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January 14, 2007


Get ready.
(This disturbing image brought to you by Andy the Disturbing TropicHunt.com Guy™)

We will start a new post here at 8 p.m., assuming we get back from the Miami-Duke slaughter hoops game in time. Everybody remain calm.


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Dave? Is that you?

Is that Andy's ass?

(All you asses are starting to look alike to me)

punkin stole my question. well....?!!?! is it?

Well ... technically ... in a word ... NO ... that is not Andy's ass, nor is it Dave's ass ... it is a pair of boxer shorts emblazoned with heiroglyphs of some obscure quasi-religious sect (not s3x) ... which happen to be COVERING someone's ass ...

Which, as y'all know, is the guiding principle of many people ... CYA ... merely sayin' ...

I don't even wanna think about what happens between 1:00 A.M. and the following midnight...

OtheU...........you are waaaaaaaaaaay too deep for this group. I'm just thinkin' he/she has a tick stuck in their arse

Yes that's a disturbing image. And what on earth is being depicted on this matchbook cover?

And there are Arkansas gals with more hirsute arms

CJ.....can they impregnate that into a condom? Could be a money-maker!!

was going to make a comment about having something in boxers lasting for an hour, but thought better of it. family blog and all.

Best I can do on short notice, some condoms for Jazzzzzz.

do they give those out by the pound? just what are you weighing on that scale?

That was a place I visited for work on Friday. Based upon the predominance of speedos, I think they measure their balzacs. Lets just say everyone there dressed with a sense of fashion. NTTIAWWT.

Family blog feh! If my family comes here, where am I then to go for my guilty pleasures, between midnight and 1am or otherwise?

OK ... ya want shallow, I can do shallow ...

... um ... "Well, whose ever ass it is, it's a dang fine one, too ... if y'all are into that sorta th ... um ... nevermind ..."

*snork* at all youse guys

More condoms!

(Gotta be safe, after all.)

I wonder how much sex there would be if there were a weigh in prior to the match? Just wondering. Hmmmm.......

Apparently 24 has wooed a critic - yet again. Check out this link on Yahoo. It's difficult to miss the critic's breathy excitement! I got excited just reading it!! Yes, the DVR is SET!
P.S. Nice buns! Er, no that's not right...

That picture is indeed Tropic Hunt Guy. He warned told me about this before hand.

And he will be on hand later tonight to join in the blogging mayhem!

And yes, I DO resent that they put the opening episode against Desperate Housewives! What's a couch potato to do?? Thank my cable company (who will remain nameless as they're rich enough already) for DVR!

*snork* @ Glix's condoms.

Yes. That is my ass.

Yes, Jack Bauer is covering my ass. Er, so to speak.

Mrs. tropichunt.com guy™ ("tropichunt.com gal™") is very proud of it.

The photo, I mean. And other things.

That is all.



New rating.

Hey THC Guy; what would Mrs. THC Guy think about a thread about your rear view leading to a condom reference within 10 posts?

I'm not going there.....really

C'mon, THC guy...where's the "NTTAWWT"?

*Evil Grin™*

After rescuing my dog I come home in time to my favorite blog and a 24 frenzy. The questions I have so far for the crowd and of course Dave and Judy:

1. Is Edgar still DEAD?
2. Is Chloe (gawd if I liked girls she'd be the one) going to rescue Jack?
3. Will Audrey ever stop crying?
4. Is Jack still on the slow boat to China?
5. Which character do you want to resurrect or banish forever?


isn't the new lawyer weenie from Aly McBeale the same lawyer weenie from Chicago Hope?

You're right, Toc. He'll probably be playing lawyer weenies the rest of his life.

(When he's not doing other roles).

Mrs. tropichunt.com guy™ here and I have to say that this shot shows off MR. tropichunt.com guy™ best ASSets....

BTW...she's always been telling me that one day my a** would be famous. :)

Regarding the condom references...as long as their use doesn't relate in any way, shape or form to my a**...both she and I are fine with 'em.

blurk: NTTAWWT! 8)

tm: Apparently, Jack can't be on a boat that is slow enough, as tonight's episode begins 2.5-Freakin' years later! Man is his cell phone battery gonna be low!

As some folks may not have access to PBS tonight due to terrorists 24 fans hijacking the remote, I will attempt to provide updates on Nature - following up with Masterpiece Theatre; if I can stay awake through both... .

That is all.

Now, whoever thought the following would be a completely appropriate, on-topic comment?

Hey, Andy! Disturbing Nice ass.

My work here is done.

Easy there, jon, or you're gonna need a Kevlar kilt to protect those thighs!

do those shorts say the cock is ticking?

*Snork* at crossgirl

It says "the cock is LEAKING"

Hello everyone. I just want to say I loved your blogs last season. I didn't have a laptop, so I was reading them the next morning. Now that I do have one, may I join you?? Pretty please? (I am having a hard time remaining calm as instructed.)

lovely pic...can't wait until the Bauer Power Hour. Just testing my post time.
bleep boop beep

Rosebud...take it easy...breathe, that's it...

Of course you can join in.


go bears and yay the return of the Jack Bauer power hour!

inhaling. exhaling. Whew, that's better. Merci beaucoup, gracias, and thanks! I'll see you in an hour or so!

welcome Rosebud!!

Welcome, Rosebud! And whoever said anyone here is clam tonight? Not I! Certainly not after having viewed THCguy's ass!

I do hope everyone brought their favorite beverage of choice. By the second hour, comments should be especially...erm...analytical and thoughtful. Yeah, that's it.

Oh, hell. Not "clam," CALM.

