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January 30, 2007


"He's not the first media pundit from a Third World Country to take a shot at me, and certainly he won't be the last."


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judi! you're a live!! I was about to go look for you!

and you're alive too!!

that darn Darren's got me all confuzzled now!

Like I said, I didn't vote for 'im.

Bloglits: Line forms to the left for blue shirts; for those who are already in uniform, queue up on the right for your TPeashooter™ and amunition. (I believe we got Charmin again.)

To war!!!!!

She's a live something, that's for sure!!

CH - wouldn't TP'ing Denver come under the heading of 'decorative improvements'?

Kudos to Annie for being quoted in the Denver Post!

Besides, the TP would just blend in with the snow. I'm thinking Paint Balls. In the thigh.

Dave, I think some hot water and antibacterial soap will cure that pundit condition. Just sayin.

To The Dave!!!
This is what we've been training for..
(don't forget to duck)

*wearing her blue thong*

is that good enough???

Maybe this would work better?

Judging from the comments at the end of the article, it would appear that most Tancredo supporters are named Darren. They are posting under hominames or synonames or whatever those fake names. are called; I can't think. of the word right now.

and, YAY Annie! Them's fighting' words, yeah....

That's ALL you need to wear, Siouxie! I like the new uniform - let's make it universal!!

*thinks about his on hairy @ss*

Or maybe not.

and I'm just wondering why no mention is made of Darren's letter in the Denver Post article. It couldn't be that they were embarassed...

"his own," even. Sheesh.

And I thought that most of the commenters there seemed to be named Wayne. Or maybe even Duwayne.

I'm still stinging over the fact that Miami has no ski resorts.

Schadeboy, I blame Al Gore.

I think stinging rebuttal is illegal here in Georgia...

People actually get their panties in a twist over that column? Talk about inferiority complexes (or is it complices?).

I dunno, Siouxie - if you could get Algore to give a lecture in Miami on global worming, you might get a blizzard... seems to be his pattern, lately. Poor demagogue just can't get a break.

no, al gore would have the opposite effect.Just sayin'...

<...Is thinking that Tancredo is not very Tancredible>

Congrats to Annie Where for being quoted in the article! They're (Fourth-world Denver reporters) now making news out of blog comments...I better start working on my talking points..er..blogging points!

Thanks, guys. I think they misspelled my name. Oh, wait, it's the Denver Post, so they didn't spell it at all.
OT/Speaking of spelling, this morning my son placed 3rd in the school spelling bee, simply because a judge misheard him! My kid was livid("Mom, do they think I'm that stupid?!"), I appealed, a bunch of audience members said they heard him correctly, but they wouldn't redact. It was so bad the head judge came over to him afterward and apologized.
Since he was competing with a bunch of older kids, I didn't expect him to win. We approached as a 'have fun' event. At least I thought we did. But he was pissed to lose that way, poor guy./OT rant. :(

I get the feeling the things Dave Barry says to his friends in private emails and behind closed doors is even funnier than the stuff we read in the papers.

YAY Annie's son!! congratulations!!! we are all very proud of him and pfffffffffft to the judge in need of a hearing aid!

Annie, he's a winner in my book, regardless of the fact that Darren from Denver was a judge.


Give him my congrats!

Soooo... your son got tancredoed, eh? Sorry to hear it.

*snork* @ CH - yes, he did. But he'll get them next year.

btw - remember when you used to color in the eyeballs of people in pictures, cartoons, etc. until their eyes were solid black orbs? That's what Tancredo's eyes looks like. Like the bad guy in a 'Little Orphan Annie' cartoon.
Oops - geezer bus is here for me.

It's all those gumballs he eats. You'd think it would mellow him, but just like a dose Benadyl sometimes ensures that your tot will get you kicked off the plane instead of going peacefully to sleep, his mellow is 100% harshed.

Tancredo has Shark eyes?


{{ Annie's son }}
Annie, with your incredible gift, you oughta write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

*popping popcorn, pouring Pepsi, getting comfy to watch the sparks fly between Denver & Miami*

This may actually become more exciting than this season of "24"!

