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January 29, 2007


Be careful whose car you hit.


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You just gotta laugh at some people's dumb luck.

But not mine today!! First, yeeah!

ack, Shaq was attacked

you know, if regular police officers hung out down by the bars more often, they might happen to catch more criminal activity too.

Officer O'Neal reporting for duty! I saw the interview with these morons and Shack shoulda tasered them.

Rob writes for the paper too??

Cool. :)

judi, not enough donut shops near the bars.

Why am I not surprised that the Shaq drives an Escalade. Either that or a Hummer I guess.

Cookie, good catch! I believe there was an article posted a few months ago that was also written by the younger Barry. I'm sure there have been more.

Good job, Rob.

Well, I was about to agree with judi, but Siouxie just made an excellent point.

Wow. Police officers have bodyguards. Miami is tough!

"Rondon said he and his friend were shocked to see the 7-foot-1 O'Neal step out of the Escalade's driver seat.

I would be too!

(That is to say, if I were to ever be involved in a hit and run anything. Which, of course, I wouldn't be. But like just imagining for a minute, if I were...then I would be able to relate.)

YAY Rob!

Hitting a car, then seeing a 7'1" African-American man standing there might make me run for it too. I would require a clean thong, for sure.

*wonders if Mot is going to be Darren all day*


Cookie, Dagwood says he was only kidding.

*snork* @ shazam!!! I so remember that.

Mot caught it from Meanie

lol, judi!

judi, are you implying that irregular police officers hang out down by the bars?

mmmmmm, handcuffs.....

OT comment:

i am so sorry to be so late, but there ia a poem now posted on the 'python' thread. a bit lighter than my last few, i hope you like it.

true story that i am not making up: the reason i am late posting the snake poem is that i was giving blood. you know before they let you give blood they check your blood pressure, temperature, etc., and my temperature was 95.6 which is what, like three degrees below "normal"? i attribute this to the fact that the temperature outside is like seven degrees and i am freezing my a55 off. so third world or not, miami is looking better all the time.

Did Shaquille say: "Stop, or I'll shoot!"

mud, loved the poem! come to miyami and we'll warm ya up. we have a kissing booth set up an everythang! mrs. mud goes to the other booth where the guys set up their own. we're equal opportunity goodwill ambassadors.


(that "?" was meant for my last post)

So I'm still Daddy's Little Princess?


siouxie: didn't want to bring this up, but mrs. mud is a big part of the reason that i'm so cold (no that's not what i meant, stop that) she is, uh... er... chronologically at a certain point in her life where she prefers the thermostat in the house set at, say 60, IFYWIM. NTTAWWT, dear.

LOL Lisa!Slam dunk!

ahhh...mud. say no more! in that case...tuff sh!t.

Lisa - I thought you were lending that to Darren.

mm - I/we deny having given any form of illness to Mot/Darren. Well...paranoia, possibly, but I wasn't alone in that.

Mud - snakes are cold-blooded creatures. Are you sure they were taking your temperature?

Was the kid arrested for "traveling" away from the scene of the crime?

ew, meanie. ew.

things no one will ever say:

"Who was that 7 foot tall, large-footed black man, who arrested us?"

"I don't know, but he should work on his free throws."

Did anyone notice that this article was written by Rob Barry. I wonder if Dave's son is putting his math degree to use by writting a sports column?

At24: Eagle-eye Cookie noticed it too. See 1:26 pm post.

I they can Sophie on the staff, it'll be a 4-Barry publication.

...and IF I could type, I might actually make sense (OK, maybe that's a stretch....)

Meant to say: "If they can get Sophie on the staff..."

Meanie, blame it on the other you.

Best lines of the piece:

''I couldn't believe that,'' Rondon said. ``Of all the people. I mean, damn.''

Still *snorking* over the picture of this 18 year old moron seeing Shaq getting out of his Escalade. Talk about your worst nightmares!

Global warming?

The math thing for Rob must've just been a back-up plan, in case there's some sort of nepotism clause at the Herald.

Why would anyone leave the driver's door open while they're away from the car? I think Shaq kinda deserved to get his door ripped off (assuming that was the "unknown damage.")

Also, Shaq's a Detective? Don't most police officers take years to make Detective?

Geezer alert, random thought: When my mother lived in NY, her car was hit by Art Carney's.

BJJB - Oh, for Pete's sake. I leave the door open when I am putting groceries in, maybe I put the cart back w/o shutting the door first. It happens. The thing was that the kid hit a car and then left the scene. Bad form!

'He was going to stop, but then we saw the Escalade chasing us,'' Rondon told The Miami Herald on Sunday. ``We got scared and kept driving, you know?''

Uh huh.

What was an 18 year old doing leaving a "club" at 4 am is the real question.

mud, your ode to the charmed snake was lovely, just lovely.

FCDA says most people who leave the scene do so because they've been drinking and if they can not get caught, they usually (in many cases) turn themselves in the next morning, and there's no alcohol in their system to be tested....

The really cool thing is that Shaq is a Miami Beach reserve officer. (I think it's cool anyway.)

"You see this cop Shaq is a bad mother--
(Shut your mouth)..."

I think that's cool too, Lisa. :)

Shaq needs a bodyguard?

Cool, Rob's on the staff, too. Is he thinking about writing humor?

Cool that Shaq's a police officer. Seems like so many of the other hotshot sports players are committing crimes.

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