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January 12, 2007


As you know -- because you have been changing your underpants on an hourly basis for two weeks now and are experiencing third-degree chapping --  the new season of 24 -- Season Six -- begins Sunday and Monday nights with a special two-night, four-hour premiere.

When last we saw Jack Bauer, he had been kidnapped by evil Chinese communist evildoers, who no doubt intended to kill him, until they found out that he had signed a three-year contract, void if he was dead. (Speaking of which, Edgar still is.) After viewing the trailer for the new season, we know a few things about the plot:

1. Evil terrorists will be committing evil acts of terrorism.

2. Jack will shoot and stab them.

In other words, it will be the same plot as always. Good! That is why we tune in. As for the cast, we note a few interesting wrinkles:

-- The President of the United States is now the brother of Deceased President AllState Insurance, and he looks a lot like Gary Payton of your World Champion Miami Heat, the team that kicked the butt of the Dallas Mavericks and their billionaire owner, Mark Cuban. .

-- One of his key advisors is the lawyer weenie from Ally McBeal. He is also, according to judi, a numbers weenie from the cast of the show NUMB3RS who is going into space. So he is one busy weenie.

-- Chloe has a new hair color, but we still love her very much.

-- Kumar, of Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, has joined the cast. We are very excited about this, and are hoping against hope that Kumar will get Jack to share a doobie, thus causing hours 5 through 17 to consist of the two of them ordering pizza and watching tractor-pulling competitions on ESPN-37.

-- Some new dude with a scraggly moustache is also in the cast, and he looks a little like Rony Seikaly, who also played for the Miami Heat before they became the World Champions by kicking the butts of the Dallas Mavericks.

This blog will be tuning in Sunday night to watch the show along with literally billions of other people all over the solar system; we invite you to join us here. Be sure to stay tuned afterward when the Amazing Steve™ posts his summary of the show, which is almost always better than the actual show. (At least we assume Steve will be doing this.)

As for the Monday episodes: This blog will be traveling Monday evening. We will try to get to a TV in time to watch the third and fourth episodes along with the rest of you, but in case we don't make it, we'll pre-post something here so you can comment.

That is all for now. Get ready.


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can't comment now!! There's No Time!!!

Woohoo! Can't wait!


um...do we have to wait till Sunday to grab that free beer???

Thank the Lord and pass the peas - Jack is Back!! My life (such as it is) can resume.

I have a shocking confession to make. I've actually missed out on the last few seasons of 24, but y'all have me thinking that I really need to make time in my busy schedule to catch it this season.

So... anyone care to give me the high points of the last few seasons? Wehn last I was paying attention, the President lay dying from a fatal handshake; I think this was the end of Season 2, right? What's happened since then?

Well. That was fun. Anybody else notice how much Mark Cuban and The Mavs resembled OSU?

Happy travels, Blog.

pssst, ch, who's jack bauer?

jumps up and down and waves to gypsy!!

Wow CH - there've been like 3 new Presidents (one or two of whom were real weenies) - numerous thighs were damaged by high velocity projectiles eminating from Jack's gun. Chloe saved Jack 1 billion time by using her cell phone. Edgar died.

Haaaaaay Crossgirl!!! Did Siouxie mention free beer???...??? it's Friday and it's 3:30 here, which means it's 5:30 there, which means I should be drinking.

i'm waiting on the free percocet.

actually off to nana's 97th b'day party. will have to indulge later!


Guess who forgot about the two day event and scheduled dinner out with friends for Monday night, two weeks after our VCR died so we can't tape the show???

Okay, there is a solution to this. I'll be at Walmart or Best Buy first thing in the morning to replace the dead machine. After all, I didn't catch up on the first four seasons last summer to start missing hours now!

CH - the plot summary is that terrorists of various flavours have many killed people in various ways and tried to get Jack unsuccessfully. Jack has killed many terrorists. Numerous good guys and gals have turned out to be secret bad guys. Kim has gotten into many cliff hangers but always comes out alive. Chloe (new since season 2) is a computer goddess who helps Jack break into anything when not tasering annoying drunks. Various presidents have come and gone but we were only in good hands with President Allstate. Wearing a red shirt and being a CTU security guard is still a death sentence. Hobbits may be able to destroy the one ring of power in Mordor, but they make weenie bosses and can't hang onto their identification badges and access cards.