That's a pretty low bar there, Val. :-)

"He's not the first media pundit from a Third World Country to take a shot at me, and certainly he won't be the last."
Y'know he really shouldn't encourage people to shoot at him...

Thanks, MOTW. I'm not sure how to handle this, whether to keep up the protest, or switch to the 'life isn't always fair' mode. I'm very proud of him, win or lose.
btw - his younger brother placed 2nd in his class, so next year they may both be up there competing against each other. Yipes.

Annie, you once volunteered to kick the nimbus of the alleged teacher who hosed my daughter's spelling bee run. I now offer to return the favor.

Aaw, WD, I forgot about that. What a sweet offer! Unfortunately, I can't express any anger here, in case the person in question suddenly, unexpectedly, disappears from this earth, never to be seen again. Wouldn't want to arouse any suspicions.

AWBH, you were here blogging, whenever anything might happen. We'll all testify.

Thanks, guys. Now excuse me - I gotta go see a guy about a horse. ;)

ouch...what a comeback...makes me wanna...HAVE A DRINK IN MY SHORTS IN THE WARM WEATHER AND FLIP HIM OFF

Yay, Annie and son!

Next thing you know, Dave and Tancredo will be trading "souvenirs" of their respective cities. Might I suggest spent bullet shells for Miami? I think I might be able to pick up a few in my back yard. You know, just normal leftovers from New Year's Eve.

Understood, Annie. It now occurs to me that I owe a a friend of ours a phone call, anyway.

as long as you don't use Barbaro ;-)

Oh my! I never expected blog comments to be taken seriously. If editors are now combing the internet for quotes, I'll have to start using that mysterious shift key.

Congrats to Annie's boy! Hope you get a different judge next year.

Annie, ask your son if he can spell revenge perseverance.

(Good luck next year to the bee-dudes).

Bloglits, grab your thigh-shooting guns, and hoist your bazoomage, we're marching!

War on Denver!

congrats to your son, annie. what an accomplishment! have you seen 'akeelah and the bee' and 'spellbound'? (the latter is a documentary. both are fascinating.)


"here, have one in mine"

Maybe in response, Dave and the RBRs should issue a SINGING Stinging Rebuttal.

What? It could be funny!

(Congrats to Annie's son on excellent work.)

thanks, guys. We will definitely have a different judge next year. Don't ask me how I know that. ;)

Do you all get the feeling that Tancredo is the perfect representative from "Littleton"? I think there's some serious oosik envy in play.

What's a "blog"?

I think we should establish a rule that no one is allowed to criticize The Dave unless they have been quoted by Bob Dylan.

Let us all try to side-step all the easy shots and leave the political arena. This humor takes on an ugly pallor and can only incite further rancor. Let us leave political satir to the Doonsbury author.

(Slinks in, looks around, and shouts)

Of course, another good reason to keep having the Super Bowl in Miami is that that is the only way any of the Dolphins will get to see one.

(Escapes quickly.)

Davey Dear,

Denver doesn't have a covered stadium because we don't have any LOAFER-WEARING SISSIES WHO NEED ONE!

That's an OUTRAGEOUS statement! Dave does NOT wear loafers. Flip-flops, yes. Rancid sneakers, probably. Loafers, NO.

Get your footwear facts straight there, Frozen Fanny.

Wow, there's some serious crap-throwing going on here ! I lived in Colorado back in the 80's and have fond memories of the Emerald Isle, the Little Bear, and some other great watering holes ! I also lived in Miami in the early 90's and had some good times there as well. Being a native Californian, and a Southern Californian at that, I can tell you that if you really want to sling some crap, you've got to go after the BIG guys - Trancedo is so small potatoes and so beneath our dignity ... Obviously, they have big city envy, and feel quite left out of the loop. Let us all have a moment of silence in pity.

who wears loafers these days??? ohh..maybe Tancredo??

Forgot to say *snork* @ guin !!!!!

Dave "occasionally" writes a column?? Holy Tancredo, who gnu??

