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January 31, 2007


Mozart lost one of his manhoods.


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speaking with the casual, blasé manner of someone who hasn't just had their penis cut off

I need to work on my 'manner'.

And OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh the cruelty.

Mozart get chopped just for walking erect?

How long until Mozart's, shall we say requiem, shows up on e bay?

Unfortunately, when it passed a nearby picture of Paris Hilton, the detached organ immediately shriveled into a soft lump of tissue.

The first one of you who names their rock band "Mozart's Penis" is going to hear from my lawyers!

I am glad not to be of the guy gender; I get to laugh at this without cringing.

MtB, you would have thought that they might have tried the photo of Paris/Twatney before deciding that they should just lop the offending member off.

Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, anyway, he had a spare.

I knew he shouldn't have taken that Cialis (™)!

If it does show up on Ebay, we should buy it to keep Walter company!

When asked to comment later, Mozart was quoted as saying," Hey! What the He!! did I do, huh? I was minding my own damned business and some maniac comes in with a cleaver and whacks off my lizardhood. I mean, come on!"
Mozart stated that the zoo would be hearing from his attorneys in the near future.

The comment about Jennifer Aniston's second nose job was pretty funny!

a moment of silence gentlemen - (women will never understand)

gone now the legendary member
the one the prophecy foretold
each of us has seen a glimpse
years thirteen through twenty
did our own bodies foreshadow
the coming of the eternal one
somewhere it lies turgid still
severed and never satisfied

"Detachable Iguana Penis" might bagnfa punk

All the guys can stop crossing their legs now!!

Ironically, I just received an email from a Martha Alford, who informs me that: "It will be so big she gags on it".

mozart's "magic flute" has lost its magic...

Did anyone bother to ask Mrs. Mozart??? huh?? maybe SHE didn't mind the constant erection. She's just as much a victim here people!

Judy wants to know if you can find it in your heart to extend our family by adopting this reptile rod.

maybe he'll grow a new one....

Reptile Rod(s) WBAGNFARB.

Has anyone seen Lorraina Bobbit around, lately?

"Male iguanas - including Mozart - have two penises..."

I can't tell you the number of times I've said to myself, "Man, I wish I had two penises."

Whoa! Am I going nuts (ha ha) or did the link title just change?

what happened? what did i miss?

♫ They're coming to take it away, ha ha, ho ho, hee hee....♬

They "don't see it as beig a big problem."

What if it happens again when he gets all iguana-y with a gal?

Didn't we just do this story?

"I your erection lasts for more than four hours, consult your iguana."

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