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December 27, 2006


First Leslie Sloane Zelnick splits, and now Sonia Muckle.


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OJ "If the thong don't fit, it must be Twit" Simpson??

No, no, Siouxie, we need it closed, not sliced open to the bone.

CH-You have a dark side, don't you???

and I should add ;-)

and add NTTAWWT....

arrrrgh...the "banging" started again next door...it was quiet while they breaked for lunch.


had some food?

annie-that too

LOL- Siouxie, for a while I had visions of other forms of "banging" from the neighbors...then I found the earlier comments about the roofers. Not nearly as entertaining

Come back CH. I wuz only kiddin'! Plus, we love all the sides of you.

chesbn, I know right?? I'm sure there's that kinda bangin' too (they have 4 kids) but our houses are separated...thank GAWD!

especially the tush side, CH..he he

LOL - was busy working. Dang work. Interferes with my blogging.

We've got to figure out a way to turn blogging into a full-time job.

Yeah. Blogging as a full time occupation.
*envies His Daveness just that little bit more*

Think we could get corporate sponsorship? Perhaps from some of the mental health drug companies?

"This Blog brought to you by Paxil. Post a comment to your doctor asking if Paxil is right for you"

When I get rich from selling my autobiography, I'm gonna be a full-time blogger.

'Course, it may be a while, as I can't finish it til I die and know the ending.

Hey, I can think of some even more fun pharmaceuticals than that! Especially with all that talk of banging earlier. But I have an exceedingly dirty mind. It's more fun that way, don't you think?

Nurse Tammy, you mean like:

"If you're blogging lasts for more than 4 hours, seek medical attention" ?

"Why does Blogagra last for 36 hours? Because you never know what time is the right time for blogging!"

(Cut to shot of couple in claw foot tubs, outside at sunset, blogging on laptops)


Perhaps something like... Keep UP with your Blog...brought to you by Viagra?

I personally think the perfect sponsor for our group is "Chock Full O' Nuts".

Punkin, scary psychic simul...dirty minds and all.

Blogalis: It's YOUR time!

chesbn - thanks for clearing that up. I was thinking the same thing. Guess I had visions of sugarplums banging in my head.

re: blog sponsorship - Viagra sponsors a baseball award - "comeback player of the year." IANMTU.

Ok....it's 2 o'clock. It's DEAD here.

(Even for this Hospice office)

So, I'm gonna mosey.......

Catch up w/ y'all later!

btw - whenever I go to another blog, I feel like Reverso-Dorothy - a tornado sucked up my brain and dumped it in Dullsville, Ohio. Like my synapses just switched from a T-1 line to dial-up. Then I realize how gosh-durned lucky I am to have alla youse. Don't evah change...(except mud could use a shower once in a while.)

Oh well. Off to bed. To SLEEP. Honest(this time, anyway). This blog has been the source of so many odd dreams, I have lost count.

Awwww, Annie, thanks. *sniff*

Annie - you've been cheating on us??????

(Where can I get some?)

"Where can I get some? "
*fighting dirty mind and losing*

i'm in work hell. is there an online application for that publicist job? it can't require much work.

CG, It's not the work, it's the class of vermin you will have to deal with.

I wouldn't think of wasting my precious time blogging elsewhere.

*One blog woman*

Hey, I'm with y'all about this blog contributing to my dreams. Last nite I dreamed about an alligator, a Golden Retriever, a twenty foot long orange and black snake with a million legs like a centipede and a Port-a-Jon. ISIANMTU. All in one dream. I was at an outdoor nite-time concert or something. And I didn't even drink alcohol before falling asleep. I think the alligator symbolized Twitney. Other than that, I don't know. Anyone care to interpret?

and that's just coming outta Twit's twat, Hammie...


Of course I'm not cheating on you. I mean when this blog links to a story, and it has commentary after it, mostly from people who are permitted to vote and (shudder) drive.

casey, are you SURE there was no wine involved?? Anytime I have blog-induced dreams, it's right after my chardonnay.

Annie, I knew you wouldn't cheat on us ;-) I agree...all those comments are zzzzzzzzzzzzz

wow - casey...I'm speechless...ok, I'm over the speechless part.

Last night, I dreamt about Derek Jeter. We were at some boring event and we fell asleep. I remember thanking him for coming - take that as you want...

With ya on that one, Annie. I swear, these are the people who keep the drive through liquor store in business. No wonder car insurance here is outrageous. Let us not even talk about voters. I'll have nightmares instead of the pleasantly bizarre dreams I'm anticipating.

"...visions of sugarplums banging in my head..."

*fighting dirty mind and losing miserably*

Sugarplum Porn WBAGNFARG.

*fighting dirty mind and losing miserably*
Just had to upstage me, huh CH? *grumble*

Can ya'll tell I'd rather blog than sleep?

*watching Sean Connery's "Never Say Never"*

He just said..." When you go down, you should always be relaxed".


(for all you dirty minds, they were going scuba diving)

HA! really!

MMMmmm. Connery gets to narrate my dreams. This just gets better.

sometimes I blog IN my sleep. I check the posts the next day and think..."who wrote that smut?" My doppelganger is one wild child.

Excuses, excuses. My doppelganger is the sweet wholesome child who goes in to take care of people.

Well all you doppelgangers...I'm off to spend the afternoon with my girls...again. Enjoy the rest of the day everyone!

"gentlemen, our main client needs another publicist."

"another one? the tobacco-industry guy didn't work out?"

"yes, and the guy who did the ad campaign for the landmines- "Land Mines - Securing Your Perimeters"
is busy learning how to use his artificial hand."

"this new guy has some ideas... we put little ads in Britney's 'no-fly' zone, then when the tabloids blow up the picture, bam! there's free exposure,as it were. So far Monistat has signed on."

"that's better than the designer VD idea, where we culture whatever she's infected with and sell little vials of it."

"yeah, too many freebies."

G'night all. Off (well, probably) to my Connery-narrated dream extravaganza.

*snork* @ insom's 'free exposure.'

absolutely disgusting insom, snorkable, yet disgusting. thank you!

I've written some of my best blog entries while asleep.

Consider, bloglits and other muggles:

Dave has kept Britney's name in the public forefront lo these many months through his excellent blogging skills.

Meanwhile, her publicists have been dropping like flies.

At this critical juncture for Spears, Dave JUST HAPPENS to have finished his book and his stumping activities JUST HAPPEN to be winding down a bit.

Could our Dave be making a case to become B.S.'s next publicist? Or would this be considered in conflict of interest with the PR he does for Snakes on a Whatever? Only Tim will tell.

Hence the expression, "sleeping like a blog."

The Blog is sleeping? No wonder there's a dearth of posts today, and we're stuck considering Britney all afternoon. :-(

yeah, slow blogging. i've been forced to catch up on "overheard at the office" and "overheard in new york". i keep those for when the blog turns to Ms. Smears.

Sorry guys, I've had to work, 1/1/07 deadlines... but I peek in occasionally, when response time is slow on the system.

I\\\'m just testing this connection

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