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December 20, 2006


...Santa will feel safer.

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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Here we go again with the yobs.

Something must be done.

"Who did that?"
"Not my yob!"

i saw tommy missing santa claus
he underthrew his missile-pies last night
he says the old guy's cheap
a pervert and a creep
he said that xmas is f*cked up
and should take a flying leap!

he'll grow up and be a soccer hooligan
or maybe start a club for those that fight
oh, he wants to ruin the small kids fun
set your mince-pie pans to 'stun'
tommy's missing santa claus again tonight!

Bravo, insom!!

while i cannot condone pelting good ol' st. nick with mince pies i gotta say that they are certainly better for throwing than eating.

i haven't even seen a mince pie since the mid 60s but i recall the taste of one as being one of the less joyful memories of The Holidays of my youth.

insomniac-did ya stay up all night working on that pome? 'cause it's a good un.

I see the yobs are up to no good again but what about the asbos???

where are THEY huh???

Insom - I wanna be you in my next life.

Your welcome.

Aren't the neds and the yobs feuding factions, like the Hatfields and the McCoys?

RickH: Can I have your piece of mince pie, then?? 'cuz I love it.

I saw insom dissing Santa Claus.....

And I heard him exclaim
Ere he rode out of sight,
"Watch your thighs next year yobs,
I'll be armed for a fight!"

What exactly is a mince? Does it grow on a tree or what?

They will have to pry the mince pie from my cold, dead hands.

If mince pies are outlawed, then only criminals will have mince pies.

That is all.

Casey, mince is a form of walking. I have a friend who had a very effeminate roomate once(NTTAWWT), and the only word for how he walked was MINCING. or sometimes , he also PADDED. For our purposes tonight, :"to mince:walking or padding through a midtown apartment". A mince pie is sort of a triangulated pre-pro-noun meant to obsfucate the uninitiated.Stick with me here. See,If you remove all the troops from Iraq too fast, You'll find that the whole mincing issue becomes a point of contention only with scholars that have no real life experience. I could go on about this as my thesis was on this topic; feel free to email me for more info...

Casey, you do not want to know what is in a mince pie. One of the bloggers made that mistake about a month ago, and boy way she sorry.

I'm surprised no one mentioned this quote. "Health and safety is paramount," center manager Andrew MacKinnon said Wednesday. "We issued him with a yellow hardhat equipped with a pair of reindeer antlers to make it look more festive."

Yes, if Santa has to wear a dorky hard hat, might as well go all out, and make ir a Viking hard hat. Yo-Ho

When mince pies are outlawed, only criminals will have mince pies. AFKAT 7:33 Can we, as a society, afford that?

"yobs" = The Kinks?

"Father christmas,
give us some money
Dont mess around with those silly toys.
Well beat you up if you dont hand it over
We want your bread so dont make us annoyed
Give all the toys
to the little rich boys"

Xlnt, insom.

"Aren't the neds and the yobs feuding factions, like the Hatfields and the McCoys?"

When you're a ned you're a ned all the way
From your first mincemeat pie to your last two scotch eggs...

yaa, stevie! i will happily hum west side story tunes to myself all day (going off to teach math to middle school kids, so the songs aren't too far off, anyway).

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