Jack is still having the longest day of his life.

50 hours and 22 minutes to go! I need my fix!

Sorry, CH, but for a thorough re-cap you should probably try the '24 permalink.'

The beauty of 24 is in the suspension of disbelief, and beer. Forget about catching up!

*clunks frosty beer mugs onto blog bar*

By the way, did anyone else flip though the other CTU folks and notice that Bill Buchanan and Karen Hayes are married now???? It also looks like Chloe's ex will be a regular.

Quote heard on radio ad for 24: "Put down your weapon in the name of the President of the United States!"

That's either got to be a Clinton joke or the writing has really slipped...

Wow, Arctic AI, thanks for the recap.

I'll try that, CJRun, but I suspect I'd still be reading 51 hours and 20 minutes from now.

Nana...sniff - enjoy her CG - I miss my Nana, but she was 88 when she passed, so we had lots of good time together.

I'm with you on the percocet - who can we depand on to get that out to us - quickly and in great quantity??

Guy with Scraggly mustache is actually returning from Season 1. He was on for a few episodes in the middle in the Chloeish role.

Bookworm - break down and get a Tivo. You know you want to. And you won't regret it.

Do you think I could get them to install it by Monday? I kinda doubt it.

I can't wait. The DVR is set and ready for Jack in HD.

I have to take issue, however, with the comments about the Dallas Mavericks. The Heat better watch out this year (if they can even make it to the finals with all of the injured senior citizens on the roster) because Dallas is ready to win a championship!

*zips in*

I have never watched it but I heard that a fave of mine Rick (don't call me Ricky) Schroder is joining the cast.

And as I am still in mourning over his death on NYPD Blue, I thought this would be a good way to move on.

I see Dave didn't mention him, so I don't know what that means, exactly.

Also, because I live on the Left Coast I won't be able to blog with y'all, which I couldn't have anyway because I have a PC which is not in the same room as the TV but I digress.
But the threads will have more meaning the next day.

I'm very much looking forward to this.

*waves good-bye for now* Boss is letting me go home early - libations here I come!!!

I love my boss

Oh, drat and double-drat. I overlooked the little time zone issue. Pooperoni.

*snork* at pooperoni, CH. I may have to borrow that one!

About installing Tivo - go to Best Buy and ask. Once mine was delivered to my house, it took one call to Tivo to acitivate and one hour of setup before mine was recording.

I like President Payton!! He's the kind of guy that would trash talk you before, during, and after the debate. And while he's dribbling up the court and trash talking you, would fire a blistering pass under your outstretched arms to a streaking Flash Wade on the baseline for an easy lay-up. And then he'd trash talk you on the way back on D before stealing the ball and taking it full court to the hole. That's what I'm talking about, bi-otch!

If only Payton's feet were still as fast as his mouth.

I have not ever watched 24. I tried 23, but found even that too violent, so I am beginning with 8.
In 8, Jack is only 8 (get it?) and is still called "Johnny". He has not yet learned to shoot anyone in the thigh, but has mastered peeing his pants. He mostly hides from bullies (some with suspiciously Russian accents). He has yet to be kidnapped, but has been shoved headfirst into a toilet. I think I am beginning to see where his adult pent-up hostilities may come from. Will keep you posted.

bookworm, I suppose any DVR would work without an 'installation' by the cable company. It seems to me, you would just need to know if you're cable is delivered digitally. Check your provider's website for 'Digital TV.'

I don't have any percocet, but I've got plenty of hydrocodone, Xanax, and Ambien. Mix those with a little wine and we've got a winner.

Punkin - There's violence in 24? I had no idea.

I thought only blurk everyone shoots people in the thigh.

But no animals were harmed during the filming......

rita - We must have the same physician. Or you have been in my medicine chest. You naughty girl!

