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January 25, 2007


This is a pretty accurate impression, here on planet Earth.

(Thanks to Kristina L.)

A note to bloglits: Email is not getting through to us today, so please be patient!


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Like we blame them???

FIRST! to say....judi?? then you didn't get my email with the hunky twins??? dang!

hat trick

la la la

I think seeing KFed serving food is a disgusting, unappetizing thought. It is an insult to the restaurant industry. Just imagine where his hands have been.................... Eeeeeewwwwww!

And they think this will increase sales. Maybe for readers of the glossy "Hello" magazine (see yesterday's thread)

*Laughs raucously at the irony of restaurant workers being insulted at having K-Fed portrayed as one of them*

*Places more burgers under heat lamp*


Med, although...it'll be a good incentive to stop eating junk food.

CUSTOMER: I'd like a Big Mac™, fries and a soda, please.


CUSTOMER: WHAT? I said, I'd like a Big Mac™, fries and a soda!




Right. Because working in a fast-food joint is what every bright, motivated adult aspires to. What are these people, burger flippers?

Maybe we should just be happy he isn't daydreaming about how he used to spend his evenings

Some of those vanity license plates baffle me, too, Lairbo.

Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce
Super Bowl ad will upset us
Make some fun but don't K-Fed us
Take him away

*snork* @ Gad

nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I'm goin' to the garden...

I'm sure they don't want him because he would insist on wearing his paper hat backwards and trying to rap "Do you want fries with that?"

actually he's a small step ahead of hix ex in the...elegance... department if he can laugh at himself, e.g. in this and his bout with Cena...

good lord, that kid is an embarrassment to his phylum...

he's too stupid to realize that this is the ultimate insult.

Federline's debut rap album, "Playing With Fire," sold a dismal 6,500 copies in its first week of release last fall.

Most of them to K-Fed himself, who couldn't remember if he had bought it yet or not.

OT - is every else having slooooowwww refresh problems with the blog?

Since you're not getting e-mail, have you seen this article yet, Davesblog?


I'm sure there's a good rock band name in that article, somewhere, too.

Yeah, that was blogged earlier this week, dorian. :-)

I suck.

Dorian, you are not allowed to abuse yourself on the Blog. That's our job.

Anderson said his organization will "make sure that our membership - many of whom are customers of Nationwide - know the negative implications this ad portrays of the restaurant industry."

like some extra boogers and spit for your "special sauce"

Stevie, is that a tribute to Bloom County?

Well, I have to confess, as a long-term member of the restaurant industry, it is the reason I found you guys.

Whilest working on my little idea,project,biz trade publication, I ran across a quote attributed to Dave.

"People who are nice to you, but aren't nice to the waiter, aren't nice people."

Right on, Dave.


Did you see this Headline?

"Nude Playboy airwoman faces probe"

OK, so the Chico (Calif.) ER has its own news website? (check the page title in your browser's title bar)

I had a boss like that once, Med. Made any occasion where I had to eat with him an excruciating experience. I wasn't crushed to be laid off from that job.

"A note to bloglits: Email is not getting through to us today, so please be patient!"

I look forward to the day when email is working and the bot is not.

Clean Hands, Having waited tables in fine dining for a little while (great $, flex schedule for single moms), I have had the pleasure of waiting on movie stars, rock bands, athletes, politicians, and fabulously wealthy people.

With a few exceptions, truly successful people are polite, kind, generous, and not condescending in any way. They don't have to step on the waiter to make themselves feel better or more powerful.

It's the wanna-bes who can be true a$$holes. And I remind myself of that when I must deal with their behavior and when they embarrass their companions. :)

If the National Restaurant Association thinks that flipping burgers is a worthwhile career choice, perhaps they should support paying their workers something better than minimum wage.

Mr Completely,

Flipping burgers is a worthwhile career opportunity. And for precisely that reason we pay our workers minimum wage. We believe work is not about the money. Flipping Burgers is about the satisfaction you get when you see little children hold the little burgers is their precious little hands for the very first time. Flipping Burgers is about the glow you get when you see a person smile after eating the burger you flipped. What amount of money can compare with that? No amount of money could generate such a warm feeling inside, and thus we figure we may as well pay our employees dirt. $1000/hour wwould not express our feelings towards our valuable employees, so we may as well give 5.

You'll take my spatula, when you pry it from my cold dead hands,

So, Mr. Completely, do you steer your business towards the most expensive or least expensive fast-food joints in town? Is your money where your heart is? Food for thought...

Actually, CH, I go where it tastes best. Besides, if McDonalds can afford to sell double cheeseburgers for 99 cents, they can pay their flippers an extra couple of bucks an hour.

Burger-flipper: "Did you know that everyone in America doesn't actually aspire to our jobs? I thought they did until I saw an insurance commercial with K-Fed that seemed to present our industry in a different light altogether."

Fry-basket tender: "Really, I am amazed. Let's contact the National Restaurant Association to see how we should feel about that!"

Yay! I got a link posted on the blog! That's my first time. Thanks, Judi!

I worked in McDonald's when I was in college. It was a great incentive to get good grades so I could get a better job when I graduated.

Congrats on getting posted Kristina! WTG!

YAY Kristina!!!


At the risk of allowing this thread to turn into a political debate, I agree with Mr.C. I stopped complaining about Starbucks™ prices when I learned about how well they treat their employees. i.e.:Well over minimum wage and health benefits for all emloyees who work at least 20 hours a week. (I'll never stop complaining about the fact that their coffee sucks, however.)

AlanBoss - try Gevalia coffee. I can't stand Starbucks either.

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