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December 30, 2006


Shoes that do housework.

¹...Dad to wear.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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First. Now I'll read it.

And it comes with charcoal filters and special deodorizers to counter-act the serious case of stinkfoot you'll get from wearing plactic shoes.

This is the stupidesst thing I've ever heard.

Research shows the average householder spends almost 90 hours?! every year vacuuming the house.

I think I majorly skew those results. I also think those shoes are a sucky idea.

Don't judge my vacuuming until you've walked in my shoes pal.

and you think tennis shoes make your feet smell....

You keep sayin' you got something for me
Something to make our carpets free from dust
Then you bought me vacuum shoes for Xmas
Forgive me if it don't fill me with lust!

Those shoes were made for sucking
And they'll suck dirt real fine
One of these days they'll find those shoes
Stuck where the sun don't shine!

I hope they\'re for men - those are hideous!

Do you have to wear (a) hose with them?

*holds cigarette lighter high in the air for insom*

That was great!

So, Berkenstock makes vacuums now?

Good one, insom!

Where has all the toe jam gone?
Long time amassing
Where has all the toe jam gone?
Between my toes
Where has all the toe jam gone?
Sucked and vacuumed from beyond
How 'bout my athlete's foot?
How 'bout my athlete's foot...

"You must be tired, honey...here, come lie down and put your feet right here in my lap..."

Well, they’re a waste of my money,
Ugly as sin,
They ain’t no good,
At Vacuumin’.

So don't you buy those Berkensuck shoes.
You can do anything but clean with those Berkensuck shoes.

Hey, maybe Batman can use these instead of those suction cup devices that are just so outdated now.

LOL insom & stevie & CJ- very nice boys...now start vacuuming!


I'll start vacuuming, sxi, when they make women's brassieres for cleaning the mirrors.

and windows?

*hits Clean button on remote control for Roomba*

maybe polishing to a polka, CJ?

Disco, disco dust.

Do they come in anything strappy with a four inch heel?

Wondering how these might affect breast cancer rates.

Cheryl, I don\'t think Manolo Blahnik\'s making these.

"I do NOT want one of those, Daddy!" (spoken in best Varuka Salt voice)

*snork* at Berkensuck....Ok CJ. What's the magic formula for the Jags?


y'all are too funny.

Oh, and everyone, thanks for the welcome party! When do I get my party favors?

He\y SIo\Uxie\ A\re yu\o \wo\rkin\g To\day\?\

i want the vacuum robot.

While so1me may t2alk with a l3isp, Siou4x gets to ty5pe with one. N6ow everybo7dy'll have to de8velop a qu9irk so whe won10't feel sel11f concious.

and i want you daisymae. come and sit on my robo lap. we can suck face.

Goo/\d I\/dea W/\yo!!\/!!

Jazzz: the Jags have to beat KC, the Jets have to lose to the Raiders, and NE has to lose. Plus another unliklihood or two.

Greetings from the tiki bar by the beach. Loves me some wirless!

NE will not lose.

That is all.

I typed with a quirk once - but I find my fingers much easier.

(Quirks wear down to nubs so quickly these days)

Well CJ, my first inkling would be to say "no way", but I turned off the Texas Tech game at half time. How am I doin'?

awww youse guys...now I feel much better!

Jazzzzie, I\'m not at work - having the same little problema at home now. yippee!!

Who do you think wrote/sang this?

Stinkfoot, stinkfoot, I ain't lying.
Can you rinse it off, do you suppose?

(no fair googlin')

I was thinking The Beach Boys, but they weren't that good

no idea,Scott...

*too lazy to google*

*imagining all the bloglits doing the 'Electric Slide' while wearing the Dustmate shoes*

Lisa, that would be the Electrolux Slide..hehe

*snork* Siouxie

*snork* @ siouxie

(And what exactly is up w/the bot? It's like it's trying to conquer the blog.)

Awesome as usual, Insom. And, for a change, an earworm offset by great

Frank Zappa.

Very good, sxi. And to think I almost didn't come back to this board.

D@mn RtWH....my concentration is shot.... I said Concentration!!

Oh, my, god, it's a cure for breast cancer in a shoe!

Those shoes suck!

Miss Nemo: Right in one!

If Monolo Blankik isn't designing them, there is little hope I would ever wear them.

Also, I had a Roomba vacuum. Silly thing isn't designed to survive dog hair but will kill dust bunnies. Had I known indoors pets would shed so much I would have gone with minks.

Beppie-Or, at least toe cancer.

stevie w, do you not know that the Number One Rule of THE FIRST CLUB is that in order for a FIRST to be counted, the article must be read before the post.

We rely on the Honor System. ;)

Siouxie, are/ you/ OK/

how are the shoes going to help my boyfriend vacuum while he's laying in bed watching t.v.?

'It is a simple, yet creative cleaning concept that doesn't take up any precious free time."

Errrrr...just exactly how much "free time" is taken up by having to walk over every square inch in one's house?

nora....you can strap them to his head like ear muffs and see what comes out. Being a guy of the male gender, you probably won't be able to tell us about it, lest we have to get out the Sharpies™

...and there goes AFKAT using logic again!! What have we told you about that?

Akkkk...sorry, jazzz

Refraining from using logic is one of my New Year's resolutions...

Apparently I watched waayyy to much of Spock in my otherwise mis-spent youth...

*snork* @ nora.

Cheryl, Roomba has been Lab Tested, which is what we call it when something survives my friend's dogs. Roomba's problem is it has a toddler-sized tummy. I bought multiple Discovery models and am messing with them. If a sensor told the critter it was getting full, it could dock periodically at a second station with a wall-mounted vacuum and get its pipes cleaned. As long as the Cool Whip was at room temperature.

Kay, no time to read all the comments, but I'd buy it if it did cat litter, toilets and windows.

Cj--Our Roomba suffered when the dog hair bacame entangled in the moving parts or more correctly where the moving parts connected to the non-moving parts. (Rubber wheels, brush bar, etc.). The filter and bag(less) unit were not phased nor filled.

Cool Whip? I gotta see the tutorial on this ;-)

Those brogans SUCK

They would traumatize my cats. Not to mention that it sounds easier to vacuum than to wear things like that.

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