1. Cookie is right about Rick[y] Schroder joining the cast. I saw it on Larry King's special "Jack is Back" show.

2. Scraggly mustache guy was Lauren Ambrose's sleazy boyfriend on 6 Feet Under.

3. there is no #3

At what point does Jack meet up with Locke and Kate to track down the French chick and the mysterious radio signal?

Excellent timing! I just received Harold and Kumar from Netfl1x!

(I've already seen it once) :)

The evil blog robot won't accept my links for all this, so you'll have to take my word that scraggly mustache guy who looks like Rony Seikaly (and therefore can't be depended upon to defend anyone, much less the United States), is a returnee from Season 1, and played a high school student turned vampire in the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

President Palmer II also played Principal Wood (with his own action figure) on Buffy, and that's not to mention Agent Rick Phillips from Season 2, who played a zombie named Bob on Buffy.

Indeed, if 24 hires any more Buffy cast-offs, it will approach the utter saturation achieved by former Robocop actors.

Punkin, I'm afraid to admit I'm with you, although I did watch all or most of 2 episodes a couple of years back and will admit I was on the edge of my seat, but evidently the seat wasn't stimulating enough. My boss gave me his CD set of the first two seasons, but somehow I haven't gotten around to it. What with cocktail hour, then cocktail hour, then maybe another cocktail hour, I can never remember to watch it. I can't seem to commit to TV after cocktails. Maybe I need a better seat.

Yes, I will be posting summaries again!

Get Ready!

Oh God - I'm going to have to start watching just to keep up with it. What night is it on again?

Never mind - don't tell me. I'll live vicariously through your narratives, which are probably way better than the show (my idea of good TV is South Park and Jeopardy, so you know where I'm coming from).

'betcha, you need one of those Japanese rodeo pie throwing chairs! And a bikini!

Cookie knew she was right, and since no one was questioning her, she finds it strange that someone would have to make that comment.
Angry in su.so.ca.

Where do I send my check?


*sends Cookie a gumball*

Cookie, if you're going to keep this up you either have to *zip in* or go back to El. Or sell programs. I think 'betcha will use a check.

Whoa - first somebody questions Cookie's statements, now CJ's telling her to change her name or zip it?

Better watch out - she knows a good lawyer or two.


Looks like wyo and y'all are sending some crappy weather to New England, finally. I say bring it on -- not that I like it or anything, but geez, this is NE after all. Haven't had a drop of snow here and that's just weird. And, by the way, GO PATRIOTS!

BTW, if anyone else is watching Jeopardy, Alex has probably the ugliest suit/tie thing going on that I've ever seen. Just sayin'.

ubetcha - Yes! GO PATS!

Nice how they get to be in San Diego whilst we welcome what will probably be the first decent snowfall of the season.

For all you non-New Englanders, the skiing has sucked, and I have terrible bean farts from last nights' Mexican dinner.

I guess that last part might be news to the New Englanders as well....unless you have your windows open and live downwind.

Gawd, I can't escape my own ass......yuk.

*just snork*

I can't decide if I should leave each room as I contaminate it, or spare the rest of the house and lock myself into one room - thereby taking a risk that I will gas myself to death.

Guys? A little advice here?

Punkin', my advice is matches... and a video camera.

tsk, tsk...that NEVER happens to Charger fans.

Oh Annie - I've smelt your Santa Anna winds before, my dear.....

OT Alert/

I once posted an aerial for other's ideas. Just for fun, a new photo puzzle. This week's obsession. I think I have this one figured out, but ideas are welcome. Clues: near the center of the top of a sandy hill, and those were never roads.

Back to silliness/

CJ, we're trying to have a discussion about football and farting.
(btw - your pic looks like a Florida in the 50's)

*zips in*

Like this, CJ?


*zips out*

Annie, it's all of that. I'm just about finished with this one, but the mystery shot is, I think, of a time when someone tried to irrigate the top of a hill. It was a doomed effort to begin with, plus the waters to the left and right are marine, so if that pioneer had succeeded, he would have raised salty oranges. In my mind, that scene is entitled 'Whacko with a Backhoe.'

