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December 21, 2006


(Via Gizmodo)


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FIRST to wonder why???

Borrowing from Quiznos: M-m-mmm, toasty!

mom, dave's been into the gumballs again!

What happens if you put PopTarts™ in there?

Via Quizmodo?

that's hot!

that's my Gibson on the left!
Luv the wheels on the red toaster....and the sound is crunchy-goodness at its best...or beast.

Dave, we could sure use you and your axe plugged into one of these in our driveway
today. We have beer. Whaddaya say?

The title of this thread sounds like what Dave probably said when Mrs. Dave said no to the toaster/amp.

blurk - that would be the last thing he would say.

Completely off-topic, but I just came across this, and I had to share.


Blurk...yeah, in a whiney voice....


whoops...all 'done' now ;-)

Do you need Pop Tarts to make the amp do that?

Ch: I just KNEW there were cameras in that dressing room.

jt, you mean sticking Paris and Twatney in there? hmmm could work.

Looks like Rosie O'Donnell's head should look. And Jopan Behar is worse than Joan of Arc. Thanks Dave. For the great ideas.

And, of course, just before she said, "because I said so."

Mrs. Blog, "Dave, find out whether you need to get a permit for it first."

do they all make fire? heh heh...

It would make a great encore for the RBRs!

OT - meowy christmas.

This will make my version of "purple haze" sound great!!


AWbh-love them kitties! thanks, i have many new desktop photos and a nice little screen saver now.

"Can't wheat to try my Bread tunes on this toaster," she said ryely.

*snorks* at annie!

Good one Annie!

Annie-I love the kitty kats! Too cute!

Yes, that's all well and good... but do the toasters go to... ELEVEN?


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