Must-bookmark link for 24 fans:


I bet the NE and SoCa bloglits are anything, but clam.

clam clam clam clam clam clam clam clam......now I'm not calm

Would a kind hearted bloglit please post the link for Wyo's "Dave's Boogers" page?

i wish to remain clam, but they found out i can't dance.

Not calm here, I've been excited for this all day. Unfortunately I'm still in the technological middle ages, and we don't have a working wireless router to go with my laptop so I can't blog along. I did, however, pick up a VCR to tape tomorrow's--thanks everyone who suggested DVR or Tivo, but we decided we wanted to be able to watch the cassettes we still own, too!

Oh, and THCguy, where can I get a pair of those for Mr. bookworm? The boxers, I mean...he has a lovely pair of ASSets already.

Not calm in the least....

Just a word of warning.... Since this is going to be two hours long tonight, it might take me a bit longer than usual to post the summaries of both hours. I will post the summary as soon as I can.

wyo's page.

Thanks, cg!!

You got your Quohogs, your cherry stones, your scallops, your heel-splitters, your oysters, your mussels, your coquina, your cockles [*snork*, I said cockle], your jack pins, your little necks, your razor clams [which, in grad school, we called 'the Grad Student Meal Plan'], clam chowdah [NE], clam chowder [the other one], clam strips, steamed clams, fried clams, linguine and clam sauce, your fried oyster Po' Boy, your steamed oysters with horse radish and Texas Pete....

OK, I was having too much fun there.

*puts out trays of steamed Shallotte River Salty Soupbowl oysters on the BlogBar*

Clambake! Woot!


Andy, nice butt!

although you 'look' a bit uptight...relax!!!

Clambake! Woot!

Aw, shucks, CJ. Thanks for the oysters.

I can't believe they're putting this against Desperate Housewives tonight!


oh and just for my N.E. friends...GO PATS!!!

w0000t! 24 in HD tonight!

TropicHunt: Nice one!
Do you have a matching Jacksack? ;)

*snork* @ the dancing clams. For a cold beer from the BlogBar, which are the swimming clams?

[google is cheating; cheaters get warm, light beer]

*shoots a chicken in the thigh as a sacrifice to the gods and goddesses of Typepad, just in case it gets a hankerin' to act up again*

CJ?? can I have some shrimp too??? I'm not too keen on the booger-type foods.


*snork* at blurk's shucks.

scallops are clams?

Just turned on FOX....."Less than 30 minutes till the new season of 24"!!

*waves hello to Leetie*

Dunno, cg...we don't get to do much oyster huntin' in MT.

They do make a nice potato, though.

clam taters?

I think Typepad might melt, Suzy Q....lots of folks here tonight!

Siouxie, that's cheesy.

There was a...um...frontal shot...featuring JackSack™, but this is a family blog...


bookworm: JC Penney's is where she got 'em. She also got me Monty Python and the Holy Grail ones, too, which I wore to Spamalot yesterday. In the back, they read: "I fart in your general direction!"

clams got legs?

CJ, you forgot clams on the half shell and stuffies (stuffed clams)

I've got Sangria and WinTV - which puts Blog adjacent to 24... Meaning that I can watch and type at the same time (asuming I can stay awake that late.... Sigh...)

Andy, you wore just your boxers to the theater?? how posh!

blurk ?? ;-P

And, my favorite, clam cakes.

clams got stuff?

Everybody needs stuff.

Siouxie: How was I supposed to know that that wasn't proper theater attire?!?

*had the yummiest crab cakes today*

OT Movie recommendation:

Pan's Labyrinth. Very. Good. Spanish.

back to 24 countdown...

As you all well know (crossgirl), I'm gonna see that next sunday. I should get some Spamajammies. We'll start a new trend, Andy!

14 minutes; I'm all atwitter.

We have tickets to Spamalot ... for 3 months from now. Plenty of time to buy my hubby some Monty Python boxers, he'll be so thrilled!

15 MINUTES !!!

Congrats Mountain Oyster [blurk]. Yes, scallops are the least calm clam; they swim! It's a hoot to snorkel after scallops; if you miss on the first try, they swim off, flapping their jaws like a yenta!

*passes blurk a fine, cold Fat Tire*

I don't know what to be more excited by.. the lovely behind on top of this page or the fact I'm only 14 minutes from seeing my Chloe again.



Just read Stephen King's review of s6 and he dropped some interesting hints:

"This time the threat—and no, I’m not going to tell you what it is—seems too plausible. When I got to the shocker that ends episode 4, I could understand Jack Bauer’s expression of disbelief; it’s a perfectly human reaction to what has just happened. And yet at the same time I’m sitting in my office chair and thinking, This could really happen. And at some point, it probably will. I suppose my reaction was intensified by having just finished Nelson DeMille’s
excellent novel Wild Fire, which deals with a similar scenario...

Link to Amazon's Wild Fire page: http://tinyurl.com/y7lk9q

Wild Fire's an excellent book (I just finished listening to the audiobook a couple months ago) and if 24's running along similar lines, it may be hard to be against the villains.

*acknowledges scallop was a WAG*

*chugs Fat Tire anyway*


You're back! Just in time to scoop up your Chloe girl again.

10 minutes till 24, 15 more minutes of NE-SD.


thbbppfftttt siouxie! :P

welcome back from having a life! we missed you!

Hiya SuzyQ! *passes you a margarita*

I am indeed. Someone hasta drool on her sweater sets.


what life?

where's the beer?

Oooohhh.. Very intriguiging! I just read the Amazon review of that book. Hmmmmm...!

SuzyQ! wolfie! Leetie!!!

I brought the wine.

8 minutes.

This is going to get real interesting when I kick my son-in-law out of the living room if the football game isn't over.

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