Cookie, the solution to keeping up with both the blog and 24 at the same time (other than moving easterly) is put TV on your computer. 24 is the reason I have WinTV Go on my PC...

CJ - you seem to do a lot of research involving hills and irrigation. Dr Freud could explain better than me. Him bein' a guy on his mother's side. ;)

Annie, sometimes a gumball is just a gumball. I even studied a series of articles that worked through your fire cycles, chaparral hill country, and mudslides.

Plus, the world sends their pantiless gals and their future husbands, whom will then kill them, there. You heap your aging celebs upon us, but here they are wearing Depends and can't hop over a wall worth a damn.

*zips back in*

TWO Pats fans on this thread? Soooo sad.

Chargers will charge ( and score) and Pats will play pattycake!

ubetcha, are you also a Sox fan like Punkin?

Funny, Off Topic Update

I just received my first email, evar, from my big sister. Now by itself, that's just plain funny, but you would have to know her. Pertinently, it included the phrase:

'...and this will go very well with any curried shrimp you have left over.'

So, I was just rolling on the floor, laughing, and thought I would share. My sister does that to me.

CJ..Whats a evar???

Scraggly mustache guy is also Jesse from Buffy the Vampire Slayer season one. Interesting (though probably only to me) because President Payton is another Buffy alum.

Yes, I'm a geek. And I watch WAAAAY too much TV.

Welcome, Jessica - Mike A mentioned the same thing at 6:48.

Cj - be careful when you roll on the floor. There are lots of spare tv parts upon which to fall.

Looks like Cookie scared away the Pats fans. Or maybe they're getting some beauty sleep. (snicker)

did ya'll hear that 24 starts sunday? are there any leftover beers or percs to go with the curried shrimp?

Go Gators :)

Less than 7 weeks until baseball!

24 UPDATE - Living close to LA, as I do, and being a woman of the female gendarme, as I am, I heard that Jack's mother shows up this season. In a heart-wrenching episode, "Jacquie" Bauer, played by Starr Jones, tells her son that he was adopted.

I am a transplanted Pats fan, but far north of San Diego, and none of the teams here went to the playoffs. Sorry, Cookie, I'll be rooting for the Pats.
And now I have incentive to get my wireless router working so I can sit in the living room and read the blog while not watching 24. I never have watched it, but love Steve's post.
Here in sunny Northern California we have a freeze warning between midnight and 9 am tomorrow.
*runs out and picks all the oranges to distribute to bloglits*

Got vodka?

Sorry, ShyJan. All we Charger fans have is champagne. :^p

cj: you are a strange and mysterious man.
your picture is quite obviously of crop rectangles. a precursor to the crop circles found elsewhere. you see, early ufo's resembled boxcars rather than the more aerodynamic saucers currently in vogue. anything else i can help you with? on a more serious, yet frivolous note, i have a picture i want to send to you for identification. not your identification of course, we look nothing alike.

cj's pic looks alarming like my crows' feet.

Annie, champagne goes just great with orange juice!

*trying to send you squeezed oranges*

And you should be very, very happy that the Raiders left the fair city of L.A., because there is a nasty smell in Oakland these days.....

I GUESSED irrigation canals (and also roads, unfortunately). It's sorta scary that our minds think alike.

I just saw the first 4 hours 10 minutes.

if anyone wants any spoilers on the first four hours, i can deliver.

Suffice to say, season 6 is definitely better than seasons 5 or 4.

Yes, I will be posting summaries again!

Get Ready!

Posted by: Steve (The 24 guy)

All is well with the world.

Yeah buddy!

Siouxie !
Mornin' in advance to you! Notice that we left no cheesecake crumbs or anything else for you to clean up. It seems to be a very quiet blognight.
And I am going goodnight. Must be the champagne and orange juice, no way San Diego is going to win this weekend.
*ducks head*

ShyJan, pass some oranges to Oklahoma! We are weathering a lovely ice/sleet/snow storm currently, and I could use the pick me up with the vodka and champagne!

As for the football games...season's over as far as I am concerned. (But go Pats...anyone should be able to beat Schottenhiemer...the traitor to KC).

