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December 27, 2006


...the Massachusetts legislature has been hard at work.


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YAY! Snakes!

Sssssssssssnakes. Why did it have to be ssssssssnakes? Need coffee.

"I asked him if there was a state reptile, and he didn't think there was," said Sampson.

Oh come on, now. This is certainly not for lack of qualified candidates, already occupying the State House.

KDF I agree. There's GOT to be a Ted Kennedy joke in here somewhere.

Only one Ted joke? I can feel dozens of them out there...

I'm sure the kid's dad loves that he told everyone he turns into a little girl around snakes.

You mean that Ted Kennedy isn't the State Reptile anymore?

He finally got voted out!?

There is a God.

"Snakes on a bill"?

Being that the closest states to MA with state reptiles are NY (snapping turtle) and MD (diamondback terrapin), I expect them to make short work of the garter snakes.

Garter snakes also seem to be common roadkill. Anyone in MA care to enlighten us?



fivver, Nurse Tammy and Kibby - my original comment was "Hm, I thought Ted Kennedy already held this title!" but I edited. ;)

Garter belts - garter snakes - Ted Kennedy?


*snork* at Kennedys

I was thinking that THEY were the most common naturally occuring reptile.

Garter belts - garter snakes - Ted Kennedy?


well, at least their legislature shows up. in new york, we dont know where the hell they are.

I agree with all about Teddy being the resident reptile - that would explain how he managed to survive his little mishap, no?

Welcome back, Dave! I was really missing all the snake articles!

Wait, no, no I really wasn't.

Awwwwww, but I missed YOU! {{{{hugs}}}} for our fearless (unless it's a snake) leader!

Thot provokin' quote: My parents don't like snakes, especially my dad.

There's sumthin' about his phraseology ... um ... his dad is not his pare ... his dad is a sna ... um ... nevermind ...

Now, if we could get the Legislature to do somethin' about makin' the spambot the official roadkill of the blog ...

(I mean -- when it's one's FIRST comment, on a NEW thread, how does that translate into "too often, too soon" ... ???)

queensbee, isn't it better if they don't show up? I know that after most sessions of our legislature, I find myself really kinda wishing they had just stayed home.

Joke sweeping the elementary schoolyards, thatnks to 11-year-olds Ballerini and Sampson:

Q: What sound does our state snake make?

A: Massachus-hisssss!

(wtg kdf, and thanx for the leftovers. Deelish.)

The snake couldn't be more thrilled. He immediately hired an intern and got a free haircut.

Welcome back Dave!

Our state has more stupid State Symbols than your state.

My state stands in awe of your State Muffin (corn).

*wondering what our (FL) state symbol is*

orange? geezer? the "chad"??


Them Bahstan Brahmins picked Arlo Guthrie as one of their "Official State" dealies?


Freaking thieves. The Morgan Horse was discovered in Vermont, by a Vermonter, and lived his whole life in Vermont. The Massholes had to reach out so far as to say he was "descended" from a Massachusetts sire in order to try to establish a connection.

Get yer own horse, Massachusetts - the Morgan is Vermont's.

There are many states which have the rattlesnake as the state reptile. What is needed is a state bacteria or a state virus so everyone can be proud to live in the ecosystem.
State legislatures may not balance the budget,correct corruption,help the sick and needy,but by God they can name things. It goes back to the admonitions in the Bible.

Politicians are the real state reptiles

At least debating garter snakes, garter belts and Order of the Garter matters delays them from levying more taxes or enacting more burdensome regulation.

What can we do to distract them further?

The Democrats are going to institute the 5 day work week down in Washington...oh great... more time for Pelosi-led skullduggery

Hey, at least that's relatively sane for Mass. If you live there, you quickly realize that the primary requirement for service in the legislature is certifiable lunacy. I'm still convinced that the legislature was in charge of day-to-day operations in the Big Dig project, which (I have to say) turned out vastly better than I ever expected. I thought the tunnel would completely fill with water and _then_ collapse during it's grand opening. So far it's held up unbelievably well.
I say, encourage the Mass. legislature to do more things like this - it probably didn't cost more than a couple thousand dollars to do, and it didn't (hopefully) kill anyone, so they're already doing better than usual.

I mean "its", of course. Only a certified doofus put's an apo'strophe where it doe'snt belong.

Stev0--I liked your official State Rock, the Roxbury Puddingstone, which also WBAGNFA(British)RB.

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