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December 22, 2006



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Better than sauce from a cow bowel. Just sayin'.

This is why I always do the buffet thing in Chinese restaurants because I don't know what anything really is and don't WANT to know. I just pick out what looks good and eat it.

And I don't care if it's road kill or whatever as long as it's cooked properly and I get a fortune cookie at the end. After all, aren't we all just road kill on the highway of life?

Corrugated Iron Beef WBA Strange NFARB.

Um, no thanks, I'm full!


Makes me wonder how they'd translate haggis.

I gotta FEVER. And the only preSCRIPtion. Is more cow bowel.

I don't like the sound of that!

I apply CH's philosophy to dating.

Cow Bowel in Sauce could indeed make Beijing a laughing stock. But for true on-the-mark "laughing stock" goodness, try Laughing Cow cheese (known as "Beast Foods" west of the Rockies).

If no one here has ever visited


do so. You will fall out of your chair from laughing so hard.

Attention all people who love to make fun of bad translations: check out www.engrish.com. It has probably been blogged before, but it is worth taking note of.

I'm less frightened of the bowel, more frightened of... the Sauce.


I realize marketing is Everything, but cow bowel by any other name would still be cow bowel. Right??

-The kids had some fireworks labeled "Crackering Balls" last year.
-The Toyota Camry is so named, I'm told, because the CEO wanted something that rhymed with "Family"


Everybody's wokking at me
I don't understand a word there (Beijing)
Only the occasional bilingual road sign

--Theme from "Midnight Cow Bowel"

Imagine my disappointment when I realized that wasn't a recipe page. Darn.

Having lived and worked in China for more than eight years now, I'm starting not to notice. I was rather thinking "Yeah, I could go for some cow bowels in sauce." Especially the sauce with lots of garlic and peppers. (Also keeps away vampires.) (We all suspect that certain members of the school administration where I teach are, in fact, vampires. We've greatly increased our garlic intake, just in case.)

Of course, I was born in Oklahoma, where shooting your own food is considered fairly normal. In light of that, a lot of Chinese food seems normal enough. I suppose certain parts of the Western Hemisphere would see this differently.

Seriously, they do make sausages in China old-school, using beef or pork intestine for skins. Some of them are really quite good, even by gourmet cooking standards. That was probably the "cow bowels" in reference.

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