Plaschke is he's on that show Around the Horn sometimes.

Mot, you lucked out...had to use all my hot wax on Hammie's furry enthusiasm this morning...but I'll get more ;-)

Loincloths 'n turbans, mmmmmm, soon we'll be discussing the temples of a thousand delights. Ah! the smell of camel dung on the desert air can still get the hormones a jigglin'.

Chris, we're just such a lively bunch down here! Unfortunately, skank hoes like Twatney, LiLo & Paris partying down here all the time dont do much to help our 'image'.

*borrows an extra apostrophe from Darren*


Perhaps the guys might like a nice mojito to go with those towles?

Good popcorn.

I guess it's time to throw in the towel.

*think the blog gals fainted*

From fright or delight?

perhaps a little of both???

Mot- re the loincloths and turbans - see this

"And one! and two! and Jazz Hands! Jazz Hands!"
"Now into the chorus line and Kick! and Kick!"
"Now offstage, stage left! Keep smiling!"

"Thank you, Ladies! We'll be here all week!"

I pick delight! ;)

um...Hammie...you dropped your hand towel...here...here's a towlette. *eg*


I'm off to bed, nite all

Nite nite, Mot!

don't forget your towel!!!

On that note...I'm off! Thanks all for the laffs and thanks boys for the...um...show.

*tosses a handful of dollar bills @ the blog dudes*


g'night, Mot

*chats up Zania*
*heads out with her*

See y'all... later.

I didn't even know the Bears had a fight song. "Bear down" - the last time I heard that was in labor & delivery.

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