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December 21, 2006


A tree-stump Virgin Mary is found in New Jersey.


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Yeah sure,

How do they know what she looked like? I don't think anyone got photos of her.

Nope, not gonna say it. Thunderstorms in the forcast for today...

Judging by the likeness, Mary had serious skin disease. It's all brown and barky.

I have serious doubt that this is indeed an image of The Virgin. Besides she is no longer worthy of that title seeing as she is appearing in wood, IYCMD


I wish a "virgin" would pop out a kid that we could adopt! (He doesn't even need to be a massiah!)

Been working on adopting internationally. LOTS of paperwork, not enough money. I hope Santa brings me a winning lottery ticket.

Ho Ho Ho!

*will not say anything about virgins and wood*


Punkin - stick with it! There are two couples in my church that have done that.

whoops...did not see your post up there, vanity...

*thank GOD someone else is getting zapped*

Punkin, does it have to be a kid, or would a cat do?

Just askin'.

*hugs to Punkin & Mr. Poo*

hang in there!!!

Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy wood.... or something like that. O.o

Punkin: How about a nice, laid back Komodo dragon?

oooooo DavetheRed...you're gonna get it now!!!!

*backs away and looks out for lightning*

PPoo, my aunt adopted 2 thru private adoptions. Let everyone you have ever met know of your interest. You would be amazed at the response. My aunt found one mother thru a friend at the hospital where she was working at the time. The mother was the child of a friend of a friend who got pregnant young and wanted to give the baby for adoption. The second child she adopted came from another young, unwed mother that a relative found out about thru a friend of a friend at her church. The second child came from all the way across the U.S. I've heard horror stories about these type of adoptions, but both of my aunt's adoptions worked out wonderfully, with no problems at all. Just a thought.

*Runs for cover!!*

If this tree stump was located in W.Va., I would bet that it would not be considered a virgin!

Thanks, guys.....although we are open to MANY special needs, being a different species is not acceptable.

Do you think if I raise money by selling raffle tickets to spend 10 minutes with "the girls" that the adoption agency might frown on that????

*Cheers for "the girls"!* yay

Hey DtR......wanna buy a $10,000 raffle ticket?

(Your chances of winning are excellent)

*seeing that many bloggers are going to be zapped, kibby crawls under his desk*

LOOK! there's an alter down here!

Kibby - if there's an altar "down there", you're in for worse than zappage, me thinks.

Punkin, we won't tell the agency about HOW you got the money...the girls are safe.

I've gotta split, Merry Christmas to all of you.

Merry Christmas to you too, Wyo!!!!

wait?? it's not Christmas yet, right?? I still have some shopping to do!!!


*thought the candles were beer cans*

I am so goin' to hell.
Not for that but for many, many other things.

Mornin' everyone.

you know what they say about Mary, her bark is worse than her bite

my thoughts on the beer cans too blurk. I thought it would be a nice offerring.

and just FYI...I am adopted.

Tree Bark Virgin Mary wragnfarb. Grunge, most likely.

In an interview exclusive to The Blog, the Virgin revealed her plans to travel to Iowa next and stump with the politicians. We wish her luck after learning that ICCC has been working with local businesses to deal with this problem.

Click me

*stays clear of these heathen sinners*

*kneels and prays to Mary of the Wooden Stump*

Morning, all.

I'm failing entirely to come up with anything more creative to add than that. More coffee is needed; more is at hand. I'll be back when it has taken effect.

there's got to be a 'stump broke' joke in here somZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPP

It's bad enough to be a heathen sinner.
It's even worse to try and pretend you aren't one.

*waits for the pretty lightning bolt over Siouxie's house*

great idea blurk! if anyone needs me, i'll be making an advent wreath out of beer bottles.

HA! blurk...no lightning here!! :-P


fivver, see mine of 10:03!

Who let the Zeus out
Who? Who? Who-who?

I wonder if you tap Mary, will she leak sap?

Stand in line Bloggers...I am first in line!

*SNORK* @ casey's 10:03.

"How'd you get this splinter here, again, son?"

"Well, there was this stump, see..."

Chaz, just what exactly do you mean by "tap"?

*stands wwwaaaayyyyyy back from Chaz*

Being that she's a Virgin Mary from New Jersey, I'm surprised she hasn't been heard saying "I gotcher Baby Jesus right here, pal."

So, wood that make Jesus a chip off the old block?

*hands Chaz the handbasket*

you're gonna need it...

*snork* @ CH!

um..I mean...SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Can we look forward to (I would, anyway) sightings of Komod dragons in oil slicks, dirty dishes and hunks of wood?

Wait, dirty dishes? Does this mean that I can get out of doing the laundry by finding the Blessed Virgin on someone's shorts?

virgin wood = baby's first erection?

Doesn't virgin wood come from a virgin forest?

... in New Jersey?


A virgin tree is a tree that has never been cut. It is quite evident Mary is not the virgin she is made out to be.

Mary's from Jersey? what exit?

I wonder if she has big hair?

now wait...ponder this...I am from New Jersey and I am adopted...maybe I am Jesus' brother...


Chaz, you are reeeeeeeally pushing it huh???

yeah...I am kinda gruff as I didnt sleep real well last night.

I wonder if Mary would make good kindling...

I hope Mary doesnt get dry rot....

Just keep the woodpeckers(HA!) away from Mary...

For a virgin, she sure seems to get around a lot.

What wood Jesus do?

I bet the folks in "Holywood" will make a movie about it.

Would the movie be called "Stumpin' for Jesus"?

now I am going to hell with this...trust me. Click the clink and see THE single most offenseive thing ever blogged about Mary

The Virgin Mary...

Chaz - I was going to post something about this stump being cherrywood, but I don't think I wanna bunk with you in the hot zone, IYKWIM.

Oh, Chaz, you're not just going to hell, you're going to Special Hell.

Extra-Special Crispy with Chaz Nuts on Top Hell.



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