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January 27, 2007


Here's a nice essay Ridley wrote about our visit with Art last summer.


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FIRST - to not have read it yet. lol

Awe, that was so freaking sweet! He sounded like a really great guy to know.

Awesome, Ridley! (and Dave). Thanks for sharing. If smart-@ss humor is the life preserver I think it is, you're both going to live an incredibly long time. Maybe even long enough to learn a new RBR song...or watch the Marlins win the World Series...or me write a book. ;)

good article- adds to our view of Art's unique perspective on life..

How wonderful.

*wipes a tear*

Ridley, that's a beautiful essay. Makes me feel like we were there too. Thanks for sharing the experience.

Ridley........thank you

Kind of like eating a Sweet Tart: strong, sweet and somewhat sour.

The sadness of lose and the beauty of a shared, wonderful moment.

Nice, Dave. Thanks for sharing it.

Ridley made me cry. Actually, I wept.

What kind of "kid books" does he write again?

Holy smokes, doesn't this blog have some sort of kleenex alert?

Very priceless remembrances! I'll never forget being in High School competive speech, doing a humerous reading of an Art Buchwald column in many speech competitions, as if it was as natural as sunrise to try to turn-on the whole world, or at least the literate part, to this wonderful humorist's work.
If I were doing it all over now, I'd be reciting a Dave Barry column, instead: probably the one about the dumb grade school janitors who exploded themselves--- they were trying, while ensconced inside a janitors'closet and while, inexplicably, -smoking-, to chemically freeze a ground squirrel they'd just trapped!!! Dumb-@$$#$! BTW, the squirrel got away.

"...reflecting not on death, but on life and what it should mean to each of us, every single day. Like today. And tomorrow."

Words to live by. The same sentiment hit me when a good friend passed away unexpectedly ten days before Art. Do it.

My dad had a below-the-knee amputation and a prosthesis too. Just sayin.

Thanks for the link Dave..... >sniff<

If I ever need a cane, make mine an oosik.

Oh, and enjoy every sandwich!

The walrus was Paul.

Beautiful. Thanks Dave and Ridley and Art.

I think we all learned something there. Thanks for sharing it with us.

My mother was 5 when her grandfather died. Irish, the wake was held, open-casket, in the house. My mother thought Grandpa might be hungry, laying there so long, so she made him a sandwich and put it in the coffin with him. Some visitors swooned, others burst out laughing.

Enjoy every sandwich.

Who's this Ridley person?

sweet. dave you were really lucky to know him, and for sharing him with ridley. a sweet rememberance, and much better than an ordinary obit. rock on, all!

Annie--thats' a darling story. If we could pick relations--well, you'd be in the top 5.

PS Something with mayo. What the hell.

Cheryl you could always marry her son. THen you'd have the ideal mother in law.

*Makes potatoe salad

ACK! rather...

At a loss for something funny to say.

Thanks for sharing this Dve and Ridley.

*tosses an "a" up to Dave.*

*zips in*

I thought I was finished crying about the loss of Art, but it turns out I wasn''t.

I'm with Cheryl - we need a Kleenex alert.


Wow. Just wow.

I was on the Vineyard that day, getting ready to meet Dave & Ridley...to read this now, and know that the guys had had such a profound meeting while I was just waiting to grovel at their feet...just wow.

Dave, tell Ridley thanks.


Dave, A well written article by Ridley.

Dave, please tell Ridley to knock it off. Dave Barry, the Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper columnist...

Dave writes stories? Who here knew this?

Thanks Ridley. I made it through about 4000 articles on Art, none of which made me cry till yours.

Ridley, thanks.
You helped me feel the end of a great talent.
And your wording is great: "Journalists." :)
Thanks again.
Doug Seeley

Wonderful story, Ridley!

Ridley, thanks for writing. That was beautiful.

Dave, thanks for sharing Ridley with us.

That's the best thing I've read in the Post-Dispatch in a long, long time.

Someday, LONG into the future,Dave and Ridley will be taking long walks together, probably along Miami beach. Their knees will be going a little slower, but the minds will still be sharp.

The memories of Art will well up.

And he will send them a sign, only THEY will know it's from him...something they both know that could only be from him. I imaigine the "sign" will be very funny.

Great spirits fight the inevitable. And the doctors be damned.

How wonderful to know, that three of the greatest minds on earth were together sharing laughs.

Thanks you so much,DAVE and Ridley for sharing your experience. You are not only two of the most talented men on the planet, but also two of the nicest.

And we your readers are blessed to be experiencing your thoughts.

dear dave barry,
i love all of your books. they give me a greeat smile and there totally cool. i havnt finished them yet but i will soon. i love petter pan so i absoloutly love your books they are tottally awesome funny and completely adventures i hope your satasfied with all your comments.

your no. 1 fan

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