*puts collander on head and picks up oosik to join march on Denver to kick some Tancredo tancredo*

"Davey dear"?!?!!?

small quiet *snork* at anonyCO

notices judi lost her shift key. dances around merrily. i am not alone! i am not an animal!

dialtone, in the first place this blog aims low. A blog must do that when it travels on motorized beer coolers. In the second place, it's just silly to suggest avoiding making fun of Schwarseneger correlates with picking on low hanging fruit!

mmmmmmmmmm, fruit loops.

It's good to see another celebrity feud heating up, gonna pop me some corn and pull up a chair. By the way, if Dave needs any help defending FL my pet squirrel, Darren, is ready to fight.

Gee, Dave, maybe you and Judi can do for Tancredo what Dan Savage did for Santorum.

wahoo, i've been thinking the same thing, but didn't care to admit it. glad i'm not alone here in the depraved section.

Crossgirl, I didn't know there was any other section here.

How did all this turn into an attack on Denver for crying out loud? We didn't ALL vote for Tancredo. Denver is a great place. Most of you have never been to Denver. I can tell because your comments are based on incorrect assumptions about what Denver is like. You east coast people think the world is just like you. Thank God it isn't. Grow up, or maybe you are just a bunch of immature yahoos who don't think, just like to yammer - at least Dave Barry has something intelligent to say and knows what he is talking about unlike a lot you. Do some research - you'll find out that Denver has one of the most educated populations in the country. Do some research and you'll find out some of the fastest growing, high income populations are in the Denver metro area. Having just come from South Beach, I'm not sure what the draw is, as it was kind of run down looking. I did enjoy the warmth, but I bet most of you folks don't know that generally, this year being an exception, Denver gets more than 300 days of sunshine annually - competitive with Florida with clearer blue skies (no humid haze). Learn a thing or two about something before you go off half cocked. Barry knows the real story and thus can properly satirize it. The rest of you could take a lesson.

I think Tom Tancredo is a fine, upstanding man.

Marie - "...your comments are based on incorrect assumptions about what Denver is like. You east coast people think the world is just like you."
someone needs to get a stronger eyeglass prescription from their proctologist.

from the comment section of theDenver Post article -
Posted By: Annie Where-but-there (30/01/2007 12:02:02 PM)

Comment: First of all, Dave likes Denver. He also likes Miami. He does NOT like ignorant, racist comments, especially coming from elected officials who are paid well to know better. Of course there are great people in both towns. Tancredo, however, is sadly delusional and an embarassment to Colorado.

Talk about unbiased reporting (not). The article failed to mention how we all got started on taking the p*ss out of Denver, Tancredo, etc.

It was Durwood.

(BTW, just in case someone might take offence, I'm using p*ss in the British sense of having a bit of fun by teasing someone.)

Shocked, shocked I am to realize that there is such a thing as biased reporting -- and a sense of humor gone missing.

I also thought the writer took Dave's comments out of context, too. It's much easier to see in the original that Dave is being a humor writer and having a bit of fun with someone who made a not-very-flattering comment about Miami.

And if you compare the amount of text quoted from Dave and the Bloggers*, the writer didn't actually write very much.

*Dave and the Bloggers would make a good name for a band, don't you think?


Endora (in case anyone was confused by the "Durwood" remark)

I have the misfortune to live in Tancredo's district ( which BTW does not include Denver ) . He has been an embarassment for a long time. The puzzling thing is why the Repub.s keep putting him up. At least when he is in Iowa, he can't do too much damage.

The elitism on this blog is incredible. Dissing everything about Denver because it isn't a hip city on the coast, like Miami or the beautiful cities of New York or Phillie. Sorry, I'm with Tancredo on this one. No way would I raise my kids in Miami. If God gives the US an enema guess where the nozzel will be inserted.

You are the worst of the elitists here. Typical liberal know-it-all. Tancredo is the only politician I know of who is making any sense on illegal immigration.

Why thank you, pete! That was so nice of you! Smooch! But you really need to get out more...if your mommy (or parole officer) lets you.

I think it needs to be emphasized that Tancredo does not represent Denver, but the sixth district which is politically very different from Denver. He makes the "third world" and "bomb a mosque" statements because it gets him attention and plays well in his district. His district is approximately 45% Tancradoes to a much smaller proportion of Democrats and Independents.

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