The Crystal Method (techno artists extraordinaire) just made a remix of the 24 theme in the past few days. Tonight on their radio show was its debut, and it'll be available on iTunes tomorrow.

If anyone's a techno (or TV show theme song) fan, I strongly suggest downloading it. It's fabulous.

And no Audrey. None. Nada. She's gone, history, defunct, she is an ex-24ite (at least for now). THANK GOD. Maybe now I can finally detox from the second half of last season.

I can only hope she'll stay away.

Gooood Mooorning BlogNam!

*shovels up beer cans, sets hamster Roomba after the peanut shells*

Today will be lawn harvesting, laundry, messing with a totaled pick-up truck and THEN.... what appears to be a 1967 Galaxie 500 convertible that at least needs to be drooled over!

Mornin' CJ. Thanks for the cleanup. Do you have appropriate music selected and breakfast ready?

I'll pass on the curried shrimp, for now. ;-)

Anyone else notice that Bill Buchanon married Karen Hayes? Sheesh.

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, who let cj open the blog? geesh, where's siouxie? no coffee, no pastry. drool everywhere and the roomba is squeeaking. this is not starting out to be a very good day. throws some instant coffee and day old donuts on the blog buffet.

Jeff is right about scraggly mustache guy. I saw it in my crystal ball.

*toots and runs*

Leetie - *toots and runs*?

Were you eating Mexican with Punkin?

I sunk Punkin's battlesh#t, baby!

(a Harold and Kumar reference) ;)

*zips in*

Per crossgirl's request, here are some
pastries - scroll down for variety,
and a dorky guy who thinks he's cool to serve us!



*waves hi to Leetie*
Nice to run into you in another part of town. ;)

Hello, long time 24 fan, first time poster. Unfortunately I cant follow the blog during the show because my PC is, inexplicably, NOT located on my coffee table directly across from the TV. But I can follow afterwards, and during commercial breaks.
My wife and I were planning on auditioning for the Amazing Race, but now I'm ditching her and plan on asking Jack Bauer to be my partner instead. I think we would be heavy favorites to win. Just think what I wouldnt have to put up with. No more cab drivers who dont know where the airport is. All I need is Jack sitting behind the cabbie explaining it to him: "get me to the airport right now and dont you dare get lost or I will put you in pain so fast you'll think you were in a time warp". He could shoot opposing teams in the thigh during road blocks. If flights to Kuala Lumpor or whereever the heck we're going happen to be full, I'm sure he could find two passengers, "explain" the situation, and "persuade" them to go to the counter and give their tickets to us. Jack would be the ultimate A.R. competitor. My wife annoyingly points out that (1) Jack Bauer isn't real, and (2) if he were, any of the above actions would get us both arrested. I choose to ignore such reality-based buzz-kill arguments.

Hey havoc, welcome. We can always use more havoc around these parts! ;)

And this will be my first season of watching 24, but I have the same problem you do: TV in one room, PC in another.

It's wrong I tell you, wrong!
But I'm also a Left Coaster, so that's another problem. And I know someone way ^up there suggested a solution, but I didn't understand a word. :(
So I figured if I couldn't read it I probably couldn't do it either. *sigh*

some of you commented how quiet the blog was last night. Some of us were blocked from it from about 11pm till 2am because typepad was "down for maintenance." It waren't nuthin' personal...

Cookie! What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?


ShyJan, thanks for picking up ;-) I was a bit tied up
this morning. Daughter left for college after Christmas break.

mm's right. Typepoop was 'down' last night for a while. Not that I was home either.

Just trying to be out and about a bit - see how the rest of the world lives.
And I took a wrong turn on 4th street and got lost. ;)

This is a similar path to the one I took. ;)

Morning! I'm off to the Farmers Market to get my weeks supply of organic veggies.
Siouxie, always glad to lend a hand cleaning up:)

I have been able to resist watching this show up till now ... but now that I know that DR. JULIAN BASHIR is a character on it, COMBINED with the fact that it's the Blog's favorite show ...

Well. Now I *have* to watch it, don't I??

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